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Best iPad Audio Interfaces

Top 8 Best iPad Audio Interfaces of 2023

Apple’s iPad has revolutionized the way people produce musical content. With just a tablet, an audio interface, and a few optional accessories, a performer, DJ, or recording engineer can assemble a professional-quality system. But, what’s the best iPad audio interface for mobile music-making? Virtually any interface with a USB port can be made to work …

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Tascam DR-40X reviews

Tascam DR-40X Review

The Beatles recorded their first two albums ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘With The Beatles’ using two-track BTR machines. They didn’t start to use 4-track machines until October 1963 for the recording of ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand.’ Let us just take a moment to consider that. Fifty-six years later, Tascam brings out the DR-40X, …

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BEHRINGER Audio Interface 4-Channel UMC404HD Review

It is quite incredible how much technology has changed music over the years. Some would say for the better. But, I’m sure others would point to some inventions that may not have enhanced our ability to make music. Of all these innovations, created by brilliant, forward-thinking people, the Digital Audio Workstation or DAW could be …

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