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Red Desert Violin Review

Violin and fiddle players are incredible to watch. Their dedication, stamina, and musicality are otherworldly. Many violinist and fiddle players express that they have played these instruments their entire lives.

That statement makes sense, especially because they are both such complex instruments that are difficult to learn. What if there was a way that you could learn to play these instruments without having any background at all?

The Red Desert Violin program wants to help that dream come true, regardless of your knowledge or background. The Red Desert Violin program claims that it can teach anyone to play the violin or fiddle.

Does this seem like a far-fetched statement, especially knowing that these instruments are extremely difficult to play? Is this program just a quick scam that will take your money? By the end of this well researched review you will have all the answers to these burning questions.

Who Created Red Desert Violin?

Red Desert Violin was created by a woman named Lora who on the website describes herself as your “guide”. Lora began learning how to play the violin in the 5th grade. She explains that she had learned the “traditional” method of violin playing.

Lora red desert violin

She describes the “traditional” method as being a combination of note reading and beginner violin techniques. Lora earned a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance and has continued her musical path ever since. She has been a principal violinist in an orchestra and now makes a living playing, and teaching music.

Lora believes that the Suzuki method is the best method to teach aspiring violinists. She has described that she wished she had learned the Suzuki method in her younger formative years. However, she learned the Suzuki method as an adult and picked it up in one week.

That is why she is convinced there is not a better teaching style than the Suzuki method. She was able to pick up the Suzuki method quickly enough to teach others how to quickly pick it up. Lora believes there is nothing more important than you- the student believing in yourself. She recommends keeping track of your progress by occasionally checking in with either herself or a local violinist.

Red Desert Violin Review

The main motto of the Red Desert Violin program is to bring the joy of music to everyone. The program does not discriminate against, age, location, cultural background or ability. The Red Desert Violin program helps the user build a very solid foundation. This foundation will help you work towards whatever type of style playing best suits you. The program uses the Suzuki method as the main way of teaching. The Suzuki method also known as the mother-tongue method includes many aspects. The method focuses on love, encouragement, constant repetition and listening, to name a few.

red desert violin review

There are plenty of courses you can choose from after signing up. This variety of courses to choose from is incredible, and there is something for every skill level. It could be your first time playing a violin or fiddle or you could have 10 years of experience. There is a course for everyone. From a beginner stand point it is recommended that you start with Suzuki Book 1. While using Suzuki Book 1 you will learn the ins, and outs of the method. The Suzuki method is considered to be very valuable as the instructors that teach it must have the correct qualifications.

This course will take seven months to complete or as long as needed. Everything can be taken at your own pace. The lessons get sent to the student one by one to avoid overwhelming the student. This also allows the student to have valuable practice time outside the lesson. Throughout your lessons you are supported and encouraged and you will never feel discouraged. The lessons also include bonus material like videos that allow you to see, and hear how a song should sound. Suzuki Book 1 provides you with free downloadable piano of all the songs. This is a great feature that helps you bring songs together. You will be amazed with what you have learned in just one book.

After you have finished the Suzuki Book 1 you should continue to Suzuki Book 2. This book is a continuation of Suzuki Book 1. In Suzuki Book 2 your lessons will be a bit more advanced. If you feel comfortable with Book 1 it would be in your best interest to start Book 2 right away.

Red Desert Violin guide

If you are feeling uncomfortable, you should revisit Book 1 because you will be confused and lost in Book 2. The Suzuki Book 2 course will take eight months to complete or as long as you need.

The Suzuki Book 3 course is all about unlocking the “expressive violinist within”. During this course, you will be provided with valuable lessons.

This course will help with bow distribution, tone, vibrato and phrase shaping to name a few. If you have some background in violin playing, but not quite an expert, this would be a great starter course. In Suzuki Book 4 you will use the skills you have learned in Book 3. This course provides you with a delightful repertoire that will expand your violin playing ability.

If you are only interested in playing the fiddle there are courses for that too. With the Red Desert Fiddle course, you will have access to 24 American and Irish tunes. The techniques learned from these songs will help you with any tunes you play in the future. There is also a course that is called Fiddle Secrets. If you are in a time crunch and just need to learn the basics this course will help. It provides you with a great fiddle playing foundation that will either help as a refresher or for a beginner.

best red desert violin guide

The Red Desert Violin program also provides many other courses including a Learn to Read Music course. This course will have you reading music in 90 days. There is a course strictly about vibrato called Vibrato Lessons.

This course can be purchased separately but it is also included in the Suzuki courses. If you are an intermediate violinist, it would be in your best interest to take the Introducing the Positions course. This course guarantees that you will become fluent in the third, and fifth positions.

The Red Desert Violin is exactly what it says it is. This program is accessible for everyone. The cherry on top of this incredible program is that it is also affordable.

For the top-notch quality you are receiving the price is a steal. You are able to learn at your own pace, and it is not overwhelming. The violin and the fiddle are both very difficult instruments to learn.

The Red Desert Violin program breaks that stigma and makes it easy for any level player to learn the beauty of these instruments. If you happen to be unhappy with the program a 60-day money back guarantee is offered.

Red Desert Violin Pros & Cons


  • The program includes useful resources that are free to use.
  • Red Desert Violin is made to fit your schedule perfectly.
  • It is accessible for anyone wanting to play the violin or fiddle. The program does not discriminate against, age, location, cultural background or ability.
  • You will learn the Suzuki method.
  • It is designed to help all experience levels. It includes beginner lessons, and lessons for folks that are more advanced in their playing.
  • Lora, the woman that created Red Desert Violin is an experienced violin player and instructor.

best red desert violin work


  • You need to have Internet access.
  • You will not see results if you do not practice.

Does The Red Desert Violin Course Work?

The Red Desert Violin course works and does exactly what it says it will do. The violin and the fiddle are very hard instruments to learn. Both instruments require practice and dedication. If you do not practice you will not see the results.

The program will work but only if you allow it to. It is put together nicely, but does require some commitment. It is very organized and meant to keep you comfortable. The lessons are not overwhelming.

With a bit of practice, you will be playing songs on the fiddle and violin before you know it. This price is right for this program especially because you are receiving lessons from a professional violinist. You would not get this helpful information at your average violin lesson.


If you love to watch and listen to violinists and fiddle players why not become one yourself? The Red Desert Violin program is going to help you achieve that goal in a timely manner. You will not have to wait decades to learn a few notes.

You will finish this program being able to play songs and even create your own arrangements. This program is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn. The Red Desert Violin program does not discriminate and believes that you can unlock the “expressive violinist or fiddle player within”.

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