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Simple Minds Facts

Simple Minds: The Story Behind One of the Most Iconic Bands in the World

Jim Kerr – The Man Behind the Mic

Simple Minds is a band that has been defining music since the 80s. Known for their eclectic sound, the band has managed to stay relevant throughout the decades. Led by the charismatic Scottish singer Jim Kerr, Simple Minds is a colossal force in the music industry. Here’s what you need to know about the man behind the mic.

Early Life

Jim Kerr was born on July 9, 1959, in Glasgow, Scotland. He was the youngest of eight children and led a relatively ordinary life before he rose to fame. Jim grew up in a working-class family and attended Holyrood R.C. Secondary School. Music was always in his blood, and he frequently performed with a local band called Biba-Rom!


Jim Kerr is married to Patsy Kensit, an English actress, and singer. However, his personal relationships before Patsy were just as tumultuous as his musical journey. Jim has been married twice before, first to Chrissie Hynde, an American singer, and then to Italian actress Alessandra Mussolini. Jim also had relationships with several other high-profile women, including Carole Caplin and New Age guru Linda Evans.


Jim Kerr has two daughters, Yasmin and Molly, from his marriage to Patsy Kensit, and a son, James, from his marriage to Chrissie Hynde. His children have mostly stayed out of the limelight, but they have been incredibly supportive of their father’s career.


Jim Kerr’s musical career began in the late 70s when he formed the band Johnny and the Self Abusers with Charlie Burchill, who would later become Simple Minds’ guitarist. The band quickly morphed into Simple Minds, and Jim’s soaring vocals made them an international success. Over their more than forty-year career, the band has released nineteen studio albums and sold over 60 million records worldwide.

Top Songs

Simple Minds has had a multitude of hits, but some of their top songs include:

  • “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” – This song was the breakout hit from the film The Breakfast Club, and it remains the band’s most iconic song.
  • “Alive and Kicking” – Released in 1985, this song became an instant classic and showcased Jim’s powerful vocals.
  • “Waterfront” – This driving rock song was a hit in 1983 and continues to be a fan favorite.

Net Worth

Jim Kerr’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. Simple Minds has been incredibly successful throughout their career, garnering a loyal following of fans around the world.


Jim Kerr stands at 5 feet 11 inches (180cm) tall.

The Legacy of Simple Minds

Simple Minds has been in the music industry for over forty years, and their impact is still felt today. Their unique sound influenced the musical landscape of the 80s and beyond, and their songs continue to be played on the radio to this day. Here are a few of the ways Simple Minds has left their mark on music history.

1980s Influences

Simple Minds was an influential band in the 80s, shaping the sound of New Wave, Alternative Rock, and Post-Punk. Their use of synths and drum machines paved the way for artists like Depeche Mode and New Order, who incorporated electronic elements into their own music.

Soundtrack Icons

Simple Minds’ music has been featured in countless films, TV shows, and even video games over the decades. Their song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was the theme song for the classic 80s film The Breakfast Club and remains a cultural touchstone to this day.

Live Performances

Simple Minds has always been a band that shines on stage, and their live performances are nothing short of epic. They have played to massive crowds at venues around the world, including Wembley Stadium, Madison Square Garden, and the Sydney Opera House.

Enduring Popularity

Despite being a band that has been in the music industry for over forty years, Simple Minds has maintained their popularity and relevance. They continue to tour extensively and release new music, much to the delight of their dedicated fan base.


Simple Minds is a band that has been influencing the music industry since the 80s. With Jim Kerr’s soaring vocals and a unique sound that’s evolved over four decades, their legacy is undeniable. As they continue to tour and release new music, fans of the band can only hope that Simple Minds will keep defining music for years to come.

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