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Razer Barracuda X Review

It’s been seventeen years since Razer first started crafting exotic-looking audio and gaming gear. Now, the iconic image of three intertwined snakes has become synonymous with high-end, top-quality, no-fuss gaming gear.

The Barracuda X promises to deliver the same excellence the brand has become known for. Some would say its biggest challenge would be to match up to the Blackshark series. From an objective standpoint, that’s a good test since they fall in and around the same price brackets.

Living up to its namesake…

Wireless gaming headsets are everywhere these days, and many of them are cheap for a reason. Likewise, many of the more affordable options are quite good at competing with high-end competitors.

That’s why I decided to find out if forking out around $70 for a wireless headset pays off when you’re in the gaming chair in front of the flat screen in my in-depth Razer Barracuda X Review.

Design and Build

Razer Barracuda X
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Razer has been known for its edgy design that will let them stand out in a crowd. The Barracuda X seems to be taking a hint from the animal in its named after.

The understated roundness of this minimalist design does make for a sleek, futuristic-looking headset. For our money, one of the nicest looking wireless headsets out there. The Barracuda X has taken all the right turns when it comes to the design.

The build quality, as expected, is top-grade. The body is all plastic with steel inside the extending mechanisms. This headset didn’t produce a single creek or crunch as it was being twisted around. The swiveling ear cups are also robust and quiet no matter how you turn and twist them.

Fit and Comfort

At around 250 grams, the Barracuda X falls in the perfect weight range for a gaming headset. When you put it on, it simply goes away in the physical sense. Meaning these are some of the best lightweight wireless gaming headsets on the market.

The ear cups are large enough to accommodate any size ear. As well as deep enough to allow for clearance from the driver cover. The clamping force is spot on, and the adjustment allows for an easy fit when putting it on for the first time.

One area where quality is a bit lower than expected…

The padding on the headband is very thin. However, this isn’t a big issue since most of the weight is being supported by the cups. But, it remains something to take note of.

The memory foam on the ear cups is perhaps one tier lower than the very best. Although, it still conforms to your ears superbly. Additionally, the thin layer of material covering the plastic of the driver cover isn’t a big problem. That’s because the cover is angled inward.

Functionality and Battery Life

The controls on the Barracuda X are all located on the left ear cup. These include a power button, a mic mute button, and a volume wheel. Furthermore, there is a USB-C port for charging and a 3.5mm jack. Also, there is an LED to indicate functionality. And the power button will also work for Play/Pause functionality when listening to media.

The microphone is a detachable cardioid design with a foam mouth cover. It has its own jack and is a rubberized gooseneck that retains its position.

Listening to the fans…

One of the few complaints from hardcore Blackshark V2 users is that the microphone arm became loose over time. That shows that Razer listened to its customers and stiffened the design for the Barracuda X.


The Barracuda X comes with a 3.5mm jack for wired audio connection. Along with a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging, a USB-A to USB-C extender for the dongle, and the dongle itself.

When it comes to the dongle, the biggest complaint is the size and shape of the thing. It’s so large on either side that it will block any ports next to the one it’s plugged into.

A plug-and-play gaming headset…

So, there is no connectivity with Razer’s Synapse Technology, which is a small downside. The reason this is a bummer is that you cannot monitor your battery level. For many gamers, this is a must when using wireless headsets.

Razer will argue that the LED does blink when the battery gets low. But, the LED can’t be seen when the headset is on your head. Like when you’re in the middle of a game, for example. However, the Barracuda redeems itself admirably when it comes to battery life.

It is rated for 20 hours of continuous game-play and will enter sleep mode automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Combined with the option to go wired, this headset can endure any gaming session. In other words, it’s one of the best battery life wireless gaming headsets out there.

Sound Quality

The 40mm drivers on the Barracuda X have been tuned similarly to those on the Blackshark series. And that is a good thing.

On its own, the Barracuda X is a functioning stereo device. But, if you do want simulated surround sound, such as THX Spatial Audio or Dolby Atmos, it is possible. Furthermore, Razer even offers a promotional code that you can use to cut the cost of THX Spatial Audio by $10.

Balanced for maximum volume…

The one major difference in sound signature between the Blackshark and the Barracuda X is the lack of a strong bass boost in the Barracuda X. This is by no means a bad thing. As the design on the outside suggests, this is Razer’s minimalist take on wireless gaming audio. Overall, the sound is far above average in quality, and the headset seems to import little to nothing in the way of altering frequency content.

The low-end is nice, present, very clear and defined, but never in your face. Not that it lacks anything in terms of power. If you rev an engine or fire a gun, and the volume is at 80%, you will feel rather than hear.

A clear and precise soundstage…

The neutrality is, I’m happy to say, carried through the mid and high frequencies. This is especially pleasing as they are usually the first to begin sounding harsh when you crank the volume.

Luckily, with the Barracuda X at 80% to 85%, the high-pitched female vocals in EDM music sounded full of depth and were in no way screeching. Likewise, in games like Forza Horizon, the rumble of the sportscar engine was never nasal or boxy.

When you get to high speeds, the noise of the engine and tires squealing around bends got louder inside the space created by the headphones. Plenty of headroom means things can get louder without the user having to turn the sound louder.

One small downside…

The isolation could be a little better. This is no doubt caused by the foam on the ear cups not being the best quality. That being said, it is by no means a deal-breaker. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best sounding wireless gaming headsets you can buy.

Mic Quality

The microphone quality is not the very best around. But, to get the very best around, you would also need a lot more than $70. The isolation is quite good, and vocals are mostly natural, except for a small hiss that can sometimes be heard when you have a lot of plosives.

Overall, this has got to be one of the clearest-sounding and well-balanced gaming headsets you can buy. Furthermore, the sound quality more than justifies its price.

Razer Barracuda X Review – Pros and Cons


  • Great sound quality.
  • Good mic quality.
  • Excellent fit.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • No Bluetooth.
  • No carry case or pouch.
  • The dongle is awkwardly shaped.

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Razer Barracuda X Review – Conclusion

When it comes to the best wireless gaming headsets, the Barracuda will cross your list at some point. The excellent build quality means it’s durable and will last. If you can forgive the fact it doesn’t feel as solid as other Razer headsets, you will be rewarded with something that lasts just as long.

The comfort is top-notch, and the battery life means you’ll be gaming till you fall asleep in the chair. Finally, you’ve got quality that will impress in any situation and for around $70. You can even get it in three colors. The Final Score is 8 out of 10.

Until Next time, happy listening.

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