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Seth Putnam Facts

Seth Putnam: The Life and Legacy of a Controversial Singer

If you were a fan of extreme music back in the 1990s and early 2000s, then you’ve probably heard of Seth Putnam. He was the lead singer of the grindcore band Anal Cunt, and he was a polarizing figure in the underground music scene.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Seth Putnam’s life, career, and legacy, and uncover some facts that you might not have known before.

Early Life and Bio

Seth Putnam was born on May 15, 1968, in Braintree, Massachusetts. He grew up in a family of musicians – his father was a jazz drummer and his mother played the piano. Seth learned to play the guitar at a young age, and he was heavily influenced by punk rock and hardcore music.

He formed his first band, Vaginal Bloodfarts, in the mid-1980s, and later formed Anal Cunt in 1988. The band was known for their extremely offensive lyrics, and they quickly gained a reputation as one of the most controversial bands in the underground music scene.

Age and Death

Seth Putnam died on June 11, 2011, at the age of 43. He had been in poor health for many years, and his death was caused by a heart attack. In the years leading up to his death, he had struggled with drug addiction, depression, and other health issues.

Relationships and Children

Seth Putnam was notoriously private about his personal life, and it’s not clear if he ever had any serious romantic relationships. According to some sources, he had a daughter named Sienna, but there’s not much information available about her.

Height and Appearance

Seth Putnam was a tall man, standing at 6’8” (203 cm). He was known for his muscular build and shaved head, and he often wore sleeveless t-shirts and shorts on stage.

Career and Legacy

Seth Putnam’s career as a musician spanned over 20 years, and he was a prolific songwriter and performer. In addition to Anal Cunt, he was involved in several other bands, including Impaled Northern Moonforest, Sieg Heil, and Satan’s Warriors.

Anal Cunt released over 40 albums during their career, and they were known for their extreme sound and offensive lyrics. Some of their most popular songs include “I Like It When You Die,” “Hitler Was a Sensitive Man,” and “I Song.”

Despite their controversial lyrics and subject matter, Anal Cunt had a dedicated fan base, and they influenced many other bands in the extreme music scene. Seth Putnam’s legacy as a songwriter and performer continues to inspire musicians today.

Top Songs

While all of Anal Cunt’s songs were controversial, some of their most popular and well-known songs include:

  • I Like It When You Die
  • Hitler Was a Sensitive Man
  • I Song
  • Everyone in the Underground Music Scene Is Stupid
  • You’re a Cop

Net Worth

It’s not clear what Seth Putnam’s net worth was at the time of his death, but it’s unlikely that he was a wealthy man. He was known for living a simple, frugal lifestyle, and he often struggled to make ends meet as a musician.


Seth Putnam was no stranger to controversies, both on and off stage. He was known for his extreme behavior, offensive lyrics, and confrontational attitude.

In 1996, Anal Cunt was sued by G.G. Allin’s mother, Arleta Gunther, after they released a song called “I Lit Your Baby on Fire.” The song was a reference to a notorious incident in which G.G. Allin defecated on stage and threw it at the audience. Arleta Gunther claimed that the song was defamatory and caused emotional distress, and she won a settlement of $20,000.

In 2004, Seth Putnam was arrested in Oklahoma for assaulting a female fan during a show. He pleaded no contest and was given a suspended sentence.

And in 2005, Anal Cunt caused controversy when they released an album called “It Just Gets Worse,” which featured a photo of a woman with a severely beaten face on the cover. The band defended the album cover as a commentary on domestic violence, but many people found it offensive and tasteless.

Remembering Seth Putnam

Despite his controversial antics and offensive lyrics, Seth Putnam was a respected musician and performer who left a lasting impact on the extreme music scene. His legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans today, and his music remains as brutal and uncompromising as ever.

In the words of Trevor Strnad, the lead singer of The Black Dahlia Murder: “Seth Putnam was a true pioneer… He was completely himself, operating on a different plane than the rest of us could ever hope to know. He knew exactly what he was doing, and how to push everyone’s buttons in the process. He was a true original, an icon, and an absolute legend.”

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