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3 Simple Tips to Keep Airpods From Falling Out

If you are having trouble keeping your Airpods from falling out and are considering giving up and getting a different pair of earbuds, then you are at the right place.

Before giving up on the Airpods, there are some simple solutions that might get them to fit properly. Therefore, you may not need to go out and pay for another pair of earbuds after all.

So, let’s go through the Simple Tips to Keep Airpods From Falling Out…


Why do my Apple Airpods Keep falling out of my Ears?

Instead of creating a pair of earbuds that come with replaceable tips, which also means different sizes, Apple decided to create a one size fits all earbud. This does cut costs and makes manufacturing easier, but also creates a slew of problems, the biggest being the size.

Apple tested a plethora of different sizes with users until they found one that fits 90% of them. Therefore, this leaves a percentage of users with an uncomfortable fit.

At least they learned from their mistake…

Apple realized this problem and corrected it when they released the Airpods Pro, which come with interchangeable ear tips, but if you bought the original Airpods, you are stuck with this problem.

However, there are plenty of other reasons the Airpods might keep falling out of your ears. Some are minor issues and easily fixed. Others might require some additional products or a bit of craftsmanship.

The Reasons the Apple Airpods Keep Falling Out Your Ears

Airpods Keep Falling Out Your Ears

You’re not wearing them correctly

The Airpods don’t fit like normal earphones. Hooking the Airpods in your ears with the stem facing downwards is incorrect. This might seem normal, but the Airpods have been designed to be locked in your ear. This requires you to properly insert them.

The Airpods are not the right size

This can be the most frustrating situation to deal with. Once you’ve done everything you can to get them to fit, and you are wearing them correctly, there aren’t many simple solutions left. This means that they simply don’t fit your ears.

Dirty Airpods

The Airpods can get pretty dirty after hours of use and sweat. This can cause a build up of dirt in the Airpods which can lead to them slipping easily whilst wearing them. Things like earwax, dust, and sweat can cause them to fit too tight or loosely in your ear.

Sweaty Ears

This last one might not be an issue for all, but could be the problem for some users. The Airpods might fit perfectly under normal conditions, but once you go out running and start sweating excessively, the Airpods start slipping. This could be because your ears sweat more than others or that the fit is just a little too loose for exercising.

Simple Tips to Keep Airpods From Falling Out

Simple Tips to Keep Airpods

Insert the Airpods Correctly

The first solution is to wear them properly. This is done by inserting the Airpods stem down into your ears first. Then twist the Airpods until they are parallel with your jawline. This should give you a better, stabler fit. If this still does not work, move on to…

Applying Waterproof Tape adds some extra friction to the inside of your ears. The waterproof tape will also help keep the Airpods in when things get sweaty. A great example of quality waterproof tape is Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape. Applying two small strips above and underneath the center side should do the trick.

Cleaning the Aiprods Correctly

Keeping your Airpods clean is important, not only for your ear’s health but to keep them fitting nicely. Simply wiping the Airpods will keep them clean for a while, but eventually, there will be dirt and earwax build up inside the grills. This won’t come off by simply wiping it.

The best way to get this out is using some fun-tack and toothpicks. Granted, this requires a gentle touch.

Use warmed-up tack to press against the hollow speaker, and then pull it off. This should remove most of the dirt stuck between the mesh of the speaker. Use the toothpicks then to gently remove hardened pieces that did not come off with the tack.

Once you are done, you can use some Isopropyl Alcohol 70% and a toothbrush to get the rest of the dirt. This should leave your Airpods looking brand new and fitting nicely.

Try Third Party Solutions

Try Third Party Solutions

With a brand as large as Apple, many manufacturers quickly caught on and created solutions to stop a pair of Airpods from falling out.

These are some great products, and we suggest trying them if the previous solutions did not work.

The EarBuddyz Ultra Ear Hooks and Covers are great for active users who want to stop their earbuds from falling out whilst running or at the gym. Sure, the ear hooks aren’t for everybody, and some users feel that ear hooks cause discomfort, but they are the most secure of all the products currently available.

AhaStyle 3 Pairs AirPods Ear Tips Silicone Earbuds Cover turn the Airpods into normal earphones by adding an ear tip to the design. The covers go over the Airpods, and then you can choose from three different sizes of ear tips for the perfect fit.

Silicone Protective Eartips Skins and Covers are the most basic Airpod covers. If you find that the Airpods are slipping out slowly, then adding a silicon case like this might be the easiest and cheapest solution. These cases just wrap around the Airpod, adding some extra friction when worn.

The last product on this list are these Earhoox Airpods Ear Hooks. These are excellent, comfy silicone ear hooks. They aren’t as curved as the Earbuddyz. These hook on the inside of your ear but sit a bit shallower. This means they don’t apply as much pressure as the Earbuddyz, although it comes with a less sturdy fit.

Looking for an upgrade?

Then check out our in-depth review of the Apple Airpods Pro, or if you want to look at some other great options, how about the Best iPhone Earbuds or the Best Airpod Alternative on the market in 2023.

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Simple Tips to Keep Airpods From Falling Out – Final Thoughts

If you are one of the unlucky people whose Airpods don’t fit properly, there is no need to worry about it. If you keep them clean, wear them correctly, chances are they will fit nicely. If not, there are plenty of great third-party accessories that can fix the issue.

Happy, comfortable listening.

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