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RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench Review

Ever since the invention of the harpsichord in the 1600s, there has been a need to sit at a keyboard. That’s because you can’t play it standing up. Although, Little Richard and Jerry Lee proved that wrong a few years later. Those two wouldn’t have needed the RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench.

In the days of Mozart, they were elaborate, ornate constructions. But then came the piano and Beethoven and his compatriots. They went for a more functional item. It has been a necessity ever since.

Various formats…

It can come in a variety of designs. There are the standard single-seat benches or a double-seat if you need two players. Some have lift-up seats for storing music books or manuscripts. With some, you can adjust the height of the seat to suit the user. And finally, some are built to be transported around. Those designed for working musicians.

And we are going to review one in detail in our RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench Review.

But before we do, let’s take a look at what is a very interesting and innovative company…



They were founded twenty years ago in the UK, in Manchester to be precise. A group of musicians got together and set up RockJam with its parent company PDT. But they did much more than set up a musical instrument and instrument accessories company. They knew what most of us know, that it is very expensive when you are starting out.

Guitar, amp, etc., the costs can go through the roof. The difference with RockJam was they did something about it.

Instrument packages…

They put together packages that included everything. And at a cost-effective price. Not brand leading names, of course. In fact, some of them were their own brand copy instruments. But they were affordable for most.

They still do it today and have become one of the leading worldwide sellers of instrument packages. All entry-level packages, of course, but that is where it is needed most. They are certainly worth a look. And it wasn’t just guitars and basses; there were keyboards as well. The bench seat for a keyboard or piano was then just a natural extension of their business.

So what is the RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench all about? Let’s find out…

RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


The KB100 has been designed for a simple purpose. That is to make a comfortable, adjustable stool that is durable and hard-wearing. In doing so, they have created a bench for playing a keyboard that will allow you to play comfortably for hours.

It is well made with good padding and plenty of adjustments, so you can get your playing positions just right. It has a folding design, which makes it suitable for storing away or for those who might use it for performing.

So how does it shape up? Let’s have a closer look at the RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench.

The Build

The very first thing you notice about this bench is its steel frame and construction. It is clear this has been made to last. It will also be able to support an individual who weighs up to 340 pounds. Likewise, it is going to withstand the rigors of frequent use and even transportation.

One thing that can often be a problem with a piano or keyboard bench is movement on a floor surface. If you happen to be playing on a hard, possibly wooden surface, there can be movement. Something you really don’t want.

The KB100 has rubber feet at each corner of the legs, which will prevent any slide while performing or playing at home. This gives you the confidence to not have to worry about any potential movements. They will, of course, also protect the surface from any scratches.

The Design


To allow it to be both very stable and able to be stored and carried easily, it has an ‘X’ design. This is about as secure as it gets for a folding bench. The bolts and fittings supporting the design are high-quality steel. They are fitted with locking nuts to ensure you can secure the adjustment, so there is no slippage.

The bench measures 26.3 by 5.5 by 24.4 inches and weighs only 7.5 pounds. It has a fabric leather-imitation vinyl covering to the seat.

The Comfort

One of this bench’s great qualities is its comfort level. The seating area is larger than usual for a single-seater and is padded with extra thick foam. However, it is not too soft and allows you to retain a good posture and not slouch over your keys. This allows you to be able to play for hours without feeling the effects.

To add to the comfort level, the seat is adjustable, which we shall go into in a bit more detail later.

For keyboard players at every level, comfort is a vital factor. A poorly made bench or stool can have a negative effect on your performance. Therefore, the right bench is very important. RockJam has gone to great lengths to ensure this is going to work for you.

The Practicality

So let’s look at the practical elements. We have said it is adjustable. The design isn’t just a token gesture for getting close to a comfortable playing position.

You have four positions that you can choose from. They are fixed positions that are easily adjustable. This means that a variety of users will find their best playing position easily. The height ranges from between 18 to 21 inches.

It is delivered without the need for assembly and doesn’t have any ‘wonderfully explicit’ instructions for assembly.

Other uses…

We have already mentioned that this would be an ideal bench for taking to performances. And we have repeatedly talked about how it works as a bench for piano or keyboard.

But what about other uses?

If you sit and play guitar or bass guitar, it is also ideal. In fact, if you sit and play anything, it is a good buy. It’s not just limited to pianos and keyboards.

Let’s find a fault…

For the sake of balance, we like to try and find something that maybe they could have improved. The only thing we can see is that on some benches, the seat folds up to reveal a storage space for sheet music or books.

That could have been a useful addition. But there may well be a design reason why that was not possible.

RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench Review Pros and Cons


  • Well made with plenty of steel in the construction.
  • Rubber feet to prevent slippage.
  • The ‘X’ design makes it easy to fold away and transport to performances if necessary.
  • Made to be comfortable.
  • Four adjustments to get the correct height.
  • Can be used in a variety of seated applications, not just piano or keyboard.


  • The inclusion of storage under the seat would have been useful if that was possible in the design.

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RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench Review Bottom Line

Choosing a bench to sit on for a musician is more important than some might realize. In the case of a piano or a keyboard, it needs to be comfortable. But it also needs to be adjustable to get the playing position right. Without that, you are going to have technical playing problems.

RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench

This bench does both of these things. It is also well-made and at a reasonable price point. In our opinion, you can’t really go wrong. The RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench is going to do the job and do it well.

Until next time, may the music make you merry.

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