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Piano For All Review

How cool would it be to sit down at a family gathering and knock out a sing-along on the piano?

Do you get discouraged when trying to learn piano because you have never actually touched a piano in your life?

Taking traditional piano lessons can be a drag and many students won’t see results for years.

The Piano for All program allows you to achieve your piano playing goal without wasting time, effort or money. The best part is anyone at any age can benefit from this program. Piano for All claims that you will be able to play your favorite songs within months of using this program.

Is it possible to become a great piano player in months if it takes people taking traditional lessons years? Is this program just a scam or does it actually work?

This highly researched Piano for All review will give you all the answers to your questions.

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Who Is Robin Hall?

Piano for All was created by Robin Hall. Robin is a master piano player. He is skilled in playing traditional grand pianos as well as keyboard playing. There is a difference in both styles, playing on the grand piano is a more traditional approach. Playing the keyboard focuses more on pop culture type music. However, you are able to play both styles on both types of pianos.

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That is why learning to play the piano is such a sought-after skill. Robin was originally a cartoonist before he created the Piano for All program. While he was drawing cartoons and teaching others how to draw cartoons, he was also giving piano lessons. He then decided to make his piano lessons accessible to all by creating the Piano for All program.

Robin works hard to speed up the customers learning progress. He provides the user with many memorization techniques and shortcuts ensuring the user’s ability to retain information quickly. He includes e-books with cartoons he illustrated to keep the reader entertained and stress free. The e-books act as self-help books along the user’s piano playing journey. The books lend techniques the user can use to reduce stress while learning to play the piano.

Piano For All Review

The Piano for All program focuses on teaching blues, pop, jazz, and rock songs by popular artists. This method is used to implement learning strategies. It is more interesting when you are able to play songs you have heard on the radio. Most other programs or lessons teach you songs that you will definitely not hear on the radio. Piano for all strives to keep the learning interesting and engaging.


Piano for All is broken down into a series of 10 books, 200 videos and 500 audio demonstrations. The first book of the series is called Party Time, Play by Ear Rhythm Instruction. This section includes 46 lectures, taking a total time of four hours and 31 minutes to complete. The best part is that you are not required to go through the entire four hours and 31 minutes at once. You can do everything at your own pace.

The program will then ease you into book two. Book two is called Blues, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. This book is exactly what the names states, a Blues, and Rock ‘n’ Roll lesson. This section includes 11 lectures and it only takes 56 minutes to complete. This section is one that you could easily finish in a day. You will then advance to book number three. Book number three is special because it will teach you all about chords.

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The Chord Magic book focuses more on chords, and less on melodies like the other books do. During this part of the program you will be taught how to make every single major and minor triad. The Chord Magic book does not just teach you the basic chords, you will be learning about every single one. There are a total of 24 triads and you will also learn how to make chord inversions.

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To help you with this book, there are audio files of songs that you can play along with your instructor. The audio files are great for people who learn better by ear. The entirety of this book is only 16 lectures, and an hour and 46 minutes of your time.

Advance Chords Made Easy is the fourth book and the continuation of Chord Magic. You will know piano chords like the back of your hand after these two books. You will then continue to the Ballad Style book. While working on this book you will be able to apply some chords that you have learned in the past two books. You will learn how to do this in just three important steps that are broken down into 58 lectures.

At the end of this book, you will be able to play some of your favorite ballads. The best part is, you will look like a professional doing it. Book six delves into the jazz world with the Jazz Piano Made Easy book. Jazz is a difficult style to master, and you will learn how to play it in a short 5 hours. It takes people years to learn how to play jazz, this book is an incredible shortcut.

In book seven you will revisit the blues you learned in book two. In the Advanced Blues, and Fake Stride book you will use techniques from book two to create your own improvisations. This book really adds excitement to your playing, and it puts you in the creative seat.

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You will be improving over rhythms you learned in book two. By book eight you will have reached the classics. In Taming the Classics, you will be able to tackle some of the greatest known piano pieces. You will be playing Bach, Mozart, Chopin, etc. You will use your knowledge of chords and with the help of sight-reading aids you will be playing the classics in 44 lectures. The ninth book is all about providing you with exercises to use all the time. The Speed Learning book makes learning repetitive exercises and memory tricks fun. The tenth book is a piano resource depository filled with helpful tricks and tips.

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In all honesty, this book is the perfect book for all levels. If you are looking to sharpen your skills or if you have never touched a piano, this program will help. This program is also extremely affordable. If you take traditional lessons you could be paying anywhere from $30 to $100 and that is just per lesson. Currently, if you instantly download the program you get everything mentioned above, plus the freedom to use whenever for $39.

That is a complete steal, especially for the quality of content you receive. This program integrates fun into its lessons, keeping the user interested while learning how to play the piano.

The program will keep your attention through every lesson and book – you will want to practice all the time. This program is not a scam, and it was created with the user in mind. The program is dedicated to helping you achieve your piano playing goals.

Piano For All Pros & Cons


  • The program makes sure that you are using both hands. Never one more than the other.
  • Robin Hall, the creator of Piano for All, is an expert pianist. He is experienced in many styles of piano playing.
  • The 10 books are full of informative and helpful lessons that are sure to help you.
  • You can go at your own pace, and work it into your schedule wherever it fits.
  • It is very affordable for the quality content you receive.
  • The video and audio clips are a helpful aid to the books.
  • The program really emphasizes learning chords. Knowing chords is important especially if you want to join a band or be part of an orchestra.
  • If you practice you will see the results.

piano for all work


  • If you do not practice you will not see the results.
  • You may be someone who benefits more from traditional lessons.

Does This Program Work?

This Piano for All program really does work. This program is not a scam and this can be confirmed with the vast amount of positive reviews. You will not find a better program for beginners or any level honestly. The total cost of this program is the cost you would probably pay for one traditional lesson. Piano for All is a totally affordable program that gives you great results.

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If you take the Piano for All course, you can make your dreams of playing the piano a reality. You can impress your family at the next gathering and play the sing-a-long you have always wanted to play.

This program will not waste your time, effort or money. There is a before 60 days money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the program.

Rest assured, you will not want your money back –  because it will be money well spent. Give Piano for All a try to see for yourself how amazing this program really is.

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