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Mary Hopkin Facts

Mary Hopkin: The Welsh Songbird

Mary Hopkin may not be a household name these days, but in the late 1960s, she was a rising star in the music industry. Born in Pontardawe, Wales, on May 3, 1950, Hopkin began her musical career at a young age. She experienced instant success with her gentle and melodic voice that won hearts and fans all over.

Early Life and Family

Mary Hopkin was the daughter of musician and record shop owner Thomas Hopkin and his wife, Gladys. Both of her parents were musically inclined, and Mary grew up surrounded by music. Her father played several instruments, and her mother was a folk singer. Mary’s sister, Sheila, also pursued a career in music, becoming a member of The Family Dogg.

Age and Height

Mary Hopkin was born on May 3, 1950, making her 71 years old as of 2021. She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches or 1.6 meters.


Mary Hopkin’s career was launched after a chance encounter when she happened to be rehearsing upstairs from John Lennon’s Apple Records office in London. Paul McCartney, who was working with Apple Records at the time, overheard her singing and invited her to audition. Her unique voice and English-language recordings of Welsh songs won McCartney over, and he produced her debut single, “Those Were the Days,” which became a hit internationally.

Hopkin continued to produce hits, such as “Goodbye,” which was written by McCartney, and “Temma Harbour,” which was written by Ray Davies of The Kinks. She also represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970, where she placed second with her song “Knock Knock, Who’s There?”.

Hopkin took a hiatus from music in the 1970s to focus on raising her children. She later returned to music in the 1980s and has since released several albums, including collaborations with her son, Morgan Visconti.

Top Songs

Mary Hopkin produced several hits throughout her career. Some of her top songs include:

– “Those Were the Days”
– “Goodbye”
– “Temma Harbour”
– “Knock Knock, Who’s There?”
– “Tell Me Now”
– “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)”

Relationships and Children

Mary Hopkin married her first husband, Tony Visconti, in 1971. The couple had two children together, Jessica Lee Morgan and Morgan Visconti, before divorcing in 1981. Hopkin later married her second husband, Richard Greene, in 1981. The couple has a son, David, together. They currently reside in Surrey, England.

Net Worth

Mary Hopkin has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2021.

Legacy and Impact on Music

Despite taking a long hiatus from music, Mary Hopkin has had a significant impact on the industry. Her unique Welsh folk sound and gentle, melodic voice inspired many artists that followed in her footsteps. Paul McCartney once said of her, “Mary Hopkin had something special, something ethereal and fragile, combined with an incredible strength.” Her music continues to inspire listeners today.

In Conclusion

Mary Hopkin may not be a household name these days, but her music has stood the test of time. Her gentle, melodic voice captured hearts and inspired many artists that came after her. With a career spanning over several decades, Hopkin has certainly made her mark on the world of music, and her legacy continues to inspire music lovers today.

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