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Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth Wireless Review

Third Time’s The Charm

Marshall has been in the business for decades, most recently expanding into the wireless range with speakers and headphones.

The Marshall Major 3 is their new update to the previous version, the Major 2, released in 2016. It offers excellent audio quality and a decent stylistic upgrade at a mid-tier price. But with so many other brands offering excellent deals at the same price, is the Major 3 even worth your time?

Let’s find out in this in-depth Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth Wireless Review…

Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth Wireless
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Most of the design of the previous version is back. The small, round ear cups are here again. The leatherette wrapping over the padded ear pads looks great and feels the same too. They tend to get warm after a while, but so do most leatherette ear pads.

Iconic logo…

The Marshall logo is found on the ear cups with some decent looking brass accents. They look retro, yet fit nicely with modern aesthetics.

The biggest changes found on this pair are the 40mm drivers and puffed up ear pads for extra comfort.

Easy to wear, carry, and use…

The headphones are lightweight and easy to carry due to their lightweight nature. There are hinges that fold up, but there is no carry case included.

The control button is located on the left ear cup and is super simple to use. Not only is it used for powering the device on and off, but it is also used for pausing and playing music, skipping tracks, and raising/lowering the volume. It’s essentially 1-button doing everything. It takes some time getting used to, but once we got the hang of it, going back was never an option.

Go wired when needed…

If wireless isn’t your thing, a wired connection is still an option. Additionally, the included cable has an in-line remote with a microphone.


The headphones deliver some excellent low range frequency. Bass sounds warm, tight, and generally well rounded. Listening to bass-heavy tracks like Skrillex’s Bangarang, you get the sense that a lot of focus has been spent on perfecting the low-end sound.

Detailed and full…

Male vocals sound crisp and clear with little audio masking. The same goes for guitars that share a lot of the same frequencies as low male vocals.

Listening to songs that have more acoustical arrangements, you will find that there is a decent soundstage, allowing for the higher frequencies to still sound clear and bright, whilst leaving room for the bass to do its own thing in the middle of the mix.

Overall, the Marshall Major 3 offers an excellent, mostly neutral listening experience apart from a slight boost around the low-end frequencies. Considering the price, audiophiles on a lower budget might want to consider these.

Music in, noise out…

The in-line microphone works well. There were some background artifacts picked up by the mic, but never to the degree that our voice becomes unidentifiable or unclear.

There is no ANC here, but there is an okay amount of isolation. Enough to give the bass the power it deserves, but not enough that office distractions were done away with once we put these on.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Marshall offers 30 hours of battery life on a single charge. Unfortunately, the only charging option is via micro-USB. Are we still living in 2010, Marshall? Charging these up using micro-USB will take just over three hours.

The headphones have support for aptX, which is a high-resolution audio codec for people who enjoy listening to FLAC files over a wireless connection. Unfortunately, there is no AAC here for IOS users.

Who is the Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth Wireless for?

These headphones can be found on sale for around or even under $100. This makes them perfect for any audiophiles looking for a steal under $100. They offer excellent sound quality and decent durability.

With the option for wired or wireless use and the aptX support, these are any audiophile on a budget dream pair.

If you insist on getting ANC headphones, then take a look at Sony’s WH-CH710N, which can sometimes be found under $100 on discount.

Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth Wireless Review Pros and Cons


  • Great audio quality.
  • Clean design with brass accents.
  • aptX support.
  • Price.


  • Only has an in-line microphone.
  • No AAC support for Apple devices.

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Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth Wireless Review Final Thoughts

Marshall’s upgrades to the drivers and slight design tweak make for their best offering in this line-up yet. That said, with so many other headphones around the same price range, it is difficult to recommend Marshall to the general consumer.

JBL’s E55BT offers excellent bass performance, which will make any general consumer jump up and dance, albeit with lower build quality. Sony offers its lowest costing ANC headphones yet with the WH-CH710N.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless

So, what niche does Marshall fill?

These headphones are for Marshall fans who want the signature Marshall sound and look. They are a good option for audiophiles who want a decent pair of headphones at a lower price.

Marshall did a great job balancing sound quality, build quality, and cost, offering one of their best headphones yet.

Until next time, may the beat go on.


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