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Sandy West Facts

Sandy West: The Legacy of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Icon

A Brief Overview of Sandy West’s Bio

Sandy West was a renowned singer, drummer, and songwriter known for being the co-founder of the all-female rock band ‘The Runaways’ in the mid-70s. Born on July 10, 1959, in Long Beach, California, Sandy West grew up performing in several bands before she started ‘The Runaways’ at the young age of 16. With her passion for music and hard-hitting drumming style, she made a name for herself in the rock ‘n’ roll industry and had an illustrious career that spanned several decades.

Her Age, Relationships & Children

Sandy West passed away on October 21, 2006, at the age of 47 after battling lung cancer. During her lifetime, she had two children, a son named Tyler and a daughter named Mali. She was previously married to musician Donnette Thayer in the early 80s but got divorced a few years later.

Her Height

Sandy’s height was 1.76 m (5′ 9¼”).

Her Career

Sandy’s musical journey started at a young age when she began playing the drums and guitar at school. She formed her first band ‘The Runaways’ with guitarist Joan Jett in 1975. The band consisted of an all-female cast and went on to release several hit albums like ‘The Runaways,’ ‘Queens of Noise,’ and ‘Live in Japan’ before finally disbanding in 1979.

After the band’s breakup, Sandy continued to pursue her musical career as a solo artist and spent the next few years playing in several bands and touring across the country. She also worked as a session drummer and recorded a few solo albums including ‘The Beat is Back’ and ‘Teenage Symphony.’

Apart from her music career, Sandy was also known for her philanthropy work and activism for various causes like animal rights, women’s issues, and war veterans. She was actively involved in several charity events and also started a foundation called ‘The Sandy West Foundation’ to help support aspiring musicians.

Her Top Songs

Sandy West has several memorable songs to her credit, some of which include:

1. Cherry Bomb – The Runaways (1976)
2. Queens of Noise – The Runaways (1977)
3. School Days – The Runaways (1977)
4. Heartbeat – Sandy West (1998)
5. Mississippi – Sandy West (1998)

Her Net Worth

Sandy West’s net worth at the time of her death was estimated to be around $1 million. However, her contribution to the music industry and her legacy as a rock ‘n’ roll icon is immeasurable.

Remembering Sandy West

Sandy West was a true inspiration to several generations of musicians and fans alike. Her passion, drive, and talent continue to inspire upcoming artists and will always be remembered in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. She once said, “I’m just happy to have made some really good music and to have made people happy with what I did. That’s really all that matters.” Truly, her music and legacy will live on forever.

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