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Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet

Are you searching for the best affordable trumpet for the new music student in your family? If so, you should take a serious look at the “Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet.” This is Cecilio’s beginner student model MTT-L. Pitched in B-flat, it’s the standard size used for orchestra, band, and popular music.

It’s a very affordable instrument that nevertheless delivers solid performance. Students can develop excellent tone and dexterity almost immediately and without undue effort.

It’s officially known as the “Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer Standard Bb Trumpet,” and it’s made by Cecilio Musical Instruments. Based in Los Angeles, Cecilio is a well-respected maker of quality wind and string instruments for students.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet
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What Makes The MTT-L a Good Choice For The Beginning Trumpet Student?

How It’s Made

The main body of the Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L trumpet is made from Yellow brass. This is a harder alloy with less copper content, and it produces a brilliant tone. The tubing has a .460 inch bore, which is a bit narrower than on professional instruments. This makes it easier to produce a steady note that doesn’t crack. The smaller bore also softens the tone a bit. The bell is a standard 5 inches wide.

 Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet, Student Beginner with Hard Case, Gloves, 7C Mouthpiece, and Valve Oil

The MTT-L includes a silver plated 7C mouthpiece. This is a standard size for beginning trumpet students. It’s relatively small, so some students might want to purchase a larger one.

Long lasting and tone softening…

The lead pipe, so called because it leads from the mouthpiece to the main trumpet body, is made of phosphorous copper, usually found on more expensive instruments. This material is more resistant to corrosion from saliva than Yellow brass. It also helps to soften the tone a bit.

The valves are spring-loaded and have white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons. They work smoothly, but they’re not on par with professional instruments. So it’s important to keep it clean and to use valve oil regularly to maintain reliable operation. The valves are located slightly closer to the player’s mouth that on a professional instrument, making it a little easier for a student to hold it comfortably.

The MTT-L also provides a slide thumb saddle located by the first valve and an adjustable slide lock by the third valve.

A superb looking instrument…

The trumpet’s gold lacquer finish polishes to a brilliant shine. The very attractive look of the instrument is sure to draw compliments from fellow students, which can encourage a beginning student to keep playing and practicing. However, lacquer is not as durable as a more expensive plated finish. Also, it will collect dust more easily and need more frequent cleaning.

But How Well Does It Play?

Tone & Intonation

The Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L trumpet has a sound that can be described as bright and piercing without being shrill. The softer metal of the copper lead pipe tends to smooth out the tone, which might otherwise be too bright.

Generally speaking, the intonation is good to excellent. In other words, when it’s properly tuned to C, all other notes are also close to being in tune. The fourth-space E, a tenth above Middle C, is slightly flat, but this is fairly typical, and the player can easily correct this with proper embouchure. In other words, the intonation is very good for a student trumpet.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet, Student Beginner with Hard Case

General Playability

Notes speak well and without too much effort. This is an especially important factor for a beginner whose embouchure isn’t yet strong.

Playing in the higher registers is reasonably easy, and no harder than on most trumpets. And there are no problems when moving between registers. The instrument “slots” – hits the desired harmonic – well enough, though certainly not as easily as with a professional instrument.

Physically, the MTT-L fits comfortably in the player’s hand and is relatively lightweight.

Accessories & Options

The Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L trumpet comes with a plush-lined hard nylon case that looks and feels very solid. It has a shoulder strap, but unfortunately, no backpack straps.

Also included is a bottle of valve oil, a soft polishing cloth, and a pair of white gloves.

In addition to the standard gold lacquer finish, the Mendini by Cecilio Standard Bb Trumpet is also available in black, blue, sky blue, purple or red lacquer, or with nickel plating.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet

Quality Control

All Mendini by Cecilio trumpets are tested twice, first at their overseas factory in China, and again at their California warehouse. All instruments are covered by a full 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Other Options

If you’re looking for more trumpet options, then check out our in-depth review of the Jean Paul USA TR 330.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Pros & Cons


  • Bright, brilliant tone.
  • Durable phosphorous copper lead pipe.
  • Notes speak easily.
  • Includes high-quality hard case.


  • The lacquer finish can wear and collect dust.
  • Valves need regular lubrication to prevent sticking.
  • Case has no backpack straps.


Cecilio Musical Instruments was created as the result of an overheard conversation at a music store. A family wondered how they could possibly afford to purchase a student instrument for their daughter. The company is committed to providing high-quality hand crafted instruments at affordable prices. As a result, they are recommended by many educators.

Although the Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer Standard Bb Trumpet is intended for a beginning student, its durability and excellent tone ensure that it can have a long life. Whether the student swaps it later for a more professional instrument or decides to keep it as she develops and to accumulate more trumpets, a Mendini by Cecilio instrument won’t lose its value.

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