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Shokz OpenRun Pro Review

A jogger’s life can be a lonely and distant one. You’re often by yourself with your thoughts for hours at a time. It’s very similar to being married. That’s why most joggers listen to music or even podcasts on long runs. 

The main issue with this is earphones are not designed for heavy-duty activities and will continually fall out of your ears. And you just can’t have that. If only someone has made jogger-friendly earphones for such an eventuality.

My in-depth Shokz OpenRun Pro review aims to introduce you to these superb earphones that were designed with you and me in mind. I was skeptical at first. But, after using them on a couple of runs, it gave me a clear vision of the advantages and disadvantages of the Shokz OpenRun Pro. Now, I’ll pass on my experience with these earphones to you.

Shokz OpenRun Pro: The Basics

Shokz OpenRun Pro
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

These Shokz earbuds are marketed as OpenRun buds, so they have been thinking about us runners. I usually like to wear JBL Reflect Flow Pro earbuds for jogging. That’s because they have stabilizers that keep the buds in place when running. 

But, it seems that Shokz has taken this idea a step further with their built-in headband that takes stability to another level. These are the ultimate headphones for athletes that merge a secure and comfortable fit with very good sound quality and solid battery life. 

Are they headphones or earbuds?

Good question. I’ve been asked that a few times by my jogging pals. All I can say is they are a bit of both. They have the headband design you would usually see with bone-conduction headphones. But they also have driver-style phones that fit tight into your ears, similar to a set of earbuds. I like to call them “fusion phones,” but maybe the phrase won’t catch on. 

They are super-secure and are designed for open-air music listening on the move. This was the first time I’d ever used bone-conduction headphones for jogging. And I was surprised at how well they fit and how they stayed in place, even when I was pounding the sidewalk quite aggressively.

What Features Does the Shokz OpenRun Pro Have?

These types of products are not historically feature-rich, but the features they do have are very practical and make common sense. Shokz are designed to absorb some shocks, and that makes them great for joggers like us. Let’s take a look at the features of this product and how they can help you simplify your run in the park. 

They Are Super-Comfortable

In-ear phones can often be uncomfortable and even irritating to wear, especially if you use them during energetic sporting activities. But these Shokz OpenRun earphones were super-comfortable and had a very tight yet forgiving fit. Essentially, the design is bud-free, although they do look a bit like buds. 

The headband holds them perfectly in place and limits any chaffing or irritation from your movements. However, the headband does have some limitations. That’s because you can’t really adjust the size and don’t have much flexibility. But that also makes them very solid, so you have to take the rough with the smooth. 

The truth is that I prefer this feature to standard buds because they are forever falling out of my ear when pounding the streets.

Good Battery Life

There’s only one thing worse than earphones constantly falling out of your ears during a run. And that’s wireless earphones with an inferior battery lifespan. Music cutting out in the middle of a run due to a lack of battery life can really spoil my day. 

You don’t get that issue with these Shokz earphones…

Instead, you can get 10 hours of music playing time from a single charge. More than enough to keep me in music while running for a few days. However, one day I forgot to charge them and needed them in a rush. Fortunately, they can give you up to 1.5 hours of battery when charging for just five minutes in quick charge mode. So, I averted that potential disaster rather quickly. 

It doesn’t have the longest battery life of all the wireless earphones I’ve used, and there’s no charging case as you get with buds. But it’s still above average. 

Very Good Noise Canceling Mic

These earphones might not have active noise canceling (ANC) qualities for music listening, but they do have high-end noise-canceling mics. The Dual Noise Canceling Microphone is ideal for those of you who need to take calls in the middle of a run but need excellent quality. 

They suit a business person who is never too far from an important business call. This dual-mic setup ensures that the sound quality is crystal clear for both ends of the spectrum. 

How Does the Shokz OpenRun Pro Sound?

I don’t care if you are an audio professional or a standard music listener. Audio quality is important any time you buy a set of earphones, no matter who you are. Earphones designed for joggers or to be used outdoors don’t have the same sound quality as standard earphones. They fit different roles, so they need different specifications.  

Another harsh fact is that bone-conducting headphones don’t sound as strong as most other wireless buds that fit tightly in the ear. But, to be fair, these are probably the best bone-conducting headphones I’ve ever used regarding sound quality. So, that’s a big positive. The music sounds good, although the vocals can sometimes get lost in the mix when using these types of phones in the middle of a run. 

What’s the bass like?

Shokz markets these earphones as having two bass enhancers. So, you might imagine that they have a real thump on the low end. Personally, I didn’t feel that. That said, the bass is prominent when compared to other bone-conducing headphones, so it’s not like they are bad for bass. All in all, the sound quality is pretty decent for this type of product. 

Are the Controls Easy to Use?

It can be difficult to change settings or even alter the volume when listening to music while out jogging. The controls are very simple and streamlined on this model and work conveniently well. 

You’ll find a single multifunction button on the housing of the left driver that faces outwards. This can be used to play/pause a track with a single tap and a double tap to go to the next song. It is also used to take and end calls.

On the underside of the right driver housing, you will find two buttons for turning your volume up and down. These are quite large buttons, which is a plus factor. That’s because you don’t want to fiddle around too much when trying to alter volume while jogging. Overall, the controls are very easy to use and even easier to access. 

Build and Specs

I have already covered to headband design earlier in the features sections. And I talked about how the drivers are similar to buds but don’t have the same super tight-fitting qualities. These earphones are very light and comfortable too. You don’t want something heavy, cumbersome, and irritating when you are running. Luckily, Shokz has taken all that into account with the design.

The two vibration drives for each ear are connected by a thin yoke to the band. If you have a ponytail, you might want to wear the band underneath your hair instead of on top because of the lack of flexibility and adjustment features. 

They only weigh about an ounce, so they are not heavy and can be worn for hours at a time. I would prefer an adjustable band, but I suppose you can’t have everything in life. 

Are they waterproof?

Not really. True, you can sweat onto them, and they won’t break, but the IP55 rating is only sweat-proof, not completely waterproof. This type of rating does not cover being submerged in water or even swimming. However, if you get caught in a bit of rain during your run, they should be okay.

Shokz OpenRun Pro Review – Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Very secure fit with the headband.
  • Ideal for jogging or physical activity.
  • Good sound quality for bone-conducing headphones.
  • Quality mics for both directions.
  • Great battery life.


  • No adjustable headband features.
  • Not completely waterproof. 

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Shokz OpenRun Pro Review – Final Thoughts

If you are a serious runner that needs a set of headphones that stay firmly on your head and in your ears when pounding the pavements, these were made with you in mind. I hope my review of the Shokz OpenRun Pro gave you all the info you need to make a well-informed purchase decision based on what you need the most from your earphones.

They won’t win any awards for sound quality. But, when compared to other bone-conducing headphones in the marketplace, they have excellent audio. Business owners who like to go out jogging while listening to music and taking business calls can benefit from buying these. These perfectly fit the bill for a certain type of person that needs a particular set of specifications. But they are not for everyone. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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