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Marshall Major III Wired Review

There was a time that headphones were only used at work. For telephone companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios, and commercial airlines, headphones were part of the job.

But now they have become an essential part of our leisure time.

Organizations from all over the world develop and market them. And just as they once had a variety of occupational uses, they now have a variety of leisure uses.

One big choice when buying them is to decide whether you want to go wireless or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Therefore, we put together this Marshall Major III Wired Review to give you a more in-depth understanding of those things. So, let’s get straight to it…

Marshall Major III Wired
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

The Marshall name

Is there a name that needs no introduction in music circles at all? A few come to mind, but it is the company set up by Jim Marshall in West London in the early 60s. A name where one word resonates in music. Marshall. Where the biggest bands are concerned, it is ‘the’ name. In many ways, it still is.

They were there in the early 60s during a musical explosion. They created their amps and cabinets to be the best in the world. Although, if we are honest, were they the best?

Something magical…

They might not have been the loudest. That accolade may have gone to another London amp maker, Cliff Cooper, and Orange. Did they sound the best? Maybe not. Many considered the third of the London triumvirate, HiWatt, to produce a better sound.

But they were Marshall. There was just something about them the others never had. An aura if you like. Maybe it was because they were the first to make loud amps. Very loud. The pioneers.

Big Jim had created something very special. The others never reached the highlights that the big Marshall amps did. Legends were created from a tiny shop in west London.

Striving for more…

In 2021, Marshall is now global but still based in the UK. Its operations expanded, and headphones arrived. That famous and irreplaceable logo was enough for some. Of course, there was a learning curve. But they did what Marshall does best. They got better.

Marshall Major III Headphones Overview

These are a stylish set of headphones with a slimline design. They have an on-ear, rather than over-ear design and are wired. An upgrade on the Marshall Wired 11 version from 2016. Also, they are slimmer and lighter. Therefore, they’re better for long listening sessions.

These are not in the market of high-end audiophile phones. They fit more in the category of those wanting an improvement in what they currently have. And of course, those who want to flaunt 60 years of rock history with the Marshall logo on the earpads.

The Build

For those that are familiar with the Marshall Wired 11, there is a certain similarity. You might expect that from what is essentially a redesign and refit of their predecessor. However, some differences have made these an improved version.

A rugged leather look…

The 111s still have that Marshall ’leather-look’. Something of a standard tradition with their phones. Those with Vegan inclinations, though, will be pleased to hear that they are made from vinyl just resembling leather.

These are far less bulky compared to their forerunner. Even though it is white, the color scheme seems quite laid back. For example, gone are the gold-accents of the originals.

They feature classic design positives. A straight fit headband and a much thinner hinge system added to completely redesigned ear cushions. They have emphasized comfort with these. We shall discuss that a bit more later.

Improved strength…

To add to the strength of the build, the loop wires are now a lot thicker. And they have rubber dampers that are reinforced.

On some previous Marshall headphone models, there were concerns over the size adjustment sliders. They were plastic and a little vulnerable. These have been changed for metal hardware. The result is greater stability and a more substantial feel in the hand.

Furthermore, they are foldable. This makes them far more convenient than in the past. Play your music, fold them up, and stick them in a bag out of the way.

What’s up with the wiring?

They have a coiled wire. This is something that some like and others do not. For us, it is a bit of a negative. Straight cables are often lengthy and can get in the way. On the other hand, they are usually easier to deal with.

Coiled wires can pull and tug on the phones if you move around. However, that is just a personal preference.

The cord is detachable, and there is a remote control with a single button. This is for controlling the headphones and also your phone if it is plugged in. You can play, pause, and skip tracks and also answer or reject a call. All with a few clicks.


We have already talked about the straight headband and the heavily padded ear pads. The headband offers a nice grip that allows you to get a good fit for your head size. However, as with all on-ear headphones, you can sometimes get a feeling of being pinched, especially if they are too tight.

Great for some, but not for all…

There could be a problem with these phones for larger head sizes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to design them much differently. The extra comfortable padding on the ear cups will slightly relieve that sensation should it occur.

Nevertheless, they are comfortable for extended periods. Likewise, the lighter build means they are going to be great for long journeys. At just over six ounces in weight, they are comfortable with a firm but soft grip.

The Sound

We are tempted to say they are Marshall, how do you think they sound? It might be an obvious thing to say, but when using these, you can hear the rock concert influence. They are nicely balanced, but the mids seem to have been given special attention.

Solid and prominent mid frequencies…

This means great vocals, powerful guitars, and big snare sounds. Additionally, the top end details are also very good. The sound is crisp, with just the right amount of attack.

Furthermore, cymbals – hi-hats especially – sound excellent and mix well with the prominent mids.

Anything lacking?

Some are going to say there’s a slightly lowered bass sound. The bass is not going to blow your head off. It also isn’t going to drown the excellent midsections. As a result, you have got a well-defined and comfortable balance.

The bass is definitely ‘rolled-off.’ But why ruin a great midsection with potential overspill from the low-end? That would make no sense. Of course, this rather subdued bottom end will also affect the kick drum sound.

A sound for the rock and rollers…

Again, these are not headphones for audiophiles or for people who like bass-heavy music. They are for people who like rock music. Big vocals and guitar sounds. The Marshall sound.

We happen to like that, and to us, they are a great listening experience. There’s no need to spend hours looking at wave graphs and signatures and endless reams of technical data.

We will just ask one question. Do we like them? The answer is yes, so let’s move on.

A Little Extra

Being wired, you tend not to get much in the way of extras. The fact that they can be folded down could be considered an extra in the design section. Quite a few headphones don’t give you this feature.

The one-button control in the coiled lead is also a nice addition. Some have this, but many wired headphones don’t. We suppose that might be considered an extra.

Although, the extra 3.5mm socket is a nice extra. This allows you to share your audio with someone with the same connection. Just plug into your phones, and you can both have a listen.

Marshall Major III Wired Review Pros And Cons


  • Ideal for rock and roll music.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Extra 3.5mm output jack.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Fair price point.


  • Not great for large size heads.
  • Not much bass.
  • No noise-canceling features.

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Marshall Major III Wired Review Final Thoughts

These are definitely an improvement on their predecessor. A nice stylish, slim look and being able to fold them away is a good addition if you are traveling. As we said, not a headphone for the audiophiles or those who want heavyweight bass output. These are designed to listen to some good old-fashioned rock music. Marshall style.

Marshall Major III Wired

These are also not suitable for those who want Bluetooth and all the paraphernalia that goes along with that. But with these, you can plug them into your phone, listen to music and make or take calls, etc.

At the price point, they are excellent value. They look good, and they sound good. And the new lightweight design makes them good for prolonged use. If you like guitar-based rock music, you will love these. Plug them in and turn them up. Welcome to Hanwell in London – 1963.

Happy listening.


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