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Lucky Daye Facts

Lucky Daye: From Humble Beginnings to Rising R&B Star

Singer’s Bio

Lucky Daye, born David Brown, is an American singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up in a religious household where secular music was not allowed. However, he found solace in the church choir which allowed him to express his passion for music. His family moved to Tyler, Texas in 2005 after losing their home in Hurricane Katrina. It was in Tyler where Lucky started to pursue his music career.


Lucky Daye was born on September 25, 1985. He is currently 35 years old.


Lucky Daye’s personal life is kept private and there is no information about his past or present relationships.


There is no information about Lucky Daye having any children.


Lucky Daye stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall.


Lucky Daye started his music career in 2018 when he signed with Keep Cool Records and RCA Records. His debut EP, “I” was released in November 2018 and was followed by his second EP, “II” in 2019. Lucky’s debut studio album, “Painted” was released in May 2019 and was named one of the best albums of the year by several publications including NPR, Rolling Stone, and Complex. The album was also nominated for Best R&B album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Lucky has collaborated with several artists including Kehlani, SG Lewis, and Babyface. He has also toured with Khalid and Ella Mai.

Top Songs

Lucky Daye’s top songs include:

– “Roll Some Mo”
– “Karma”
– “Real Games”
– “Love You Too Much”
– “Buying Time”

Net Worth

Lucky Daye’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


1. How did Lucky Daye get his stage name?

Lucky Daye was born David Brown, but he changed his name to Lucky Daye after his cousin Lil Lucky encouraged him to pursue music and gave him the moniker.

2. What genre does Lucky Daye’s music fall under?

Lucky Daye’s music falls under the R&B and soul genres.

3. Has Lucky Daye won any awards?

Lucky Daye has been nominated for several awards including two Grammy nominations for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album.

4. What is Lucky Daye’s writing process?

Lucky Daye describes his writing process as “meditative,” where he listens to the music and lets the lyrics come to him. He also writes down his thoughts and feelings throughout the day to use as inspiration for his music.

5. Who are Lucky Daye’s musical influences?

Lucky Daye cites Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder as his musical influences.

6. What was Lucky Daye’s breakout moment?

Lucky Daye’s breakout moment was when his debut album, “Painted” was released in 2019 and received critical acclaim from several publications.

7. Is Lucky Daye involved in any philanthropic endeavors?

There is no information about Lucky Daye’s involvement in any philanthropic endeavors.

8. What was Lucky Daye’s biggest challenge in his music career?

Lucky Daye’s biggest challenge in his music career was getting over his fear of failure and putting himself and his music out there for the world to hear.

9. What advice does Lucky Daye have for aspiring musicians?

Lucky Daye’s advice for aspiring musicians is to never give up on their dreams and to always believe in themselves and their abilities.

10. Does Lucky Daye have any upcoming projects?

Lucky Daye released his latest EP, “Table For Two” in February 2021, which features collaborations with YEBBA, Mahalia, and Tiana Major9.

11. What is Lucky Daye’s vocal range?

Lucky Daye is a tenor with a range of between A2-G#4.

12. Has Lucky Daye ever toured outside the United States?

Yes, Lucky Daye has toured in Europe and Asia.

13. How does Lucky Daye handle criticism?

Lucky Daye takes criticism as a learning opportunity and uses it to improve his craft. He also has a close circle of friends and family who give him constructive feedback.

14. What is Lucky Daye’s favorite song of his own?

Lucky Daye’s favorite song of his own is “Misunderstood” from his debut album, “Painted.” He has described it as a personal favorite because of its vulnerability and honesty.

15. What can fans expect from Lucky Daye in the future?

Fans can expect more soulful and introspective music from Lucky Daye in the future. He has said that he plans to continue to push himself creatively and experiment with different sounds.

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