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Michael Johnson Facts

The Untold Story of Michael Johnson – A Journey of a Music Icon

Singer’s Bio

Michael Johnson was an American singer-songwriter known for his soulful and sweet melodies. Born on August 8, 1944, in Alamosa, Colorado, Johnson’s passion for music began at a very young age. He started playing the guitar and performing at local clubs while still in high school. He continued his education at Colorado State University, where he earned a degree in music.

Age and Family

Michael Johnson left the world on July 25, 2017. He was 72 years of age when he passed away. He is survived by his wife, Connie, and his two daughters, Sarah and Anicca.


Johnson was a devoted husband to his wife, Connie, whom he met in the ’70s while playing at a music festival. They tied the knot in 1978 and remained married until Johnson’s death.


Michael Johnson was blessed with two daughters, Sarah and Anicca. Both daughters followed their father’s footsteps into the music industry.


Michael Johnson’s height was 5’9″ or 175 cm.


Michael Johnson’s music career dates back to the ’60s. In 1967, he joined the Chad Mitchell Trio and toured with them for three years. He released his debut album in 1971, and it was titled “There Is a Breeze.”

Johnson’s journey took an unexpected turn in 1978 when he released his breakthrough album “Dialogue.” In the album, he had included his hit single “Bluer Than Blue,” which won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The song turned out to be a massive success and reached Number 12 on the US pop charts. The success of “Bluer Than Blue” propelled Johnson’s career to new heights.

Following the success of his hit song, Johnson released another hit “This Night Won’t Last Forever” in 1979. The song made it to the top 20 on the US pop charts and helped skyrocket Johnson’s career even further.

Johnson continued to mesmerize his fans with his soulful voice and released several other hits throughout his career, such as “Almost Like Being In Love,” “I Will Whisper Your Name,” and “The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder.”

Over the years, Johnson’s music made him a beloved icon in the music industry. In 2016, he was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, which was proof of the significant impact he made during his career.

Top Songs

Here are some of Michael Johnson’s top songs:

1. Bluer Than Blue
2. This Night Won’t Last Forever
3. Almost Like Being in Love
4. The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder
5. I Will Whisper Your Name
6. Whenever I Call You Friend
7. Give Me Wings
8. You Can Call Me Blue.

Net Worth

Michael Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million at the time of his death.


Michael Johnson left a lasting legacy in the music world with his soulful voice and sweet melodies. He was a true icon in the music industry and his legacy lives on through his music. Many musicians have mentioned how much influence Johnson had on their music, such as Vince Gill, who said: “His voice was like honey. His guitar playing was phenomenal … His music is timeless, as far as I’m concerned.”

Johnson was not only a musician but also a humanitarian. He dedicated a considerable amount of his time and resources to philanthropic causes such as MusiCares, a charity that provides medical and financial assistance to musicians in need.

The Final Note

Michael Johnson was a rare talent who touched the hearts of millions across the globe. Through his music, he crafted a legacy that is timeless and speaks to the soul. His voice continues to inspire and will keep his legacy alive for generations to come.

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