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Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Review

If you’re like us, an iPhone user in the 2021’s, then there is a sky-high chance that you at least own, if not are using, an old pair of AirPods. And they do the job pretty well, don’t they? Yes and no. The limitations of the Airpods has been well documented, and we aren’t going to be entering that discussion right now.

What we are here to discuss are the phenomenal Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro. The newest Apple ready wireless earbuds (from the Apple-owned Beats by Dre) that we were lucky enough to get our hands on.

For the Android users amongst us, have no fear as these are just as well suited to you as for any iPhone junkie out there.

What are the three most important factors when considering buying new wireless earbuds?

We believe that having earbuds without a long-lasting battery, superior comfort, and a snug fit in the ear will ultimately end in misery for the user. Luckily, the all-new Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro covers all of these bases.

While these do have stiff competition from the AirPod Pro, we feel that they stand on their own. And are well ahead of the pack when it comes to wireless earbuds for the iPhone. Yes, these have the outward design of a set of workout headphones. But we found these small wonders to be truly versatile and perform admirably in all the testing circumstances we threw at them.

So, let explain why the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro should be your next set of headphones…

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

First Impressions

As soon as we unboxed the Powerbeats Pro, we could tell that these are an Apple designed product. The gorgeous matte black carry case stays firmly on-point. It features the unmistakable aesthetic the company fought tooth and nail to be known for, and its solid, smooth finish is satisfying in the hand. The magnetic latch mechanism is intuitive and will not be opening at unwanted times in your pocket.

apple beats powerbeats pro review

Carry and charge…

The carry case also doubles as a portable charger for the earbuds, which engages automatically when they are clicked into their (also magnetic) slots. This case is capable of carrying two full charges (9 hours playtime per charge as stated by Apple) worth when itself fully charged, giving you more than a full days charge at your fingertips!

 Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

And with fast-charge capabilities, five mins charging will provide 90 mins playback!

A little chunkier…

One thing to note is that, because of the inherent design of the earbuds themselves, this case is a bit chunkier than the AirPods carry case. We found they did fit in our pants pockets, but they are better suited to being carried in a fanny pack or backpack.

Out of the box, we start to see exactly why these earbuds are, In our humble opinion, the best in show.


We all know that the AirPods are comfortable. It’s the reason why they have been so successful in this crowded market.

But let us share something with you…

apple beats powerbeats pro

The Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro comfort levels are far above your beat-up set of AirPods! The design incorporates an around-the-back ear hook. This ensures snugness in the ear, while the rubber cladding provides above-average skin to product comfort. The ear hooks are adjustable, and they come with four different ear-tip sizes meaning they can fit a large range of ear sizes with ease.

During our four day testing period, we really put these through the wringer, and they performed amazingly in all circumstances.

Build Quality & Design

First off, let’s talk colors. At the time of writing, the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro are available in classic Apple ivory, matte black, navy blue, or khaki. We were provided with a matte black set for testing.

They come splash and sweat resistant as stock, meaning no worries for the consumer in times of rain and providing more variability in the situation these can be worn comfortably.

Lightweight and comfortable…

Compared to 2018’s Powerbeats 3, it looks like the new Powerbeats Pro have been put on a radical weight loss regime. Here we see softer angles and more subtle contours that ensure high levels of comfort. The ear tip angle has been adjusted, meaning that the earbuds will not sit uncomfortably on any ear ridges.

 Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones - Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth

Both ear tips have an in-built light sensor, which gives the unit control over playback. When you remove an earpiece, the unit sends a command to the phone to stop the audio, but this can be overridden with the touch of a button if you prefer.

Let’s go into a bit more detail about the buttons…

The beats icon found on both earpieces is not just for looks, as they double as the main control buttons. With a single push, you can receive calls or play/pause music. Double-tap to skip the song you are on or triple tap to repeat the last song played. There is also a volume rocker.

What we really loved was the fact that these controls are mirrored on both earpieces, meaning you have full control through either one. This is surprisingly rare in the earbud world and something we would like to see other manufacturers adopt.

Are they easy to pair with?

Thanks to the inclusion of an Apple H1 chipset, the ease of connection and the quality provided are truly unbeatable. We found that the Bluetooth range was more than wide enough, meaning we had zero dropouts while testing, and playback volume staying consistent throughout also.

 Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones - Apple H1 Headphone Chip

To pair with an iPhone, simply open the case and tap the text bubble that automatically pops up on your phone, Seriously, it’s that easy!

For Android users, there is the addition of having to press the pairing button, but that should not prove difficult.

But wait, there’s more in terms of design innovation!

That’s right; Apple have stepped it up with the addition of external microphones and accelerometers!

And just what do these pieces of technology do? Through the use of beam-forming, they ensure your voice is always being picked up during phone calls or video calls, and help cancel out any external noise.


Beats headphones have a much-publicized history of providing tech that is overly bass heavy, while lacking in mids and highs. And this fair enough, as many of their products did not match the expectations that come with the hefty price tag.

But seriously, do yourself and your ears a favor and grab a pair of these banging little earbuds! Gone are the days of Beats headphones providing unbalanced sound. With the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro, we were given a great sound palette.

Isolation, but not 100%…

The silicon earbud tips worked hard to provide good sound isolation, and we were pleased with the results. Look, these are not the best earbuds on the market for noise isolation, but they are also not aiming to be.

After testing through a wide range of music styles, audiobooks, and our favorite podcasts, we are happy to report that the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro satisfy all our audible cravings.

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Pros & Cons


  • Extremely long battery life.
  • H1 chipset.
  • “Hey Siri” enabled.
  • Piston style aluminum drivers.
  • Water and sweat resistant.
  • Sculpted with a light build
  • Impressive sound palette.


  • Noise isolation could be better.
  • Larger style case.

Some Less Expensive Options

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Our Verdict

After almost two months of using the Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro, we can say with full confidence, that we believe that they are one of, if not the, best wireless earbuds on the market right now. They offer the perfect blend of comfort, styling, battery life, and sound.

This, in turn, will give you a much more robust and longer-lasting listening experience when compared to many of its competitors.

Granted, these are not the perfect headphone. Noise isolation could be a little better, and the carry case is slightly larger than we are used to seeing in this market. But these points were nowhere near enough to steer us away from going back to these little beauties over and over again!

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a pair today before they run out!

Happy listening.


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