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Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review

Master & Dynamic hasn’t even turned ten years old. And yet, they are already among the upper echelons of premium audio at premium prices. Combining excellent build quality and innovative design, they’ve made some of the most stylish and best sounding earbuds to date.

That being said, it seems as though M&D asked themselves a very serious question when they decided to design their newest pair of wireless earbuds:

“What about the truly stylish pair of earbuds? Who’s made those?”

The truth is probably no one…

Wireless earbuds are everywhere these days and are by definition meant to go everywhere. So, trying to design a pair with only one singular focus in mind wouldn’t seem very feasible.

The folks over at M&D have perhaps not decided to create a pair devoted only to style. However, they certainly have made a pair that has elevated it to a new high on the priority list. So much to make it a pursuit all on its own.

The MW07 Plus true wireless earbuds are some of the most striking you’ll come across. But do they have the sound quality and functionality to back up those brilliant finishes and that crazy price tag? All will be revealed in my in-depth Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review.

Design and Build

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The most prominent and unique feature of the MW07 Plus earbuds has got to be those beautiful finishes. They give the impression of rare, handcrafted American guitars in some rock star’s collections.

There are four finishes to choose from, and they all look fantastic. Truly, the folks over at M&D deserve a tip of the hat for making these earbuds look like jewelry. The finishes are:

  • Black Quartz.
  • Blue Steel.
  • White Marble.
  • Tortoise Shell.

Many will argue that M&W flunked the design because the gorgeous finish is spoiled by the square design. This, however, isn’t true. I will admit to having this bias when first looking at images online.

But, after spending a few hours with the MW07 Plus, I found the rounded edges and square shape more pleasing. Once again, the design team deserves a feather in the hat.

The charging case…

Very much like the buds, it contains. A brilliant, shiny finish makes it very eye-catching. Yet, the basic shape with subtle adjustments (rounded edges) means that it will grow on you over time.

While the almost chrome case is very prone to fingerprints, it’s as if it was designed with that in mind. Somehow the MW07’s case manages to look good when covered in fingerprints. Strange, but there it is.

On the front of the case…

You’ll find three LEDs. Left and right indicate battery life for left and right earbuds, respectively, when they are in the case. The middle LED indicates the battery life for the case itself. On the back is a USB-C port for charging. A very sleek and handy black carry case is also included.

Fit and Comfort

Overall, the fit and comfort of the MW07 Plus are great. At first, you might be skeptical due to the heft of these earbuds. They are very well-built from solid materials but are also very heavy, thanks to this.

Thankfully the MW07 Plus comes with four pairs of silicone tips. There are also optional wings that can be fitted to the buds for going to the gym or for a run; these come in three sizes. As a result, these are some of the best fitting wireless earbuds you can buy.

Using these two together in the right combination will allow any user to be comfortable and confident and move about if they wish.

Functionality and Battery Life

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With an IPX5 rating, the MW07 Plus earbuds are suitable for rain, any amount of sweat, and light splashes. Making these some of the best water resistant wireless earbuds on the market. Just don’t go jumping in the pool or running in a massive storm.

The battery life on the MW07 Plus earbuds is very impressive. Especially when compared to the average mid-priced and top-priced earbuds.

Plenty of juice…

The earbuds themselves will deliver a very respectable eight to ten hours of playtime, depending on the volume. The case will provide an additional 30 hours of playtime. Bringing the total up to a very impressive 40 hours.

This may vary by as much as five to eight hours depending on playtime according to tests by various YouTubers and Amazon users; I found very similar results. But even factoring in those fluctuations, it’s very impressive. The result is some of the best battery life wireless earbuds out there.

Excellent button controls…

The right earbud has one multi-function button, which can be used to Play/Pause or activate pairing. Holding down the button will activate your voice assistant. Pressing it twice will skip forward, and pressing it three times will skip backward.

On the left earbud, you have the volume rocker. When holding down the volume up button, you will activate transparency or ambient mode, allowing for the outside world to be flooded into your ears. Holding down the volume down button will turn active noise canceling on.

The Plus earbuds work with Bluetooth 5.0. This offers a seamless connection that maintains signal strength up to 30ft. The MW07 Plus earbuds have auto Pause/Play when removing and replacing.

Sound Quality

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The MW07 Plus earbuds are packing 10mm, Beryllium drivers. These deliver a sound signature that has one of the clearest and most defined sounds overall of any pair of wireless earbuds you can buy.

The MW07s Plus earbuds support AptX and SBC Bluetooth codecs. However, they do not support AAC for Apple devices. Meaning that all iOS devices will default to SBC quality.

The sound signature…

Overall, it can be described as not only globally well-balanced but almost surgically so within the frequency bands themselves as well.

The “balanced” quality that I’m referring to here can be best heard on tracks that have a lot of bass content and particularly a lot of sub-bass. The low-end is there, as it should be in all its might, but never does it seem to jump the fence or even try and nudge the bars.

This is great because it gives you the confidence to boost the volume no matter what you’re listening to. That will accentuate all the other great aspects of the sound.

Beautifully balanced…

When listening to the mids and highs separately on tracks that have a simple mic’d jazz kit and female vocals, there’s nothing to catch your ear. It’s only when the mix picks up using a more busy chorus that you realize the beautiful crispness in the mid and high end.

That is because the treble and mids are mixing so well. Acoustic tracks will also illustrate this beautiful frequency balance.

That being said…

A more orchestral mix with some strange drum synth instead of percussion was delivered with plenty of punch on the downbeat. And, when boosting the volume, a very pleasant depth became apparent in the mid-range.

This made certain scrum synth hits sound especially broad. But, the subtle depth added by the accompanying violas and cellos can also be made out. All of which enriches the listening experience tremendously.

Mic Quality

The ANC is by no means the best out there but is quite a bit above average. Mid-range sounds can be filtered out almost entirely, which makes for good voice isolation. However, the more prominent low-end rumbles of passing cars or an airplane might still be a problem. When activated, the ANC produces little to no added hiss.

The voice quality overall is quite good. There might be a slight audible nasal quality if you push the volume, but it would have to be to an impractical level.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review – Pros and Cons

  • Stylish.
  • Comfortable and secure.
  • Battery life.
  • Well built.
  • Good ANC and Ambient functions.
[/pros] [cons]
  • Expensive.
  • No companion app.
  • No lossless codecs support for Apple devices.

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Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review – Conclusion

If style and great audio, along with excellent battery life, are what you’re looking for, and you don’t mind paying a premium, the MW07 Plus earbuds are the ones for you. These will turn heads no matter where you go, and you’ll be able to go far thanks to long battery life.

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While the lack of an app might be a downside, the excellent build, and sound quality more than make up for it. Hopefully, future models will have lossless codecs support for Apple devices. Then, these would be some of the best premium quality wireless earbuds.

Until next time, happy listening.

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