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Matia Bazar Facts

Matia Bazar: The Italian Pop Sensation That Made Waves in the Music Industry

Matia Bazar is a household name in the Italian music industry, known for their hit songs such as ‘Ti Sento’ and ‘Solo Tu’. A band that was formed in Genoa, Italy and propelled to fame in the 1980s, continues to inspire and entertain music fans throughout the world.

Singer’s Bio

Matia Bazar was formed in 1975 by Piero Cassano, Giancarlo Golzi, Aldo Stellita, and Antonella Ruggiero. The band underwent some changes over the years, but Antonella Ruggiero remained a constant member until 1999 after which she left to pursue a solo career. The band has undergone various changes through the years but continues to produce amazing music for their fans.


The members of Matia Bazar vary in age, and each member brings their unique talents to the table despite their differences. Antonella Ruggiero, the former lead vocalist, was born on November 15, 1952, making her 68 years old as of 2020.

Relationships and Children

The band members of Matia Bazar prefer to keep their personal lives private. Therefore, information regarding their relationships or children is not something that has been discussed in the public domain.


As information regarding the band member’s height is not available in the public domain, we cannot provide accurate details.


Matia Bazar’s career began in 1975 when they released their debut album ‘Matia Bazar 1’. They gained popularity in the Italian pop scene with their unique sound that combined pop, rock, and electronic influences. Their first significant success came in 1977 with the release of the album ‘Semplicità.’ The band continued to release successful albums throughout the ’80s, with their most notable hits being ‘Ti Sento’ and ‘Solo Tu.’

They continued to produce music that was well-received by Italian audiences throughout the ’90s, with their popularity spreading throughout Europe and the world. In 2018, the band released a new studio album titled ‘Conseguenza Logica’ and continues to tour and perform.

Top Songs

Matia Bazar’s unique sound and style have gained them countless fans over the years. Some of their most popular songs include:

1. Ti Sento
2. Solo Tu
3. Vacanze Romane
4. Elettrochoc
5. Questo Amore
6. Ti Pretendo
7. Brivido Caldo
8. C’è Tutto Un Mondo Intorno

Net Worth

As of 2020, the net worth of the Matia Bazar band members is not available in the public domain.

FAQs About Matia Bazar

1. What inspired the band name ‘Matia Bazar’?

The band name ‘Matia Bazar’ is a fictitious name that was created by combining two words ‘Matia’ and ‘Bazar.’ The word ‘Matia’ comes from the Greek word for ‘knowledge,’ while ‘Bazar’ means ‘marketplace.’ Therefore, the band’s name is interpreted as a “marketplace of wisdom.”

2. What is the origin of Matia Bazar’s sound and style?

Matia Bazar’s familiar sound and style take inspiration from various genres of music, including rock, pop, electronic, and disco. The band’s unique sound and approach stand out due to their incorporation of electronic sounds that are combined with traditional rock and pop instruments.

3. Who was the original lead vocalist of Matia Bazar?

Antonella Ruggiero was the original lead vocalist of Matia Bazar. She was a prominent and integral member of the band who played a significant role in the band’s success throughout the ’80s.

4. Why did Antonella Ruggiero leave Matia Bazar?

Antonella Ruggiero left Matia Bazar in 1999 after a twenty-five year stint with the band to pursue her solo career.

5. How many albums has Matia Bazar released?

Matia Bazar has released more than twenty studio albums throughout their career, including the highly successful ‘Semplicità,’ ‘Tango,’ and ‘Melancholia.’

6. When was Matia Bazar at the peak of their popularity?

Matia Bazar enjoyed a high level of popularity in the 1980s when they released some of their most successful albums, including ‘Melancholia,’ ‘Tango,’ and ‘Berlino, Paris, Londra.’

7. What were the band member’s contributions to Matia Bazar’s sound?

Each member of Matia Bazar has made significant contributions to the band’s sound and style. Piero Cassano is known for his contributions on synthesizers and has lent his musical talent to the band as a composer, arranger, and producer. Giancarlo Golzi has been responsible for the band’s percussion and drumming, while Aldo Stellita’s bass work has stood out in Matia Bazar’s music. Antonella Ruggiero, the former lead vocalist, has contributed to the band’s sound with her unique voice and stage presence.

8. What recent music has Matia Bazar released?

Matia Bazar released a new studio album in 2018 titled ‘Conseguenza Logica.’ The album features ten new tracks and has received a positive response from their fans.

9. What awards has Matia Bazar received?

Matia Bazar has received several awards throughout their career, including the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival, one of Italy’s most significant music events. They received the award for their song ‘Elettrochoc’ in 1979.

10. What influence has Matia Bazar had on the Italian music industry?

Matia Bazar’s unique sound and style have influenced the Italian music industry, and they are regarded as pioneers in Italy’s pop music scene. The band’s combination of different genres and electronic sounds have created a rich and diverse sound, catering to diverse musical tastes.

11. How has Matia Bazar’s music influenced other artists?

Matia Bazar’s music has had a considerable influence on several Italian pop artists and bands. Many Italian bands in the ’80s and ’90s were inspired by Matia Bazar’s sound and style and incorporated electronic music into their compositions.

12. How has Matia Bazar’s music evolved over the years?

Matia Bazar’s music has evolved significantly since their inception, with each new album offering a fresh take on their unique sound. The band’s earlier albums were more rock and pop-oriented, while their later albums incorporated electronic music and were more experimental in sound and style.

13. How has Matia Bazar adapted to changes in the music industry?

Matia Bazar has adapted well to the changing music industry and has continued to produce music that appeals to their dedicated fan base. The band has embraced digital media and social networking platforms, keeping their fans updated on their latest musical offerings.

14. What was Matia Bazar’s last tour?

Matia Bazar’s last tour was in 2018 to promote their new album ‘Conseguenza Logica.’ The tour was a success, with the band playing sold-out shows to enthusiastic crowds throughout Italy.

15. What is the legacy of Matia Bazar in the Italian music industry?

Matia Bazar’s unique sound and approach have made them one of the most prominent bands in the Italian music industry. They are regarded as pioneers of the Italian pop scene and have been recognized for their notable contribution to the industry. The band’s legacy continues, and their music remains an inspiration for new generations of Italian pop artists.

In conclusion, Matia Bazar is a band that has left its mark on the Italian music industry and continues to inspire and entertain fans worldwide with their unique sound and approach. Their music has influenced countless artists and bands not only in Italy but all over the globe. Matia Bazar’s legacy lives on, with their music remaining an inspiration for generations to come.

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