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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

If you’ve mistaken Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro models for the standard Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, it’s hardly surprising. If you thought they were the same product, you were right and wrong. But, generally wrong with a little bit of right thrown in for good measure. Did that clear everything up? Confused? Of course, you are!

The truth is that both models are very similar. But, there are some differences between Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro that you need to take into account. Nuance is what makes life so different and so special, even if it is slight. So, let’s check out these earbuds to see what they are all about and which one you should buy. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – Overview

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in regards to what they are like to use is a good place to start. When the popular Japanese electronics manufacturer stopped making the original Samsung Galaxy Buds model, they decided to reshape their buds and make them rounder. They also adopted a more cool and modern design. 

If you compare Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 by their appearance, there’s not much difference. Unless you look closely. The Buds 2 model has a slippery yet glossy rubberized coating. On the other hand, the Buds 2 Pro comes with a more gripper-style coating. 

There are also noticeable differences in the cases. The Buds 2 case can get greased up easier, while the case for the Buds 2 Pro is more of a dust magnet. However, these are just minor details.

The ear tips are the same…

One thing that these models and the majority of the newer Samsung earbuds have is the same three size choices concerning ear tips. These are small, medium, and large, and to be fair, they will fit the ears of most people. You can even use the included mobile app to perform an ear tip size test to see if you have chosen the ones that fit you best. 

The way these tips are designed is by using a special built-in ear guard that prevents a buildup of ear wax. Attention to detail is what makes these earbuds and other Samsung products a pleasure to use.

Water resistance across the board…

You get a certain level of water resistance regardless of which one of these Samsung Buds 2 models you use. These Buds 2 Pro has an IPX7 rating that ensures excellent protection against water. You can literally drop these buds in water for up to 30 minutes, and they should still work like before. Although, I would never put that to the test if I were you. No point in tempting fate. 

The standard Buds 2 model has an IPX2 rating that makes them quite a bit more delicate. So, if you are concerned about water resistance, both are good, but the Buds 2 Pro has a lot more waterproof protection.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – Functions and Control

There are little buttons directly on the buds that allow you to control certain aspects of their functionality with a single click. Also, there’s a series of buttons you can tap on the panel of both sets of buds. Although, in my opinion, one is much easier to use than the other. I prefer the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro controls because the panel sensitivity on these buds feels just about right.

With the standard Buds 2 model, sometimes I get register commands when using the controls and adjusting the buds. That just doesn’t happen when using the Pro model. So, that’s one important difference between Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and standard Buds 2, in my opinion.

Basic operations…

If you single-tap the button, it plays or pauses your audio. Double-tapping skips to the next song, while three taps will skip back to the previous track. Several things can happen if you tap and hold, depending on the side you tap. 

Tapping and holding on the right side increases the volume. If you tap and hold on the left side, it decreases volume. If you are using them for calls, you can double-tap to answer or end your call, triple-tap to decline your call, or tap and hold to reject it.

Hands-free support and Bixby access…

You get hands-free support and Bixby access when you use either of these Samsung earbuds. You can inquire about new notifications, and even skip songs and much more by simply saying, “Hey, Bixby.” 

Galaxy Buds also allow for automatic wear detection. So, if you do remove your buds in the middle of a song, the playback stops immediately, and you don’t miss a beat. And the playback won’t start again unless you resume it manually by pressing a button.

Can Galaxy Buds 2 and Pro 2 Use the Galaxy Wearable App?

Wearable App

If you are using an Android device, you can use the Galaxy Wearable App for free for both Buds 2 and Buds Pro 2. This allows you to access Samsung’s EQ presets when you pair the buds to the app. You can control the sound in the app to boost bass or treble or even to control the hardness and softness of the sound. 

Customizing your sound via the app is recommended if you are an avid music streamer. And there are loads of options when you connect your earbuds to the Samsung 360 Audio surround sound function. 

This allows you to set up head tracking for both buds via the left and right channels when your head moves or rotates. It gives the sound perception a different feel and can be very stimulating when used correctly.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – Battery Life

Battery life is always important in the modern world of audio devices. So, does Galaxy Buds Pro have a better battery than Galaxy Buds 2

Officially, they are the same. Around five hours of battery life for both models when the ANC is enabled. The vast majority of tests show that Buds 2 Pro model has a battery of just under five hours while the Buds 2 battery is just over five hours. But both are pretty much the same.

If you use these earbuds in tandem with their cases, you can have an extra 15 hours of charge with the Buds 2 case and an extra 13 hours with the Buds Pro 2 case. So, again, not much difference. Wireless PowerShare and Qi Wireless charging are both supported if you need more charging and battery options. All in all, the battery life of the two is very similar, if not the same, in most scenarios.

Which Samsung Galaxy Buds Model Blocks Noise Better?

The reality is that the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro model costs a bit more than the standard model, and that price difference is more evident regarding blocking unwanted noise. The ANC on the Buds 2 Pro kicks the standard model’s behind in this regard. 

But, in all honesty, the noise-canceling capabilities of the Buds 2 Pro even beats its contemporaries like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and the Sony WF-1000XM4.

The reason it performs so well in this category is that it has about 30-50 dB in noise reduction for sub-bass frequencies, and that ensures droning sounds are easily eliminated. We shouldn’t pour scorn on the Buds 2, though. They still have an excellent ANC that also keeps the peace as it reduces low frequencies of around 10-23 dB.

Getting a good seal…

Both sets of Galaxy buds do a very similar job of blocking out higher frequency ranges as well. And, because they both use silicon earbud tips, it’s hardly surprising. It’s essential to get a good fit or seal if you want to take advantage of the ANC performance. If you get a tight seal between your ears and the earbud tips, you will then ensure the best isolation and therefore get the best ANC performance. 

It’s that simple!

By getting a good seal, not only will music sound much better. But it can also prevent any hearing issues in the future and can prevent hearing damage. That’s why it’s so important to experiment with the ear tips to ensure you are using the size that perfectly fits your ear. 

Never underestimate this issue. Sometimes, a person might have one ear bigger than the other, so you need to know that kind of stuff about yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Earbuds – Sound Quality

It all comes down to which model of Samsung Galaxy Buds sounds the best. If you are a serious music listener or streamer, both sets are more than adequate for a fantastic audio experience. But, of course, there are some nuances between the two. Surprisingly, for some, it’s the Galaxy Buds 2 that comes closest to the best quality audio.

When using the Buds 2 model to listen to songs you are used to, you will immediately hear the difference when the bass is boosted, and the treble is optimized. It might seem like the bass is so powerful on the Buds 2 that the vocals are low in the mix and can sometimes get lost. 

However, all you need to do to rectify this issue is to turn up the volume, and that will give more credence to the treble boost and will balance it out better. But, if you go too loud, the treble might sound not so great. So, you need to literally play it by ear. 

Don’t worry too much about that…

I am just being super-sensitive, and in general, they both sound great. And, if that is an issue, you can always use the Galaxy Wearable app to control your EQ settings to balance it out properly.

Which Samsung Galaxy Buds Has the Best Mic?

Best Mic

Most people need to use earbuds and headsets for multiple reasons these days. It’s not just about listening to music anymore. Some people need a set with an integrated mic to take calls or to talk and stream live online. 

We are living in a new and exciting multimedia world… 

The harsh reality is that both the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy 2 Pro Buds are not the greatest models to use for conference calls. Sure, Samsung has improved its microphones when compared to earlier models, but this might be its weakest point.

The mic is one advantage of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro over standard Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds. Voices sound much more natural on the Buds 2 Pro in comparison to the almost-robot sound of the voices when using the Buds 2 mic. 

They are very similar in standard conditions. But the Buds 2 Pro mic works much better in windy conditions or in places where the conditions are not optimal. So, if having the best mic is essential, it’s better to buy Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro models.

Alternative Earbud Models from Other Manufacturers 

Samsung Galaxy does not have a monopoly on high-quality, high-functioning wireless earbuds. Several models from the likes of Bose and Sony can give them a run for their money. But when we look at buying alternative models, it depends on what features are more important to you. 

For example…

If noise-canceling features are high on your priority list, you might want to take a look at these Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds. They have a fantastic ANC and a bunch of apps and support for both iOS and Android devices.

If you travel a lot and need to find out info in languages you don’t speak, you might want to opt for these Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds. They might appear a bit bulky, but in terms of easily connecting with Google Assistant or for some other multiport connectivity issues, they might suit you more. 

Just to balance things up a bit, if you are a fan of Bose, you might prefer these Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling earbuds, which are one of the best options out there.

Want to Learn More About Different Samsung Earbud Models?

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – Final Thoughts

Should I buy Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Pro 2 earbuds?” This is the million-dollar question. The answer should be defined by what you need and what you are using them for. 

For example…

If you wanted the most advanced model with the best noise-canceling features, you should pretty much always buy Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro versions. They are more expensive in comparison to the standard Galaxy Buds 2, but they are better for this and many other things, like the greater response of the in-built controls. The Galaxy Bud Pro 2 also has a higher IP rating, therefore, is more protected against water.

But, if you are on a tight budget but still expect high quality and top-notch audio performance, the value of the Galaxy Buds 2 model is pretty much unbeatable. The noise-canceling features might also be a bit less than the Pro version. But, they are still excellent in the grand scheme of things when compared to their competition from Sony and Bose. 

And, even though the IP rating is lesser, they can still withstand water and a bunch of other things. So, it’s not like they are sup-par; quite the contrary.

But which one is the best option?

The winner is obviously the…

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

…but in all honesty, there’s not that much in it. The real question is, are you willing to pay the extra money for the Pro version even though it’s not head and shoulders above the standard model? That’s a question that only you and your budget can answer.

Until next time happy listening.

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