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Pierce The Veil Facts

Pierce The Veil: Exploring the Talented Singer’s Life and Career

Known for their hardcore rock music, Pierce The Veil’s founder and lead vocalist, Vic Fuentes, has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. This band has a massive following among the young rock enthusiasts and avid music listeners. Today, we take a look into the life and career of Vic Fuentes, sharing some striking details about the musician.

The Early Life of Vic Fuentes

Born on February 10, 1983, Victor Vincent Fuentes was raised in San Diego, California. He was homeschooled by his mother, emphasizing his creativity and passion for music. From an early age, he learned to play the guitar and experimented with various genres, including punk rock, hardcore, and metal.

Age and Personal Life

As of 2021, Vic Fuentes is 38 years old. However, he has managed to retain his youthful look and energy, mesmerizing audiences with his infectious music and stage presence. As for his personal life, Fuentes has remained somewhat tight-lipped about his relationships. However, there was speculation about his romantic involvement with popular social media influencer, Danielle Victoria.

Height and Appearance

Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches, Vic Fuentes is a relatively short guy. Nonetheless, his height has never been much of an issue as he has a larger than life personality that captivates his fans. Fuentes often changes his hairstyle, and his signature tattooed arms are a recognizable feature that has become emblematic of him.

Career in Pierce The Veil

In 2006, Fuentes founded the post-hardcore rock band, Pierce The Veil, with his brother Mike Fuentes. The band started playing small gigs and shows, but their fanbase grew rapidly, leading to the release of their debut album, A Flair for the Dramatic, in 2007. The album was a commercial success, and propelled the band to worldwide fame.

Since then, Pierce The Veil has released several hit songs and albums that have earned critical acclaim and massive commercial success. They have won awards, including the Alternative Press Music Award for Best Underground Band in 2014 and the Kerrang! Award for Best International Band in 2015.

Top Songs of Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil is known for its empowering lyrics, perfect mix of hardcore and alternative rock, and the band’s ability to create hit songs consistently. Some of their most popular songs include:

  1. “King for a Day,” which has garnered over 245 million views on YouTube, featuring guest vocals from Kellin Quinn, lead vocalist of Sleeping with Sirens.
  2. The single “Bulletproof Love” from their album Selfish Machines, an emotionally charged song about the struggles of a toxic relationship.
  3. “Caraphernelia,” a song that hit the US Billboard charts and speaks of the difficulty of letting go of a toxic relationship.
  4. “Circles,” a song about feeling stuck in life and wanting to break free.
  5. “Today I Saw The Whole World,” a song about the uncertainty and confusion in life.

Net Worth of Vic Fuentes

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vic Fuentes’ net worth is approximately $1.5 million. This comes primarily from his role as lead singer and guitarist in Pierce The Veil. Additionally, he has collaborated with several artists, including American post-hardcore band Sleeping with Sirens, and has done multiple solo projects.

Influences on Music

While Vic Fuentes draws most of his inspiration from life experiences, his songs have been influenced by several other artists, including the iconic punk rock band The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, and Nirvana. He has also credited his mother, who was a piano composer, saying that her influence can still be felt in his music.


From writing music in his room as a teenager to traveling the world with his long-time bandmates, Vic Fuentes has come a long way in his career. Through his work as the lead vocalist and guitarist in Pierce The Veil, he has created songs that have captivated audiences worldwide. His journey, dedication, and passion for music have made him an inspiration to fans and aspiring musicians.

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