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Rap Feature Prices – How Much Does it Cost?

Ever wonder how some unknown rapper managed to get a rap feature cameo on their track from your favorite MC? They paid for it, that’s how. And you can, too, if you have the cash and know where to go.

The price for getting a famous rapper on your track might not be as expensive as you would imagine. But it depends on which rapper you want to use. It can be difficult to get your tunes out there with so much going on and so much choice in the digital music marketplace.

However, one way to propel yourself into the limelight could be by standing on the shoulders of giants and paying for a top rapper to perform on your song. Are you ready to look at the possibilities, potential options, and rap feature prices? Let’s do it.

Rap Feature Prices

Do You Need a Guest Rapper on your Tracks?

We live in a world where appearances are everything. So, if you appear to be making rap tunes with famous rappers, the perception will be that you are on their level, or at least near it.

Having a famous rap artist appear on your track can be the perfect shortcut to the industry. Getting a record deal or making it big in the game is more than just about talent. It’s about perception, who you know, and a bit of luck.

But you can buy your own luck…

When rappers like Yelawolf had Eminem spitting bars on his music, it took him to the next level without moving a finger. 

Okay, you won’t be able to get Slim Shady on your raps, but you might be able to buy rap features from trending artists to give you that push to the stars. You have to take risks and speculate to accumulate sometimes, but that’s how investing in yourself works. 

How Much Do Rap Artists Charge for Features?

The more famous the rapper, the more they will charge for features. The real question is how much rap artists charge for features, and can you afford it? These two questions go hand in hand. 

Having a famous rapper on your track is about giving your art maximum exposure to get your name and music out there. For sure, you want them to spit fire on your tracks, but this move is more than making great music. 

It’s a marketing angle that you should explore… 

It’s all about getting attention and using the said rapper to bring the eyes to you. However, rap features can be massively costly, especially for hot artists. So, you have to choose – invest in your music or continue trying to make the big time by yourself.

How Much Do Rappers Charge Per Verse?

Times have changed in the music industry, and so have the pathways to reach out to artists. Back in the day, you pretty much had to contact the rapper’s management team or know someone close to the artists to contact them about cameoing on your tunes. 

Things are much simpler nowadays in the age of social media… 

You can reach out directly to your favorite Hip-Hop artist via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In some cases, rap artists even post their collaboration fees on their social media sites so you can cut out all the middlemen who have historically added their connection fees to rap feature prices.

They usually charge per verse. But it is also possible to hire them to perform on your beat if you are a budding rap producer looking to get your stuff out there. 

However, most rappers do charge per verse, and the prices can vary a lot depending on the rapper and their current circumstances and popularity. 

Choosing Rappers with Influence

Everyone loves a good 1990s rap tune, but it’s safe to say that artists from that time that were once hot and influential are not that big anymore. You need to carefully choose a rapper that suits your style and budget, but also has some influence on today’s rap fans. For example, if you had a product and wanted to market it via a social media influencer, you would choose to collaborate with one that has lots of fans that you can piggyback on. 

You wouldn’t choose to work with some broke-ass rap influencer that isn’t trending anymore. You need to choose a rap artist that is relevant and influential today, or you are wasting your time and money. 

How Can I Know If these Rappers Are Influential?


The first thing you need to do is visit the social media sites of any potential rappers you want to collaborate with. Take a look at their follower numbers, how much content they post daily or weekly, and if their posts get lots of interest and comments from fans. 

Some rappers can have massive follower numbers but very little in terms of engagement or comments on their posts. And some rappers might have a small fanbase, but they could be the fans you want to impress. 

Many smaller independent artists like RITTZ might not have massive numbers of followers, but his fans are manic and constantly engage with him on his Instagram. Ensure you do your due diligence by analyzing the social media accounts of any rappers that you want to feature on your tracks. 

How Can I Connect with Trending Rap Artists?

If you know a famous rapper or someone who knows one, that might be the place to start. As I said, it’s about who you know, with a dash of luck sprinkled on the top. 

If you do know some famous rappers and you can get them to perform on your tracks, they will probably do it for friend prices or just to give you a lift up if they like your rapping style. 

Never underestimate the importance of the quality of your music…

If your music is banging, there is more chance to get a cameo from a famous rapper you know. But, if the music is wack, no rapper will want to put their name on it, no matter how much you pay. 

If you already have a relationship with them, it will be very difficult for them to say no to you. So, a bit of emotional blackmail is fine in this instance. 

How Much Are Rap Feature Prices?

As I mentioned, how much you need to pay a famous rapper to perform on your track depends on how long the verse is and which rappers you want to use. 

Prices can be massively different when taking these things into account… 

There are no set rates for rapper collaboration fees, so you will have to contact and make a deal with individual artists. A good ballpark figure of projected prices for rap features would be in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 for newer or underrated rappers. 

 The more popular the rapper is, the more you can expect to pay. And you can pay big if you want some of the best and most famous rappers in the world, who routinely charge around $25,000 per verse. 

Premium-level rap artists like Drake are known to charge as much as $150,000 per cameo verse. But lesser rappers might only charge $500.

What is the Length of One Rap Verse?

Freelance writers charge per word, and cameo rappers charge per bar. The longer the verse, the more you should expect to pay. One bar is usually four beats in a 4/4 signature pattern. One full verse of rap is usually 16 bars, although the tempo of said track can affect the length of time of the verse. 

The quicker the track tempo, the shorter the 16 bars are, and vice versa. When you break it down to its bare components, rap verses are usually between 300 to 1000 words.

Can I Get Famous Rappers to Perform for Free?

How do you think Master Chef Gordon Ramsay would act if you asked him to cook you a meal for free? There’d be loads of expletives thrown around, starting with ‘F’ and some scallops flying at your head from across the room. 

When it comes to getting skilled people to perform their services, you cannot expect to get it for free. Effort and time cost money.

Especially when dealing with famous rappers…

But, if you do happen to be in the studio with popular rap artists and they love the music you play them, you never know. Artists are artists at the end of the day, and they appreciate high-quality beats. 

It’s not impossible to get a rapper to perform on your track for free. But they need to want to do it because they already know you or they love your music and want to be a part of it. 

Rappers Who Perform on Tracks for a Fee

for a Fee

It might be a good idea to do your own research by asking artists via their social media accounts how much they charge for rap features. Here’s a list of some famous rappers who purportedly take payments to appear on other people’s tracks so you can get a ballpark idea of how much it might cost. 


Imagine having Jay-Z rapping on your tracks! You already know it’s going to cost an absolute fortune, but you also know that people will listen to and take note of your music. Jay apparently costs around $200,000 to $1.5 million to spit cameo verses on your tracks, so it’s probably not financially viable.

Nicki Minaj

It might be nice to get Nicki Minaj in the studio just so you can check out that booty. And, although Minaj has never stated any feature prices on a website or social media, she did once mention that she charged around $250,000 per verse. 

Apparently, that price is now more in the $500,000 bracket in 2023. That’s inflation for you.

Lil Baby

I have always been wary of rappers that attach “Lil” before their name. But, in the case of Lil Wayne or Lil Baby, I am willing to make an exception. Lil Baby once said that he charges at least six figures for cameos, so that’s at least $100k.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz was once a very famous and influential rapper. And, even though his stock isn’t as high as it used to be, having him rap on your track would get you noticed. 

Back in 2013, when he as was starting to get big, he told BBC Radio 1Xtra that he charged around $250k per verse. Then his stock went sky high and is now at more reasonable levels, so how much he charges this day is a mystery. 

J Cole

I had to put J Cole on this list because his comments about cameo rap verse prices made me laugh. He doesn’t charge per verse but prefers to get paid per word. Cole stated that he charges $3,000 per word, so you can work that out for yourself.

Can I Pay to Get on a Famous Rapper’s Track?

Paying to get famous rappers on your track is one strategy. But did you think about paying to get yourself on a famous rapper’s tune?

Partnering with famous rap artists by getting on their tracks for a fee is something you should look into. It will elevate your reputation because the perception is that a famous rapper let you rap on their tune. So, by that rationale, you must be pretty good.

For sure… 

You’ll have to be a top MC and have lots of cash on hand to pay your way in, but it’s not the worst idea. It will get eyes on you, and people will check out your other material. 

If you are willing to do anything to get noticed and you are willing to pay the price, this might be your best avenue of attack. Here are some of the best benefits of paying your way onto the tracks of established rap artists.

Getting Your Name Out There

If nobody knows who you are, nobody will pay for your music or even check it out in the first place. Getting on famous rapper’s tracks establishes your name in the industry and can propel you into the limelight with a bit of luck. 

Leverage for More Appearances

If you get featured on a popular rapper’s joint, you can use that for leverage to get on the tracks of other famous rappers. It could lead to future projects and collaborations with other artists, and that could kick-start your career. 

Getting New Fans

Building your fanbase is what all this should be about. You can expose yourself to a new audience by paying to get on a popular rapper’s track. You need to be ready for this increase in fandom. 

You’ll most likely see a massive spike in social media followers. So, you need to be ready to react to that and make the most of it while this short window of opportunity is open to you. I suggest that you get all your other tracks uploaded onto your social media accounts in preparation for the spike in fans. That way, you can take advantage of it while it’s hot. 

Get That Dough

If you are fortunate enough to get other collaborations with artists because they liked what they heard, you need to get paid for that. You paid to get on the famous rapper’s track in the first place, so any other rappers that want you on their tracks should pay you in full. 

Be careful, though. If another famous rapper wants you to rap on their track, and it will get you even more exposure, you might want to forgo getting paid as a gesture of thanks while looking at the bigger picture.

How Can I Pay for Popular Rappers to Collaborate with Me?


When you want to work or collaborate with other popular rappers, you are going to have to pay the price. So, it only makes sense that you try to reach out to rappers you like or those who have a targeted audience you want to impress and reach out to. 

Here are some tips to help you secure that dream collaboration that could take your rap career to the next level.

Reaching Out to Popular Rappers

Getting the attention of a popular rapper might be the most difficult part. Not all rappers manage their social media accounts. The more famous they are, the more likely it is that their team or marketing agency runs their social media accounts. 

Dealing with middlemen is something that drags down the record industry. Sending them a DM on Twitter asking for a paid collaboration is probably not going to work. 

If you can’t directly contact the artists this way, you might need to make a formal proposal to their agency. It’s worth a shot to connect with them on social media, but that is not necessarily the best channel to get them to rap on your track for a fee.

Making a Name for Yourself

If you have already been rapping for a while and working hard on developing your music and following, that might help you to secure rap features from a famous artist. Sometimes, only having money in hand will not work, no matter how much you are willing to pay. Every time a rapper appears on someone else’s joint, they are taking a risk with their reputation.

If you’ve already been making a name for yourself and then contact a famous rapper for a feature, there is more chance they will agree. Build your name first, and when you are in a solid position, then you can try to pay for a collaboration with a popular rap artist.

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

This offer that can’t be refused has nothing to do with Tony Soprano and sleeping with the fishes in concrete boots. 

The idea is to create a deal that is so good that the rapper in question can’t afford to say no. It’s going to have to be something very beneficial for them and not just in a monetary sense. But that’s all easier said than done.

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Rap Feature Prices – Conclusion

Standing on the shoulders of popular artists can cost anything from $500 to over $1 million, so it’s difficult to define. It all depends on how hot or influential the artists are at the moment. 

Using another rapper’s popularity to propel yourself into the rap industry is a smart move. But only if you have the cash and the skills. In many cases, rappers will not want to perform on your tracks if your music is inferior. No matter how much money you are offering. 

What do I recommend?

Build your name beforehand and have some decent tunes across your social media accounts in preparation for a spike in fans. It’s also possible to pay yourself onto a famous rapper’s track if you have the cash. But you will also need to be a high-level MC. 

Sometimes, hard work, ability, and good tracks are not enough to hit the mainstream. You might need to know someone in the business and will need to have luck on your side. This is why paying for rap features might be the perfect shortcut to fame, glory, and riches.

Until next time, good luck, and let your music play.

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