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Roland Professional A/V V-1HD Review

In this in-depth Roland Professional A/V V-1HD review, I will do my best to cover every aspect of this very interesting product. And if you are looking to buy an entry-level video switcher, this is one you don’t want to overlook. It’s portable and versatile while offering practicality and convenience.

The Roland brand has a reputation that precedes itself. They’re known for manufacturing some of the most reliable audio and visual products that you can buy. So, if you want to improve your visual and audio editing, this portable and compact mixer might solve your issues.


Who are the Roland Corporation?

If you’ve been a musician or music producer in the past 30 years, the Roland brand is a name that’s already etched into your subconscious. They have been manufacturing musical instruments and audio hardware for decades. They are most notably the market leader for keyboards, which are often legendary.

Roland is a Japanese company that was initially founded back in 1972. Their official line of business is the production, marketing, importing, and exporting of electronic musical instruments, software, and other electronic equipment. Their products are well-known for their durability and reliability, making them very desirable.

Roland Professional A/V V-1HD – First Impressions

This is a great portable video switcher that features 4 input channels and a 12-channel mixer. This V-1HD mixer makes it simple to switch between a video camera, a phone, tablets, laptops, Blu-ray players, or any other video source. All of this happens with a simple flick of a button or a slide of the fader.

It supports all manner of audio-visual and HDMI devices, making it perfect for video editors. If you are putting together a video shoot with more than one camera, you can easily switch between them. In fact, one-man-band editors can simplify the whole filming process. It looks great and is very portable, versatile, and practical.

Roland Professional A/V V-1HD
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Do you need one?

This is one of the best portable video mixers for small-scale video shoots, online conferences, webcasts, podcasts, and all manner of training events and broadcasts. It’s very flexible, which ensures you can keep every video device in one place. If you are hosting a live online meeting, you can use this mixer to have complete control of everything.

Roland Professional V-1HD – Top Features

Although this video mixer is quite minimal when compared to some other high-end products, its simplicity is its hallmark. However, it still has some top features that separate it from similar-level products. And not only is it a great solution for handling multiple video cameras, but it also supports pro editing software and effects.

The portable nature of this product means you can use it anywhere at any time, allowing you to transport it to video shoots without much hassle. Take advantage of the easy-to-use interface, cool backlit buttons, and remote control with both a USB and midi connection.

Check out the Roland Professional V-1HD top features…

  • 4 HDMI inputs.
  • Supports up to Full HD 1080p.
  • Easy to Use Interface.
  • Full 12-Channel Audio Mixer Included.
  • Easy to operate with Hardware Controls.
  • Two HDMI Outputs.

Now let’s break down the top features of this Roland video mixer…

HDMI Inputs

The four HDMI inputs mean you can use this mixer with a variety of equipment and video sources. It supports resolutions up to and including 1080p, 1080i, and 720, and can be used to control four video sources at the same time.

Also, you can easily switch between them, giving you total control of multiple video devices.

12-Channel Audio Mixing

It also features 12 digital audio channels to complement the video inputs. These versatile mixing capabilities mean you can mix 4 stereo audio inputs from HDMI ports, as well as a stereo line-level input and even a mic-level input.

Each channel features a number of effects that give you total control over your audio production, including delay. All this allows you to synchronize your audio and visuals quickly and seamlessly.

Backlit Lights for Professional Switching

This stylish Roland audio-visual mixer has large backlit buttons that make video switching easy. Even in low light conditions. The mixer even automatically lights up inputs, so you know the connection status of each channel. These easy-access buttons mean you can switch between video sources rapidly and smoothly.

Impressive Visual Effects

When you are editing or mixing a live event, this mixer allows you to quickly add effects without missing a step. You can even composite two videos together on one screen. This makes it ideal for meetings, presentations, and conferences.

The V-1HD can also handle Chroma key or luminance key for creating professional video presentations using green screen backgrounds. This also allows comes in useful when overlaying computer generated titles on video sources.

Where Can I Use this V-1HD Video Mixer?

Now we have discussed the top features of the Roland Professional A/V V-1HD, it’s time to look at the specs and why you need an audio/video mixer. So, here is a rundown of where you can use this product to create stunning visual mixes.

Perfect for Podcasting and Webcasting

The best part about this mixer is that you can run up to four video sources at one time. You can add transitions, filter effects, on-screen graphics, and compositing effects all simultaneously. This ensures you get professional-level video editing at home or on the road.

Being so compact, portable, and able to seamlessly switch between several video sources makes it a great choice if you are filming on location or want to professionally produce a podcast or any type of webcast such as a conference.

Mixing Visual Performances

Do you need a viable solution to mix visual performances on the go? Every video editor knows how difficult it is to film visual performances in a live setting. It’s so difficult to bring everything together without a reliable video editing mixer.

The V-1HD mixer efficiently and effectively allows you to mix high-resolution computer and HD camera sources with numerous filter effects and transitions on the go. You can edit and mix a live performance as it happens with this impressive video mixer.

Mixing Education, Tutorials, Events, and Meetings

You can use this professional audio/visual mixer in many educational settings. It can be used to broadcast and record all manner of campus events, sporting events, and educational tutorials or seminars.

In fact, it was specifically designed to be used remotely to record events, meetings, and conferences. Especially if you are using multiple live cameras to record and need to switch between them easily, quickly, and professionally.

Roland Professional A/V V-1HD Review – Pros and Cons


  • Perfect entry-level audio-visual mixer for novice editors.
  • Versatile and easily transportable.
  • Great for mixing live visual performances.
  • Switch between up to four video devices quickly and easily.
  • Stylish backlit switching buttons and fader.
  • 4 video channels, 4 HDMI inputs, and 12 audio channels.
  • Professional editing hardware for your home studio.
  • Perfect for meetings, conferences, live sporting events, and more.


  • Quite a small mixer.
  • Not designed for large studios.
  • Not many channels when compared to high-end mixers.

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Roland Professional A/V V-1HD Review – Final Thoughts

This pro mixer is great at combining affordability with functionality. It might not be a high-end audio-visual mixer, but it’s a great affordable option for editing and mixing on the move. If you remotely record using more than one video device, this could well be the portable solution you have been looking for. You can also add visual effects during live performances or switch between multiple cameras.

Many video mixers are large and cumbersome and not really created for remote use. But this is one of the most practical and convenient audio-visual mixers in the marketplace. And on top of that, it’s made by Roland, who hardly ever fail to hit the mark.

So, if you want to produce the best audio and visual mixes imaginable, then the Roland Professional A/V V-1HD can help you become a pro editor without spending a fortune.

Happy editing.

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