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RHA MA750 Wireless Review

Personal audio equipment comes in many forms these days. Especially the wearable kind, such as earbuds and headphones.

Quality earbuds are almost as essential as a quality smartphone. And with so many different kinds and styles of wearable audio gear, it can be difficult to find the right one.

Of course, it will depend on the environment you will be in and what you will be doing. There are niches for nearly everything. Commuter, fitness, cycling, swimming, and even sleeping earbuds exist on the market.

But what’s important?

However, there are a few crucial things that all earbuds should offer. Those being sound quality and comfort. And in this modern age, wireless connectivity is the other major consideration.

One of these earbuds that have come to our attention is the subject of this RHA MA750 Wireless Review. They are based on the company’s, now discontinued, MA750 wired earbuds.

RHA was founded in Glasgow in 2011. They are dedicated to making high-quality earphones. Not many people have heard of RHA, but those that have are thoroughly impressed by their products.

So, do these earbuds also impress?

Let’s find out in our in-depth review of the RHA MA750 Wireless Earphones…

RHA MA750 Wireless
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

The Build

This pair of earbuds is meant for active use. They feature a neckband and over-the-ear hooks. While this design gives you a secure fit, it makes wearing glasses with these near impossible. However, that is always a drawback with any earbuds that use ear hooks.

Lightweight and comfortable…

These earbuds weigh just 41 grams making them hardly noticeable when you wear them. The neckband is RHA’s SecureFlex cable. It is made of flexible silicone and contours to your shoulders and neck.

To help you find the most comfortable and secure fit, there are several ear tips included. There are six sets of dual-density ear tips in S, M, and L sizes. Likewise, there are sets of double-flange ear tips, either S or L sizes.

Additionally, you get a set of memory foam ear tips. This is an extra layer of comfort because memory foam shapes itself to your ears. As a result, you get a very secure and comfy fit.

Added durability and convenience…

Since these earbuds are built for active use, they are durable. Plus, they feature extra protection. In this case, they come with an IPX4 rating making them sweat and water-resistant. Therefore, you can get in a heavy workout or run without worrying about perspiration interfering with your jams.

For more convenience, the steel earbud housings are magnetized. This way, they can fasten together around your neck when you are not using them. You also get a cable clip and a carrying case.

Lastly, these earbuds come with a 3-year warranty. Clearly, these are some seriously durable earbuds.

Controls and Connections

Using these earbuds is quite simple. There is a 3-button in-line remote that handles most functions.

You can adjust the volume, skip track, and answer or end calls with a push of a button. The remote housing is pretty tough and does not feel flimsy. Plus, the remote does not flop or swing around when you are up and moving about.

Simple setup…

These earbuds quickly connect to your smartphone or mobile device via Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. Furthermore, they support both aptX and AAC codecs. You should have no problem playing any file format or streaming audio.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, they feature NFC pairing. This way, you can pair up to two devices at the same time. However, when using NFC pairing, there could be some connection and latency issues.

The battery…

One big advantage of these earbuds is battery life. On a single charge, these earbuds deliver up to 12 hours of playtime. It uses a USB-A to USB-C cable to charge the battery.

Also, there is an LED battery level indicator on the neckband. Another nice feature is automatic on/off when you connect and disconnect the earbuds from a mobile device.

The Sound Performance

At the heart of these earbuds is RHA’s handmade dynamic driver. It has a well-balanced frequency response of 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. The result is a high-quality, immersive sound profile. It offers accurate reproduction, balance, and clarity.

However, there is no boost or EQ presets, which might put some people off. Although, in our opinion, these do not need any added sound-shaping options. The sound is full and detailed across multiple musical genres.

Noise cancellation?

There is no active noise-canceling (ANC) technology with these earbuds. But again, they don’t really need it. Thanks to RHA’s own Aerophonic housing design, the sound is channeled into your ears. As a result, it creates an in-seal seal in combination with the ear tips. This then acts to block out external noise while providing noise-isolation.

Of course, it is not total sound isolation. But, since these are made for active and often outdoor use, that is probably a good thing.

RHA MA750 Wireless Review Pros and Cons


  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Sweat-proof and water-resistant IPX4 rating.
  • AptX and SBC codecs.
  • Durable, lightweight, and flexible.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • 3-button in-line remote.
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing.
  • 12 hours of battery life.


  • No active noise-canceling technology.
  • Not ideal for wearing with eyeglasses.
  • Slightly pricey for some.

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RHA MA750 Wireless Review – Final Thoughts

If you haven’t become acquainted with RHA, you really should. Rather than pushing their products with advertising, they let the customer experience do the talking.

Overall, you are getting a great pair of earbuds. Made with care and craftsmanship, these are durable, functional, practical, and comfortable. Plus, they have a great soundstage.

RHA MA750 Wireless Review

While they may cost a little bit more than other name-brand active use earbuds, you are getting what you pay for. That being, high-quality, durable construction, ease-of-use, comfort, and superb sounds.

And honestly, how many earbud manufacturers offer a 3-warranty for their products? None that come to mind.

RHA is making some noise. The good kind of noise, that is.

Until next time, happy listening.


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