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Longpigs Facts

Longpigs: The British Rock Band That Left A Lasting Impression

Singer’s Bio, Age, Relationships, Children and Career

Longpigs was formed in Sheffield, England, in 1994 by Crispin Hunt (vocals, guitar) and Richard Hawley (guitar), Simon Stafford (bass), and Dee Boyle (drums). The band released their debut album, “The Sun Is Often Out” in 1996, which earned them critical acclaim, awards, and a loyal fan base. They followed up with their second album, “Mobile Home” in 1999 before disbanding in 2000.

Crispin Hunt, born on 26 July 1967, is the lead vocalist for the Longpigs. Richard Hawley, the band’s guitarist, was born on 17 January 1967 in Sheffield. Simon Stafford, born in Blackheath, London, in 1970, is their bass player. Dee Boyle, the drummer, born 20 January 1967, is from Belfast.

Crispin Hunt has kept a low profile when it comes to his personal life. He has been married to his wife, Catherine, since 2004, and they have two children together: a son named Jonas and a daughter named Rosa.

Height and Top Songs

Crispin Hunt is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) tall.

Longpigs’ top songs include “On and On,” “She Said,” “Far,” “Lost Myself,” “Jesus Christ,” “Elvis,” “Gangsters,” and “Sally Dances.”

Net Worth

The net worth of Longpigs’ members has not been made public.


1. When and why did Longpigs disband?

Longpigs disbanded in 2000, citing creative differences as the reason for the split. In an interview with The Independent in 2015, Hunt revealed that he has no plans to reunite the band.

2. Were Longpigs a one-hit-wonder band?

Longpigs may have only had one chart-topping song, “She Said,” but they were much more than a one-hit-wonder band. The band’s music was well-received by critics and had a loyal following.

3. What genre of music did Longpigs play?

Longpigs were considered an alternative rock band with influences of blues and punk.

4. What inspired the name Longpigs?

The name Longpigs originates from an old Sheffield saying, “as queer as a long pig,” meaning having an unusual or peculiar appearance.

5. What songs did Longpigs’ members write?

Both Crispin Hunt and Richard Hawley co-wrote the majority of Longpigs’ songs.

6. Did Longpigs tour internationally?

Yes, Longpigs toured internationally, including in the United States.

7. Did Longpigs win any awards?

Longpigs won a Q Award for Best New Band in 1997 and were nominated for a Brit Award for Best British Newcomer the same year.

8. Did any of Longpigs’ members pursue music careers after the band’s breakup?

Richard Hawley went on to have a successful solo music career and has released numerous albums. Simon Stafford played bass on a tour for musician Joe Strummer, and Dee Boyle went on to drum for several artists.

9. What was the inspiration behind Longpigs’ music?

Longpigs’ music was inspired by the band’s personal experiences and emotions. They wrote songs about love, loss, and the complexities of the human experience.

10. How did Longpigs differ from other alternative rock bands of the 90s?

Longpigs were known for their unique sound and lyrics that were more poetic and introspective than many of their contemporaries. They were not afraid to tackle difficult themes and emotions in their music.

11. Did Longpigs have a particular fan base?

Longpigs appealed to a broad audience, but their music seemed to resonate particularly with those going through difficult times in their lives.

12. How did Longpigs’ music evolve over time?

Longpigs’ music evolved over time, becoming darker and more introspective as the band explored their emotions and experiences more deeply.

13. What were Longpigs’ musical influences?

Longpigs were influenced by a range of artists and genres, including David Bowie, Talking Heads, Neil Young, The Clash, and Iggy Pop.

14. What was Longpigs’ legacy in the music industry?

Although Longpigs’ music career was short-lived, they left an indelible impact on many music fans and critics. They are remembered as a band with a unique sound, poetic lyrics, and a knack for exploring complex emotions.

15. What advice does Crispin Hunt have for aspiring musicians?

Hunt advises aspiring musicians to focus on creating music that is authentic and true to their own experiences and emotions. He also emphasizes the importance of perseverance and hard work in pursuing a career in music.

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