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Malice Mizer Facts

Malice Mizer Facts: A Journey through the Life of one of Japan’s Iconic Bands

From their unique sound to their flamboyant and visually striking performances, Malice Mizer quickly became one of Japan’s iconic bands. Their popularity extended beyond their homeland, with fans admiring their innovative style and unconventional approach to music. To commemorate their success, here’s a deep dive into the life of the band, and some of their most fascinating facts.

The Singer’s Bio

Gackt Camui, the lead singer of Malice Mizer, was born on July 4th, 1973, in Okinawa, Japan. He was later raised in Hokkaido and grew up influenced by his mother’s love for music. Gackt’s music career began in 1995 when he was recruited by Malice Mizer, and quickly became the face of the band. At the peak of their popularity, Malice Mizer disbanded, and Gackt pursued a solo career, which was equally successful.

Relationships and Children

Despite being one of Japan’s most famous musicians, Gackt has kept his personal life private, and there is not much information available regarding his relationships. However, there were rumors that he was involved in a relationship with his fellow bandmate, Mana. There are also speculations that he has fathered children, though he denies it.


Gackt stands at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches, which makes him towering over average Japanese males.


Gackt’s music journey has been remarkable, with numerous accolades and achievements to his name. Apart from his achievements with Malice Mizer, he has also enjoyed a successful solo career, releasing numerous albums and singles. He has also appeared on television and in films as an actor.

Top Songs

Malice Mizer’s discography is extensive, with numerous songs that are loved by fans till today. Some of their top songs include “Beast of Blood,” “Au Revoir,” “Gardenia,” and “Shiroi.”

Net Worth

Gackt has earned a considerable fortune throughout his music career, with his net worth being estimated at around 50 million dollars.

Visual Style

One thing that set Malice Mizer apart from other bands was their unique visual style. They wore elaborate costumes and makeup, with many of their music videos and live performances being full of theatrics and drama.

The Role of Gender-Bending

Malice Mizer was known for their gender-bending performances and visual style. They often blurred the lines between what was considered masculine and feminine, with their use of androgynous costumes and makeup. This helped to create a unique and innovative style that still has an impact till today.

Influence on J-Rock

The success of Malice Mizer helped establish a new era of Japanese rock music. They paved the way for other bands to experiment with their sound and visual style, encouraging a more artistic approach to music.


Despite their immense success, Malice Mizer was not immune to criticism. Some critics felt that their music was too theatrical, and that their focus on visual style took away from the quality of their music.

The Legacy of Malice Mizer

Even though the band disbanded in 2001, their legacy still lives on. They have influenced a generation of musicians and helped to create a new genre of Japanese rock music. Their unique style and unconventional approach to music continue to inspire musicians all over the world.

In conclusion, Malice Mizer is a band that will always be remembered for their contribution to music and the way they shook up Japan’s music scene. From their gender-bending style to their theatrical performances, they were a band that truly represented what it meant to be an artist. Their legacy will continue to inspire musicians and fans for years to come.

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