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Mötley Crüe Facts

Mötley Crüe: The Legacy of the Bad Boys of Rock n’ Roll

For over forty years, Mötley Crüe has been notorious for their bad boy antics both on and off the stage. With Vince Neil as the lead singer, this band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, making them one of the most successful and influential heavy metal bands of all time.

Singer’s Bio

Vince Neil was born in Hollywood, California in 1961 to a single mother, making music his main escape from a challenging upbringing. In 1980, Neil formed Mötley Crüe alongside guitarist Mick Mars, bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, and together they developed a signature sound and style that aimed to shock and awe audiences worldwide.

Age and Relationships

As of 2021, Neil is 60 years old and has been married four times: first to Sharon Farrell, then to Beth Lynn, followed by Heidi Mark and finally to Lia Gerardini. Neil has been open about his struggles with alcoholism, infidelity, and other personal issues that have caused some issues in his relationships.


Neil has four children: two daughters, Elizabeth Ashley and Skylar Lynnae, with his first wife, and two sons, Neil Jason and Dylan Jagger, with his second wife.

Height and Appearance

Neil is well known for his notable style and powerful presence on-stage, with his height measuring at 5’9.


Over the span of his career, Vince Neil has experienced many ups and downs both professionally and personally. With Mötley Crüe, Neil became a figurehead of the glam metal genre and the band’s albums such as “Dr. Feelgood” (1989) and “Generation Swine” (1997) went platinum. However, Neil’s voice and persona have triggered a number of controversies throughout the years, and he has faced criticism for prioritizing his own excesses and indulgences above the music and his fans.

Top Songs

Some of Mötley Crüe’s most beloved songs include “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Kickstart my Heart,” “Home Sweet Home”, “Shout at the Devil,” and “Dr. Feelgood.”

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vince Neil has a net worth of around $50 million, which he largely achieved through his long-standing involvement with Mötley Crüe and reaping the rewards of their success, both financially and reputation-wise.

Their Number One Hits

Despite Mötley Crüe’s huge success, the band only had one number one hit in their entire career, with “Dr. Feelgood”. The album went on to be certified six times platinum and helped cement the band’s place in rock history.

Last Tour and Retirement

In 2015, Mötley Crüe announced their retirement after concluding their “Final Tour.” The tour featured epic pyrotechnics, lavish sets, and all of the band’s greatest hits. Finally, after 164 shows and thousands of fans in 72 cities around the world, Mötley Crüe officially retired.

The Legacy of Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe changed the face of rock n’ roll through their flamboyant style and musical sound, a legacy that continues to influence contemporary musicians to this day. Their unique mix of punk, glam, and heavy metal helped redefine the genre and earn them millions of fans worldwide. But more important than the music alone is Mötley Crüe’s enduring message of living life to the fullest, embracing your flaws and imperfections, and never apologizing for who you are.


In conclusion, despite their tumultuous personal and professional lives, Mötley Crüe remains one of the most iconic and beloved bands in heavy metal history. Vince Neil played a pivotal role in the success of Mötley Crüe, elevating them to the status of one of the most successful and legendary rock bands of all time. Even though the band has retired, their legacy will live on, inspiring countless generations to come.

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