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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

If you’re an Android User, Galaxy Buds are likely to cross your radar when you start looking for earbuds. When they first launched, Galaxy Buds were viewed as Samsung’s attempt at competing with Apple’s AirPods.

But they haven’t caught up yet. Apple still holds the lion’s share of the world market, but the Galaxy Buds have come a long way. They’ve also branched out a bit to give their users a bit more variety. The thing is that it’s led to a bit of a dilemma. Firstly, there’s Samsung’s confusing naming scheme for their models. 

Which models are available, and how many iterations are there? 

This is often a mystery to users. But, to clear things up, the most popular Samsung earbud models are the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Furthermore, there are pros and cons of Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds Pro when it comes to features, battery life, and sound. In the end, if you’re looking to invest in a pair, you’d like to get the one that’s the best value for the money, right? 

Well, that’s why I decided to create an in-depth comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, including the pros and cons of each to help you decide which Samsung Galaxy earbud model is the best for you

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Design, Build, Fit, and Comfort 

The most obvious difference between Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro is the color. If you happen to get both models that have a similar color, you’d be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. 

At a glance…

Galaxy Buds Pros are available in Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black; the earbuds themselves have a reflective finish. The newer Galaxy Buds 2 are available in Graphite, White, Lavender, and Olive, with the earbuds having a glossy finish. 

Galaxy Buds Pro weighs in at 6.3 grams each making them just a smidge heavier than the Buds 2. The Buds Pro is equipped with little stabilizers to help them lock into ears more securely. For many users, this makes them the more secure fitting of the two. 

The Buds Pro ship with three ear tip sizes and have an ingress rating of 7. They’re not meant for swimming, but they can survive submersion for about half an hour. The newer Galaxy Buds 2 weigh in at 5 grams each, and they are a bit smaller than the Buds Pro. They are less bulbous and have an IPX2 rating which means they’re okay for a few drops but are by no means waterproof.

Shared features…

The most noticeable is probably the charging case. It’s difficult to tell them apart if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The cases are small and easy to use, but both have an annoyingly slippery finish which makes the case hard to grip at times. Both cases feature magnets for securing the earbuds in place. Furthermore, both can be charged wirelessly or via a USB-C cable. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 use the Android-only Samsung Galaxy app for your wearables. Using the app is essentially identical for both models. The major difference between Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds 2 is the Fit-Test which is restricted to the Galaxy Buds 2. 

Codecs and Wireless Connectivity 

The supported codecs for the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro are identical. Users can choose between SBC and AAC. Unfortunately, there is no aptX for lossless audio. However, there is a third codec option available for users with a Samsung smartphone or tablet. 

Samsung’s scalable codec… 

This codec functions as a dynamic codec by constantly adjusting the transfer rate of the audio to maximize performance and audio quality. The bitrate can fluctuate between 88 and 512, depending on the situation. This codec delivers performance and quality in the same league as Sony’s LDAC format. 

Users with Apple devices will have to make do with the AAC codec. And users with non-Samsung Android devices should choose the SBC codec for the best performance and most reliable connection. 

Another feature that Samsung users will be able to enjoy is Auto Switch. This is essentially like multi-point pairing but focuses only on Samsung devices. You can connect to your phone, tablet, and TV simultaneously, and the earbuds will automatically switch from one to the other as the needs arise. For example, you can take a call from your smartphone while watching a YouTube video on your tablet. 

Companion Software

Both models are designed to be used with Samsung’s wearable app, which is only available to Android users. Using this app, you can adjust and utilize many features like ANC, ambient modes, and touch controls. 

Sadly, the app doesn’t feature a customizable EQ. But there is a healthy selection of presets to choose from, no matter which model you use. The Samsung Wearable app also allows users to set up and tweak the voice assistant. 

Apple users are completely out of luck when it comes to the Galaxy Buds and Buds Pro. While there is an iOS version of the Samsung Buds app, neither model has been integrated into it. Your only options are to make do with the default settings of the earbuds or to have an Android user set them up the way you want them on their device first. 

360 Audio, ANC, and Ambient Modes

Samsung’s 360 Audio utilizes input from the sensors on the earbuds to track the movement of the user’s head. The volume and dynamics of the left and right earbuds are changed in real-time, adding a sense of directionality and distance to the listening experience. 360 Audio requires UI version 3.1 or later. 

At first, the Galaxy Buds Pro was the only one that supported Samsung’s 360 audio feature. However, Samsung later released an update to the Galaxy Buds 2 firmware that added the 360 Audio function. Another firmware update also added three different ambient settings for the Galaxy Buds 2, making them a bit more flexible in this regard. Both pairs of earbuds have adjustable ANC levels. 

Battery Life

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, it should be no surprise that the newer Galaxy Buds 2 perform slightly better than the Buds Pro. On a full charge, the Galaxy Buds 2 will deliver around five hours with the ANC turned on. 

However, the Galaxy Buds Pro will last around four hours and 50 minutes with the ANC turned on. It’s the same when it comes to charging cases. The Buds 2 case will hold around three extra charges, while the Buds Pro case holds just over two. 

Regarding charging…

Both sets of earbuds support fast charging, but the Galaxy Buds 2 are a bit more efficient. If you charge the Buds Pro for around ten minutes, you can get about an hour and twenty minutes of playtime. However, if you charge the Buds 2 for the same amount of time, you’ll get around two hours of playtime. 

The Galaxy Buds 2 and the Buds Pro both feature Powershare. If you enable Powershare on your Samsung device, you can place your earbuds in their case and set that on top of your Samsung device to “steal” a little bit of charge from the battery. This is quite a nifty feature to have when you’re in a bit of a pinch for some power.

Active Noise Cancelling

First of all, both of these earbuds are considered premium models when it comes to noise-canceling. In the end, they simply offer different sound signatures regarding how they cut and isolate sound.

Galaxy Buds Pro focuses on reducing sounds at the 100Hz range by about 25%. The rest of the frequency spectrum is pretty much left alone by the ANC. On the other hand, Galaxy Buds 2 focuses on a wider range of lower frequencies, but the reduction isn’t as severe. 

Unlike the Buds Pro, the Galaxy Buds 2 also cuts some high-end information. This makes it a bit more diverse regarding the environments the ANC can handle. That being said, the results of the ANC are highly dependent on the quality of the fit. 

When you pair up your earbuds using the Wearable app… 

You’ll be given slightly different options for ANC modes depending on which model you’ve got. The Galaxy Pro provides you with a Low and a High option, while the Galaxy Buds 2 feature Low, Medium, and High.  

When it comes to non-repeating noises, like a crying baby, or two people laughing behind you, you will notice the ANC slipping a bit. But that happens with all ANC algorithms since they are designed to listen for repeating sounds. Despite this, the Galaxy Buds 2 is ranked among the best noise-canceling earbuds on the market. 

Sound Quality

Both earbuds fall within a healthy and safe frequency response. Overall, their sound quality is considered above average. The Galaxy Buds Pro has a more prominent treble side. There’s a rather sharp 5 dB boost at around 10kHz, which can sometimes make the earbuds sound harsh.

There are boosts in the bass and mids as well. However, they are at such a subtle level that they lend a lovely warmth and punch to any material you play. Overall, the Galaxy Buds Pro has one of the most pleasant default sound signatures. 

The Galaxy Buds 2 have a different but equally pleasant sound signature… 

Instead of a boosted high end, the Buds 2 have a noticeable dip around the 10kHz range. Some folks might even go as far as to say that the treble sounds subdued at times. 

The low end of the Galaxy Buds 2 is boosted a bit, but not to the point of sounding unpleasant. The mids are by far the most prominent frequency range on the Buds 2. If there’s one word to describe it, then it would be “Punchy.” 

Overall, the Buds 2 will be much more appealing to bass heads who want a lot of power in their sound. One downside with the default sound signature is that you might lose some subtlety in the vocals. And some small details like strings or high-end synths can also get lost in the mix.

Luckily, there are solutions…

If either of the earbuds doesn’t sound the way you want, you can make use of the collection of EQ presets to shape the sound to your needs. That being said, a Custom EQ seems to be a reasonable request in this day and age, right? 

Phone Calls

When it comes to voice and call quality, the result is somewhat surprising. Both Galaxy models have good-quality microphones. But, the way they are set up means that they perform differently. 

Overall, the Galaxy Buds Pro is much more capable of handling background noises. The Galaxy Buds 2 deliver very clear and distinct voice quality. But, the noticeable cut in the low and high ends makes voices sound unnatural and thin. 

The mic system on the Galaxy Buds Pro has been much more favorably received… 

The sound of the speaker’s voice is much more realistically produced with a present low end and no nasal sound. The microphone is much more capable of dealing with background noise like the wind, which makes it much more practical for outside use.   

A new feature called “Wearing Detection” was added to both models in 2021. This feature will allow the audio during phone calls to seamlessly switch between your phone or the earbud as you remove or replace the bud in your ear.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – Which Is Better?

Which Is Better

The very first factor in your decision-making process here should be fit and comfort. That’s because no matter how fancy it is and how good it sounds, if it’s not comfortable, none of it matters. 

Not only that, you have to keep in mind that half of good noise-canceling is a good fit. And, since both Galaxy models have great ANC capabilities, you might as well get the one that fits best. Generally, those with smaller ears prefer the fit of the Galaxy Buds 2. 

The fact that the Galaxy Buds Pro has been discontinued also adds to the appeal of the Galaxy Buds 2. That’s because they are likely to remain in production for at least a few more years. 

Galaxy Buds 2

For most users, it’s a no-brainer to get these earbuds over the Galaxy Buds Pro. They are lighter, deliver a better battery life, and charge more efficiently. They have every feature the Buds Pro has and perform better thanks to newer and more updated technology. These are modern, middle-of-the-road earbuds that won’t let you down and will never sound normal. 

Galaxy Buds Pro

The only reason you’d want to get a pair of Buds Pro instead of Galaxy Buds 2 is the IPX7 rating. If you’re planning on doing a lot of running or working out with your earbuds, then these are the ones you want. Another reason to prefer these would be the more natural-sounding microphone and better voice isolation. 

These might be discontinued, but they are still some fantastic earbuds. And, if you can get a good deal on a pair, my advice would be to buy a couple of pairs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – FAQs

Does either of the models feature multi-point Bluetooth pairing?

No, neither of these models features multi-point Bluetooth pairing. But, they are equipped with Samsung’s Auto-Switch feature. This is essentially the same thing but only works with Samsung devices.

Is it okay to buy discontinued earbuds?

Yes, it’s fine to buy discontinued earbuds like the Galaxy buds Pro. You can often find them at a discount, and since the software has been updated, a lot of the early bugs and glitches are gone. The only downside is that no future updates will occur, meaning that they are as good as they will ever be.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – Final Thoughts

Well, let’s say you’ve gotten this far, and you still haven’t been convinced to buy into either one. In that case, there are still some cards up Samsung’s sleeve. 

Yes, the Buds Pro has been discontinued, but if you’re a hardcore fan, be sure to check out the new and improved Galaxy Buds Pro 2. They are almost $200 and deliver even more impressive ANC than the Galaxy Buds 2, more responsive touch controls, improved battery life, and three great colors. Unfortunately, the app remains virtually unchained. 

Maybe you’re an Apple user… 

In that case, let me be the first to recommend not getting a pair of Samsung earbuds. That’s because you can’t use the wearable app, and even if you use the iOS version of Samsung’s app, these models aren’t supported. So, it’s a bust either way. 

You are way better off getting a pair of Apple AirPods 2nd Generation. When used with your iPhone, you can make use of Apple’s H2 chip, brilliant ANC, and Apple’s fantastic spatial audio for an immersive audio experience. 

Finally, there is the Google Pixel Buds Pro. They offer great build, ANC, and a lightweight design with good battery life and intuitive features like auto-translate. While they do come at a premium, many users are hailing them as some of the best wireless earbuds money can buy at the moment. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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