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Top 9 Most Famous Country Singers From Georgia

Georgia may not be the first state that a foreigner might think of when thinking about America. However, it isn’t short of a bit of history that may have affected its musical prominence.

It might be known for its Country music. And I am going to take an in-depth look at the most famous country singers from Georgia. But, there is more to this state that we should be aware of.

Established in 1733, it was a state that had a massive trade in slavery, but I won’t pursue that here. The capital city, Atlanta, is well known and one of the great cities of America. 

The Famous and The Infamous

Georgia was the birthplace of Martin Luther King, one of the great boxers in Sugar Ray Robinson, and the 39th President Jimmy Carter. And, how about the infamous ‘Doc’ Holliday, born in 1851, or one of the greats from baseball, Ty Cobb? And not forgetting one-half, or possibly a bit more than half to be accurate, of the famous comedy duo Oliver Hardy.

One of my comedy heroes was also born in Georgia, Bill Hicks, and there have been plenty of musicians as well. Musical icons include Little Richard, Michael Stipe from REM, Gladys Knight, and the great Otis Redding. Plus, one more I haven’t mentioned who will be included in our list.

But it’s the famous Georgia Country music singers we are interested in today, so let’s move right on and see which country artists hail from the state of Georgia.

Top 9 Most Famous Country Singers From Georgia

Jason Aldean

Most Famous Country Singers From Georgia

Jason Aldean was born in Macon, Georgia but spent some of his formative years in Florida, where he was first exposed to Country music. He had been around a while before he signed a recording contract with Broken Bow Records.

That contract in 2005 provided the gateway to his success. He has since released several successful albums. The most successful was My Kinda Party, followed by Night Train. Both were multi-platinum-selling albums.

His success is not just limited to Country music albums… 

He has registered several singles on the Hot Country Songs charts. Perhaps the most well-known is the song “Dirt Road Anthem.” That is an interesting variant of pure country music and is often described as “Country-Rap.” It was written by Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford, who also both released versions of the song. Aldean included it on his album My Kinda Party.

“Dirt Road Anthem” reached #7 on the main American chart and #1 on the Country chart. Besides his solo career, he has also collaborated on a song with Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You.” Away from music, he is a fundraiser for research into breast cancer.

Kip Moore

Kip Moore

This is a Country singer born in Georgia but who began playing his music whilst at college in neighboring Alabama. On returning to Georgia, he played at local restaurants until he got his big break.

His first single, “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck,” released in 2011, went to #1 on the American Country music chart. He followed that up with his first album, Up All Night, which was released in 2012 on the MCA Nashville label.

The album reached #3 on the American Country music charts. From that album also came several successful singles. In 2012, the song “Beer Money” reached #7 on the Country chart. That was followed in 2013 by “Hey Pretty Girl,” which reached #8. Since then, he has released further albums, including his 2015 release, Wild Ones.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown

Born in the state capital Atlanta, he grew up in a large family near Lake Lanier and, with his father and brothers, played Bluegrass music. When he was in high school, he began to play in local bars and small clubs until he formed his own band in 2002.

The Zac Brown Band was not what you might call mainstream Country at times. Their music was a mixture of Country and Southern Rock that gained them plenty of attention. Other styles creep in as well, and there are also Folk and Reggae influences that can be heard on some tracks.

They have released several albums, the first of which was The Foundation. From that album came hit singles like “Where the Boat Leaves From” and “Chicken Fried.” Other successful albums include You Get What You Give and Uncaged. All of these works have helped make him one of the most famous Country singers from Georgia.

Billy Currington

Billy Currington

This successful country singer from Savannah, Georgia, commenced his career in music by singing his songs and working in bars. A lot of artists try that route to get a record deal. It worked out for him very well, as he signed a contract with Nashville-based Mercury Records.

His first album was released in 2003 and was simply called Billy Currington. It reached #17 on the American Country chart. From that album, he released a single, “I Got A Feelin’,” which went to #5 on the Country Singles chart.

His second album, Doin’ Somethin’ Right, from 2005, did even better, reaching #2 on the Country chart and was certified as a Platinum seller. From that album came his first #1 Country single of the same name. And the following year, another track from that album, Good Directions, also hit #1 on the Country chart.

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Here is another country singer who has followed a well-worn path. He was born in Georgia and educated in the state at Georgia Southern University. He left home to go to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. For him, it was another who made a good move. He started out writing songs for other country singers, Billy Currington being one. 

But, he soon established himself as a singer and songwriter, and he became one of the top-selling artists of the “new” Country singers. His first album, I’ll Stay Me, was released in 2007. That reached #2 on the Country chart, and his first single, “All My Friends Say,” which reached #5, came from that album.

From 2010 to 2017… 

He had four albums go to the top of the American Country Music Charts. Of which, Kill The Lights was probably his most successful in terms of sales. He also scored nine #1 singles in the same period. 

His most successful single was “That’s My Kind Of Night,” which reached #1 on the Country music chart but also #15 on the mainstream Billboard chart. That was taken from the album Crash My Party, another #1 album. He was named “Entertainer of the Year” in 2013 by the Academy of Country Music.

Good Causes

Away from music, he has been heavily involved in a wide range of charities and fund-raising activities. These include the Red Cross, AIDS awareness, and various Cancer fund-raising activities. Also, Human rights and Children’s charities.

They have their own farm for rescue animals, and sick children are brought in to spend time with the animals. Luke Bryan and his wife are on the board of directors of the Brett Boyer Foundation. This raises awareness for Down’s Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease. So, an all-around good guy? I think so.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

Brought up in humble beginnings near Atlanta, Alan Jackson’s early experience of music was singing gospel. He is a quietly-spoken man that follows what is known as “neo-traditional” Country music styles. And he is one of the most popular Country music singers from Georgia.

“Neo-Traditional” Country

Briefly put, these are artists that play a more traditional type of Country music. But, they also dress in very much a 40s and 50s Country style. The music emphasizes the basic and very simple instrumental background. 

Although having said that, “neo-traditionalists” don’t like the often bland and “samey” Country music that is often found. A well-known neo-traditionalist country singer is George Strait.

Neo Traditionalism rose in the 80s as a reaction a few years before to Willie Nelson and his “outlaw” movement, who managed to wrestle total control from Nashville.

One Of The Best Selling Artists

Alan Jackson is one of the best-selling country music artists there has been. He has sold over 40 million records in America. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and has been inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. “A Lot About Livin’ (And A Little ‘Bout Love),” released in 1992, was his fourth album and his first #1 in Country music.

He has continued to make albums for 30 years, and his latest, Where Have You Gone, released in 2021, reached #2 on the American Country Music charts. His style is traditional, as I have said, but he sometimes brings in some honky-tonk piano to broaden the sound. A respected member of the Country music fraternity and admired in Georgia.

Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood

About time we turned to the ladies, and specifically, to Trisha Yearwood. Born in Monticello, Georgia, she relocated to Nashville to pursue her studies for a Business Music degree.

She burst onto the scene in 1991 with the John Ims song “She’s In Love With The Boy.” That song reached #1 on the American Country chart. It was taken from her first album, which bore her name, Trisha Yearwood. That debut album sold over two million copies. 

In 1997… 

She was offered to sing the lead song in the film Con Air. The originally planned singer, LeAnn Rimes, at 14, was considered too young for the lyric. It was a step outside her Country music roots, and the song reached #66 in the UK and #23 in America. Rimes eventually released her own version, which was more successful.

She has continued her country music success and recorded a single, “Inside Out,” with Don Henley of The Eagles. These days, she is as much known for her cookery programs on TV as she is for her singing.

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett

Thomas is the son of Rhett Atkins, also a country singer, and often would perform on the stage with his father. He was born in Georgia but spent many of his early years in Tennessee. 

He started college in Nashville but dropped out as he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and be a country singer. His first album, It Goes Like This, was released in 2013. He released three singles from that album in 2013. 

The lead single, also entitled “It Goes Like This,” reached #2 on the Country music singles chart. Followed by “Get Me Some Of That,” which peaked at #4, and in 2014, “Make Me Wanna,” which reached #2. The album contains some varied styles and was described as ‘musically diverse.’

Two of his albums have reached #1 on the Country music album charts… 

Life Changes in 2017, and Center Point Road in 2019. He has had successful singles as well, especially his 2015 song “Die A Happy Man.” That song reached #1 on the Country music chart. He is also a well-known songwriter and has composed songs for other Country artists like Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles

How can we finish a list of the most famous country singers from Georgia without including the most famous of them all? The one I mentioned in the introduction of famous Georgia-born Country singers I would include later.

Some may find his inclusion strange, given that he might be more known for R&B or Soul Music. He was, after all, influential in every style of music. I have included him here, firstly, because he recorded three of the greatest country songs ever

Secondly, he wouldn’t have been elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame if he wasn’t considered a country music great. After all, here is a man of whom Billy Joel said, “Ray Charles was more important than Elvis Presley.” Quite right.

A Towering Figure

That is one way of describing him. His influence was felt not only in America but anywhere you found R&B, Rock and Roll, or Country music. Contrary to some beliefs, he wasn’t born blind. He may have suffered from glaucoma that remained untreated. He went blind, though, when he was still quite young. It didn’t seem to hinder him much.

I mentioned he had made some of the greatest country music hits… 

How about Don Gibson’s song from 1962, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”? That song went to #1 on the mainstream charts in both the UK and America. The song “Take These Chains From My Heart” was written by Hy Heath and Fred Rose, and in the same year, became another country classic. He also did a memorable job on an album of Country songs with the Hank Williams song “Your Cheatin’ Heart.”

The man was known in music circles as “The Genius.” He preferred just “Brother Ray.” It’s a shame that more of today’s musicians and singers aren’t as humble.

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Most Famous Country Singers From Georgia – Final Thoughts

So, there is no shortage of Country artists born in Georgia. I suppose that is something you might expect, given its geographical location. In Georgia, Country music is part of growing up, a part of life, and is instilled in most young people.

It is a state that has produced some fine musicians. However, it is a state that has produced its fair share of famous people from all walks of life. Something it should be proud of.

Until next time, happy listening.

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