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Nell Carter Facts

Nell Carter: The Musical Artist we Still Love Today


Nell Carter was a legendary American actress, singer, and comedian. She was known for her broad smile, infectious laughter, and powerful singing voice that lit up her performances. With a successful career that spanned over four decades, Nell Carter was a beloved and iconic figure in the entertainment industry. Her music still dominates the airwaves, and her achievements in her field remain laudable.

Quick Facts About Nell Carter

Here are some quick facts about Nell Carter:

– Full Name: Nell Ruth Carter
– Birthdate: September 13, 1948
– Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama, United States
– Death: January 23, 2003
– Age at death: 54 years old
– Spouse: Roger Larocque (m. 1992–1993)
– Children: Tracy Carter (daughter), Daniel Carter (son), Kacy Dennis (daughter)
– Height: 5 feet 2 inches
– Zodiac sign: Virgo
– Occupation: Actress, Singer, and Comedian
– Genre: Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Gospel
– Net Worth: $2 million

Nell Carter: The Life Story

Nell Carter was born into a large family with 12 other siblings in Birmingham, Alabama. She began singing at a tender age of ten in the church choir, and it was evident that she was a prodigious talent. Despite dropping out of high school, Nell was determined to pursue a career in acting. She took a job in a touring production of “The Gershwin Years” and got her big break in 1978 in the Broadway musical “Ain’t Misbehavin.”

Career Highlights

Nell’s success at Ain’t Misbehavin’ earned her a Tony Award in 1978 as well as numerous accolades for her portrayal of the role. After this success, she continued her winning streak with other Broadway hits such as “Annie” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Nell solidified her place in the music industry as a solo artist with her debut album ‘My Personal Property’, which earned her a Grammy nomination.

In the 1980s, Nell Carter became a household name through her role in the television show “Gimme a Break!”. She played Nell Harper, a housekeeper who works for a police chief and his three daughters. The series ran for six seasons and was one of the most successful television shows of its time.

Nell Carter: Top Songs

Nell Carter’s contributions to the music industry were remarkable. Here are some of her most popular songs that gained her critical acclaim:

– Ain’t Misbehavin’
– Gimme a Break Theme Song
– You’re Gonna Hear From Me
– Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen
– What A Wonderful World
– Moon River
– Old Friend
– The Way We Were

Net Worth

Throughout her career, Nell Carter earned an estimated net worth of $2 million. From her Grammys to her Tony Awards and her successful television series to her music career, Nell Carter was a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nell Carter

What was Nell Carter’s most popular song?

Although Nell Carter had many popular songs, her most famous song was the theme to her popular television show, “Gimme a Break!”. The theme song’s popularity boosted her career and was the peak of her professional accomplishments.

Was Nell Carter married?

Yes. Nell Carter was married to a man named Roger Larocque. They were married from 1992 until she passed away in 2003.

How many children did Nell Carter have?

Nell Carter had three children: Tracy, Kacy, and Daniel.

How did Nell Carter die?

Nell Carter passed away on January 23, 2003, in Beverly Hills, California. She died from heart disease complicated by diabetes.

What age did Nell Carter die?

Nell Carter passed away at the age of 54.

What was Nell Carter known for?

Nell Carter was one of the most talented actresses and singers of her generation. She was particularly known for her powerful and soulful voice, her infectious laugh, and her broad smile. Her career spanned over four decades, and she was a beloved icon in entertainment until her untimely death.

How tall was Nell Carter?

Nell Carter was 5 feet 2 inches tall.

What was Nell Carter’s biggest achievement?

Nell Carter had many personal and professional achievements in the course of her illustrious career. However, her most significant achievement was winning a Tony Award for her role in “Ain’t Misbehavin'”.

What was Nell Carter’s favorite musical?

Nell Carter was a fan of all kinds of music and had no particular favorite. However, she loved gospel songs which were evident in her music.

Who influenced Nell Carter?

Nell Carter was profoundly influenced by legendary artist Dinah Washington, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday. She studied their music and copied their style to develop her unique sound.

Was Nell Carter ever a Broadway Star?

Yes. Nell Carter is particularly famous for her role in the Broadway musical “Ain’t Misbehavin’.” This role earned her a Tony Award.

Is there a particular message in Nell Carter’s music?

Nell Carter’s music contained messages of hope, inspiration, liberation, and self-awareness. She strongly believed that music should evoke hope and a sense of belonging, and her music did just that.

Did Nell Carter win any awards?

Yes, Nell Carter was an award-winning actress and singer as she won major awards throughout her career. This included Tony Awards, an Emmy Award, and a Grammy Award nomination.

Was Nell Carter religious?

Nell Carter had a significant belief in God. Her faith was evident in some of her music which was gospel-oriented.

What other movies or Tv shows have Nell Carter starred in?

Outside of her breakout role in “Gimme A Break!”, Nell Carter appeared in other movies and television shows. Some of the most notable were “Hanging’ With Mr.Cooper,” “227,” and “Johnny Bago.”

What was Nell Carter’s message to young women?

Nell Carter’s message to young women was to be confident in who you are and to never give up on your dreams. She believed that nothing should prevent young women from attaining their goals.


Nell Carter lived a storied life, and her talent and skills remain fresh in the minds of those who watched her perform. Her music continues to inspire and entertain audiences, and her influence on the entertainment industry will remain evergreen. Nell Carter was a remarkable woman whose work impacted generations to come.

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