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Top 32 Saddest NBA Youngboy Songs

I don’t usually listen to sad songs. But when I do, I like them to get me close to tears. If you are going to be sad, it’s better to own it than half-ass it. 

American rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again, more commonly known as NBA Youngboy, was widely known as an independent rap artist. But, in 2017, he finally signed a major record deal with Atlantic Records.

Although the content of his raps is rooted in dirty south gangster and rap trap genres, the saddest NBA Youngboy songs deal with realism and his struggles from living and getting out of the Baton Rouge ghetto in Louisiana. 

So, here are some of his saddest songs that spark emotion in the souls of his fans, starting with…

Saddest NBA Youngboy Songs


Top 32 Saddest NBA Youngboy Songs

1 Genie

Most fans will agree that one of the saddest songs from NBA Youngboy is “Genie.” It’s a fan favorite from his 2018 debut solo studio album Until Death Call My Name

It’s a somber track with lots of emotion and sentimental meaning… 

The piano chord progression creates a sad yet eerie feeling as the rapper spits lyrics about his past in the most honest and truthful sense. Youngboy has never been one to bite his tongue or not say what he is feeling. And you will feel that on this memorable track. 

What do I like the most?

Although this is a very sad NBA Youngboy song that talks about his life struggles, there are still some uplifting and inspirational qualities about it. The beat itself is a very simple loop, but once you’ve played it a few times, you will be hooked. 

It’s trying to turn negatives into positives, so it does have a great message that can help some people. 

2 No Love

Rap songs about introspection might be commonplace. But, when they are done well, they are sad yet inspirational at the same time. “No Love” might have a mid-range tempo, but the piano sample and driving hi-hats make this joint very pleasurable while also making you think. 

Youngboy mentions issues of overdosing on pills. That is quite a phenomenon in the modern world of rap music that simply didn’t happen in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The pain is evident in his voice and lyrics…

Youngboy talks about taking pills to quell the pain of failing relationships. It’s very honest and doesn’t pull any punches. The track is from his second studio album, Decided, in 2018. 

The beat uses lots of pulsating 808 percussion that makes it sound like something you might hear in the early to mid-2000s. But that’s all part of its introspection and charm. All of this makes it a memorable and sad NBA Youngboy song.

3 Red Eye

NBA Youngboy is a prolific artist. The amount of music he has released as an independent artist and since he signed for Atlantic is prolific. “Red Eye” is a 2020 track from the Still Flexin, Still Steppin album. 

Even though he is now considered a commercial artist, he remains one of the rawest rappers out there, especially his lyrical content and delivery. The cool piano sample blends perfectly with the driving beats and electric guitar melodies that give this piece a rhythmic musical structure.

There’s a lot of sentimental reflection and introspection…

 This is what makes it one of the saddest Never Broke Again songs. But you can hear the refined nature of this track when compared to his earlier independent stuff. And even his earlier commercial tracks. It might be sad and reflective, but there is also a positive and inspirational quality to the track.

4 Solar Eclipse

“Solar Eclipse” is a track that I dearly love, like most of his fans do. It’s from his 2018 debut album Until Death Call My Name. And this was one of the standout tracks. 

This song shares many vibes with most of his cuts. It uses lots of 808 percussions, cool and uplifting piano melodies, and other organ parts to give it a soothing but sad vibe. 

But it’s more the lyrical content that is sad, not so much the beat…

The joint talks about his rise from the ghetto with an overriding feeling of nostalgia while not forgetting the past. It’s the sort of track that can have you lost in your own thoughts and feelings due to its introspective nature. 

Youngboy’s rhyme schemes and flows on this track are some of his best to date and show his dexterity as a rapper. As I said, you might want to take a keen interest in the lyrics on this joint because that’s where it’s at.

5 Sky Cry

“Sky Cry” is a short but sweet track from his 2018 album, Decided. It might only be two minutes long, but it’s more about quality than quantity. 

I’m always impressed how Youngboy can be so raw with his rap delivery while the lyrics can be so deep and introspective. He is such an artist, and it’s tracks like this where he lays it bare that you get to see that.

There are no thudding 808s on this track…

It is a very stripped-down beat that is quite musical in its creation. It wasn’t so much the lyrics that make this a sad Youngboy song. But it’s the overall vibe of the track with that piano that makes it thoughtful. 

It’s short, sweet, sad, and soothing all at the same time. Something quite difficult to pull off as NBA did here. That’s what makes him such a special artist and not your run-off-the-mill rapper.

6 Treat You Better

When you first listen to “Treat You Better,” you can’t help but think he is the master of rapping over thoughtful piano loops. His rap flow on this track is also a thing of beauty, sliding up and down on the beat in a heroic fashion. 

In my opinion…

This is one of his better rhyme schemes. Although, the subject matter is very sad and even heart-breaking in spots. It’s one of his newer tracks from his 2020 album, 38 Baby 2, and the sound and vibes reflect that.

How many times have we been in a relationship where we should have treated our partner better? Pretty much most of them, right? This track is very relatable and is one of the saddest NBA Youngboy songs. 

The music is very melodious and soulful, making it very popular with his fans right from the jump. As time goes by, we will get to see where it stands in his catalog. But, until then, we should enjoy this track for how it makes us feel – sad and reflective.

7 Win Your Love

“Win Your Love” is another sad and introspective NBA Youngboy song from the 2020 album 38 Baby 2. It’s so sentimental that you can feel the sadness in his voice and delivery. It’s the sort of tune that keeps you coming back for more, especially when you are in a sad mood. 

Youngboy paints pictures with his lyrics here that most people can relate to. And I would say the lyrics here are much sadder than the beat.

The beat itself is quite uplifting… 

Using lots of 808 percussions that are melodious and quite light, and easy to absorb in many ways. If you have never been a Youngboy fan, you can still pop on this song and enjoy it. 

The sound is something everyone can appreciate and could be played in a romantic setting or even in your car on long drives. 

8 Fire Stars

This is yet another track from 38 Baby 2. And, if you like this one, you should go and buy the entire album. “Fire Stars” changes up the pace a notch or two when compared to some of the other joints on this list. 

The cool and stylish guitar sets the tone perfectly. And, once the 808s snap into gear, you are in up to your neck. I would say it has a mid-range tempo that is quite soulful and uplifting and is even good for a slow dance or two.

The sadness of the track comes from its lyrics… 

The raw storytelling that makes Youngboy so popular is fully evident here. The tone of the vocals does fluctuate a lot but in the best possible way. It’s like a lyrical roller-coaster in terms of content and delivery. 

The start of the tune sounds like a serenade and sets the tone perfectly for this sad love song by NBA Youngboy.

9 Change

“Change” is more of a Trap tune than a rap tune, and that’s all good in my book. The synth-heavy instrumental was initially released in 2018 before his first album and is a taste of what was about to come. 

The 808s and hi-hats bounce this track from start to finish without much respite. It bumps for the entire two minutes and 36 seconds and can be listened to at home alone or in your car driving. 

The beat is uplifting… 

But, it’s the lyrical content from where the sadness is derived. “Change” is just what it sounds like. The track is all about NBA changing to become a better artist and person. And that means taking a real honest look at yourself to change for the better, and not everyone can do that. 

It’s lyrics like these that make Youngboy so adored by fans as he is never scared to say how he feels, happy or depressing. This is a track that you can come back to time and time again for inspiration when you need to change in life. 

10 Nevada

We are nearly there, guys. The saddest NBA Youngboy tracks are quite impressive in many ways. “Nevada” is one of his newer tracks when compared to others on my list. But it’s the ideal joint that shows his artistic progression over the years. 

This track was released in July 2021 and was the third single from his third studio album, Sincerely, Kentrell, and was produced by Vadesbeatz and TnTXD.

It’s apparently an ode to a significant other… 

And it is quite sad in its conception and composition. It takes the best of old and new Youngboy styles and merges them into a very grown-up song that shows his development over the years. 

The switching flows constantly change this track up, so it’s never dull. I just find myself wondering who he wrote this about.

12 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Valuable Pain

13 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Through The Storm

14 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Lonely Child

15 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Drawing Symbols

16 NBA Youngboy – Temporary Time

17 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – No Understand 

18 NBA YoungBoy- My Happiness Took Away For Life 

19 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Solar Eclipse

20 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Survivor 

21 YoungBoy Never Broke Again -To My Lowest

22 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Cross Roads 

23 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – My Mama Say

24 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Can’t Be Saved

25 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Twilight 

26 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Came From

27 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Astronaut Kid

28 YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Seeming Like It 

29 Nba Youngboy- It Ain’t Over 

30 Nba YoungBoy – How I Been

31 Nba Youngboy – Doomed 

32 Nba Youngboy – Emotional Torn

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Saddest NBA Youngboy Songs – Final Thoughts

One of the overriding things you can draw from NBA Youngboy’s saddest songs is that he uses these tracks to turn negatives into positives. Even though the lyrics are generally sad, the beats are quite uplifting and even mid-tempo in most cases. 

My point is that they are never depressing or miserable. So you can enjoy listening without moping in your sorrows too much. Whether you are listening to his independent stuff or his Atlantic Records releases, his music is high quality, and his raw flows are intricate.

Rap music is more melodious and heart-wrenching than it has ever been… 

We should embrace this change in ethos and understand that the issues of today’s youth are different from before, and this music reflects that. For sure, NBA Youngboy has some sad songs. But he routinely turns those negative feelings into positive ones, and you just can’t beat that.

Until next time, happy listening.

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