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Logitech G735 Review

For around $200, some headsets can offer the same features, if not more, than Logitech’s G735. The company has been experimenting quite a bit with gaming headsets in recent years. And, while none of them have been bad, they haven’t managed to be excellent either.

The G735 promises to deliver everything a gamer needs in a reasonably priced package. So, I spent the last weekend finding out whether they’ve managed to do that in my in-depth Logitech G735 review.

Logitech G735
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


Design, Build Quality, and Comfort

The G735 takes its influence from Apple’s AirPods Max, and the headset is mostly plastic with a cushioned leatherette-covered headband and metal hinges for adjusting the size. The shape of the ear cups is the most obvious tip of the hat to the AirPods Max. 

The design is elegant and minimal, but not boring. True, the build quality isn’t on the same level as the AirPods, but still not bad for $200. The most surprising part about the design of the G735 is how plush the cushions are. It scores some of its highest marks for comfort for sure.

Build quality is good as well. The metal hinges have a smooth action, and overall, the headset feels well put together. Despite being a lightweight gaming headset at just under 300g, it conveys the idea that it will last quite a while if looked after.

What’s in the box?

  • Wireless gaming headset.
  • Wireless USB receiver.
  • USB extender.
  • Detachable microphone.
  • Charging cable.

Functionality and Battery Life

The Logitech G735’s features and usability can be summed up in two words: extensive but simple. Starting with physical controls, the left ear cup sports a power button, a volume dial, and a mute button for the microphone. As well as a USB-C charging port, and finally, a 3.5mm jack for wired use.

The right ear cup has a Bluetooth pairing button along with extra buttons for adjusting the mix between external audio sources and Bluetooth devices. 

Getting used to all these buttons and their functions might take a while, especially because many of the buttons have the same shape and size. But, once mastered, they do become quite handy.

Logitech G-Hub 

Without a doubt, the companion software is one of the biggest benefits of the Logitech G735 gaming headset. Anyone who has used this with one of Logitech’s headsets before will know what I’m talking about. There is even a mobile version of the software. But, for some reason, it hasn’t had an update since November 2022. 

There’s a versatile 5-band EQ, with a collection of useful presets, and the ability to save your own curves as well. Another familiar feature is the Blue Vo!ce mic suite which adds a dedicated EQ to your microphone signal and gives you access to some creative voice effects. The available options include things like “Alien” and “Ghost,” which can really add some realism to your RPG sessions and calls. 

If the vocal effects aren’t your thing… 

The dedicated EQ makes a huge difference to your gaming sessions and calls, plus there is also highly effective AI-controlled noise reduction. 

Finally, there is access to firmware updates, and the Lightsync feature, which allows you to adjust the RGB lights on the headset. Overall, the G735 is a highly versatile gaming headset.

Connection Options 

The G735 offers three connection methods. First, there is the 2.4GHz USB dongle which offers the best audio experience but also has the shortest range. Second, there is Bluetooth, and third, a good old-fashioned 3.5mm cable (not included) for wired use. 

Logitech is not specific on which version of Bluetooth is used… 

But, when I tested them, only SBC codecs are supported. This rules out Bluetooth version 5.0 and newer. However, the performance and range are quite good. 

The wireless dongle can deliver an immersive surround sound experience. Just don’t break the line of sight or get more than a few feet away. There are other wireless dongles in this price range with better range. But none of them come with headsets that are as comfortable as the G735. 

Overall, the G735 is easy to use. So, you should have no problem getting it hooked up to a PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, or any of the Xbox consoles.

Battery Life

Logitech states that with the RGB lights on the headset will last around 16 hours. Without the lights and at half volume, they boast more than 50 hours. Most users have reported that it meets or exceeds these numbers. As a result, this is one of the best battery life gaming headsets on the market.

The battery life can also be extended with the power save function in the G-Hub companion app. There is no fast charging, but the headset features USB-C connections. 

Sound Quality

Now, we come to the most important feature of the best gaming headsets – sound quality. So, how does the Logitech G735 headset sound?

Noise Isolation

As far as isolation goes, the performance is pretty average. The well-isolated ear cups will block out most external noises like a dog barking or an engine start. But the lack of ANC means that you won’t be completely immersed. 

Making it to the cafe without being disturbed by external sounds while wearing the G735 might be a bit unrealistic. Then again, that’s not what this headset is designed for. 

Sound Signature

The Logitech G735 headset’s sound signature is delivered by the 40mm drivers. While those drivers are not typical for gaming headsets, the results are quite pleasant.

One thing that isn’t surprising is the emphasis on low frequencies. There’s a good 5dB of boost applied from 30 to 200Hz. However, the upper mids are where things start getting weird. From 3 to 4kHz, there’s a strong dip. Finally, a sharp high-end roll-off at about 10kHz.

The lows are full and rich for the most part and perform better in games than they do with music. This, however, could be remedied somewhat by using the EQ in the companion app. In some cases, they become overbearing, and this makes the sound muddy. 

Despite the unorthodox dip in the high-mids…

This is the frequency range where the LG735 sounds the best. Vocals in music and dialogue in games are crystal clear while never seeming sharp, thanks to the dip.

The highs are nicely tamed, never becoming bright or overbearing. But, that sharp roll-off makes them seem somewhat timid and recessed. This is especially noticeable in the background music and soundtrack of games. 

Microphone Quality

The detachable unidirectional cardioid microphone sounds very good. There is a definite roll-off in the low end, but this makes your voice much clearer and easier to understand. 

On top of this, the Blue Vo!ce suite makes improving voice quality, and having some fun with it, very easy. Overall, the mic on the G735 will be more than adequate for any gaming experience. 

Logitech G735 Review – Pros and Cons


  • Well-built.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good battery life.
  • Great companion software.
  • Decent sound.


  • Expensive.
  • Not the latest Bluetooth version.

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Logitech G735 Review – Conclusion

The G735’s comfort is like no other model from Logitech. It’s well-made, sounds good, and is fully featured for its price range. The obvious high points are comfort, battery life, and fantastic companion software. 

The G735 might be the best Logitech gaming headset yet. But that still doesn’t justify the expensive price tag. There are quite a few options out there that offer the same features (if not the same level of comfort) for the same money. And, in some cases, for even less.

Until next time, game on.

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