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Pam Tillis Facts

Pam Tillis: A Dazzling Singer and Songwriter with a Timeless Appeal


Pam Tillis, the country artist who captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her soulful voice, has established a remarkable career spanning over three decades. Born as Pamela Yvonne Tillis on July 24th, 1957, in Plant City, Florida, to a famed country singer, Mel Tillis, and Doris Tillis, Pam grew up with music as an inseparable part of her life.

Starting as a demo singer for her father, Pam emerged as a talented artist with five Billboard number one singles, ten top ten hits, and eleven studio albums. Her unique sound and style made her a true icon of country music.


Pam Tillis is now 64 years old, but her voice has remained just as enchanting as it was during her heyday. Her timeless songs continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.


Pam Tillis has mostly kept her personal life private. However, she was married to Matt Spicher, a Nashville session musician, in 1991. The couple divorced in 2002.


Pam Tillis has two children. She has a daughter, Erica Grayson, born in 1985, with her former partner Bob DiPiero. Her son, Ben Shepherd, was born in 1999.


Pam Tillis is 5’4″ (1.63m) tall.


Pam Tillis’s career began when she was a teenager when she sang backup for her dad. She moved to California in the early 1980s and worked as a demo singer.

Her debut album, “Above and Beyond the Doll of Cash,” came out in 1983. Although it received critical acclaim, it did not sell well. Pam Tillis then moved to Nashville, where she co-wrote hits for other artists before releasing her second album, “Put Yourself in My Place,” in 1991. It reached the top twenty of the Billboard 200 and spawned her first number one hit, “Don’t Tell Me What to Do.”

The following years saw Pam Tillis’s career soar with numerous hit singles, including “Maybe It Was Memphis,” “Shake the Sugar Tree,” “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial,” and “Spilled Perfume.” Tillis released her eleventh studio album, “Looking for a Feeling,” in 2020, marking her first studio album in more than a decade.

Pam Tillis has won multiple awards during her illustrious career, including the Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year in 1994 and three Grammy Awards nominations.

Top songs

Pam Tillis has countless memorable songs, but a few stand out as some of her most famous.

1. “Maybe It Was Memphis”
2. “Shake the Sugar Tree”
3. “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial”
4. “Spilled Perfume”
5. “Don’t Tell Me What to Do”

Net worth

Pam Tillis has a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Inspirational quotes

Here are some inspirational quotes from Pam Tillis:

– “I think that music is a way to get in touch with your own feelings.”
– “I think people connect to music when they understand what the artist is trying to say.”
– “The imperfect is what makes music beautiful. The little errors make it human.”
– “I’m lucky because my music has a timeless quality.”


Pam Tillis is a timeless artist who has deftly navigated the country music landscape for over three decades. Her melodious voice, inspirational lyrics, and captivating performances have made her an icon of country music. With her amazing body of work and unwavering passion, she continues to inspire millions of fans worldwide.

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