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Liz Harris Facts

Liz Harris – The Heavenly Voice of Indie Music

Singer’s Bio

Liz Harris is an American musician and visual artist, born on July 18, 1975, in Irvine, California. She spent most of her teenage years in the Pacific Northwest before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in her early twenties. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


As of July 2021, Liz Harris is 46 years old.

Relationships and Children

Liz Harris keeps her personal life private and out of the public eye.


Liz Harris’ height is not publicly known.


Liz Harris is widely known as Grouper in the indie music scene. She started her musical career in the early 2000s after moving to Portland, Oregon, where she founded the band Inca Ore with her friend Eva Saelens. In 2005, she began recording and performing under the moniker Grouper, releasing her debut album, “Way Their Crept”, on free download in 2007. Since then, she has released more than a dozen albums and EPs, highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Her haunting and ethereal sound mixes elements of folk, ambient, and drone music, with a focus on minimalist and transcendent atmospheres.

Top Songs

Some of Liz Harris’ most popular songs include:

– “Heavy Water/I’d rather be sleeping”
– “Alien Observer”
– “Ruins”
– “The Man Who Died in His Boat”
– “Holding”
– “I’m Clean Now”
– “Headache”

Net Worth

As of 2021, Liz Harris’ net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.


1. How did Liz Harris get started in music?

Liz Harris grew up listening to music and playing the piano, but it wasn’t until her college years that she discovered experimental and drone music, which became a major influence on her own work. While living in Portland, she started collaborating with other musicians and experimenting with different sounds and textures, which led her to create her solo project Grouper. She recorded her first album, “Way Their Crept” on a laptop and released it on free download online. The album caught the attention of music blogs and other musicians, and Liz Harris began to gain recognition for her unique and haunting sound.

2. What are some of Liz Harris’ influences?

Liz Harris’ music is influenced by ambient, drone, folk, and experimental music, as well as art, literature, and film. Some of her favorite musicians include Brian Eno, Terry Riley, Arthur Russell, and Popol Vuh. She is also a fan of David Lynch’s films and surrealism in general, which can be seen in her visual style and lyrics.

3. What is Liz Harris’ creative process?

Liz Harris often starts her creative process by experimenting with sounds and textures, using piano and guitar as her main instruments. She records and layers her vocals using various effects and manipulations until she finds the right tone and mood for a song. She also draws inspiration from her surroundings, such as the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where she spent much of her formative years.

4. How does Liz Harris approach live performances?

Liz Harris’ live performances are known for their immersive and atmospheric quality, with Harris often performing in near darkness or dim lighting. She uses lo-fi equipment and loops her vocals and guitar live, creating a unique and textured sound. She also incorporates visuals and projections into her shows, which help to enhance the mood and transport the audience into another world.

5. What themes does Liz Harris explore in her music?

Liz Harris’ music often explores themes of memory, loss, and longing, as well as the beauty and brutality of the natural world. Her lyrics are poetic and impressionistic, often evoking a dreamlike or otherworldly quality. She is also interested in the ways in which music can create emotional and spiritual connections between people.

6. How has Liz Harris’ music grown and evolved over the years?

Liz Harris’ music has evolved and matured over the years, as she has experimented with different textures and sounds and explored new themes and ideas. Her early albums were more experimental and lo-fi, but she gradually honed her sound and production techniques, creating more polished and immersive works. Her recent albums, such as “Ruins” and “A I A”, showcase a more stripped-down and intimate sound, with a focus on her vocals and piano.

7. Has Liz Harris collaborated with other musicians?

Liz Harris has collaborated with several musicians over the years, including Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Lawrence English, and Savvas Metaxas. She has also been involved in several group projects, such as Helen and Mirrorring, both of which showcase her collaborative and improvisational skills.

8. What does Liz Harris’ art practice involve?

Liz Harris is also a visual artist, creating collages, drawings, and paintings that often reflect the same themes and moods as her music. She has created album covers, posters, and other artwork for her own music, as well as for other artists.

9. What has been Liz Harris’ most successful album?

Liz Harris has released several critically acclaimed albums over the years, but her most successful album to date is “Ruins”, released in 2014. The album features stripped-down piano and vocal pieces, recorded in a barn in rural Portugal. It received widespread critical acclaim and was included in many “best-of” lists for the year.

10. Has Liz Harris won any awards?

Liz Harris has not won any major awards, but she has been highly recognized by critics and fans alike, with her albums often appearing on “best-of” lists and receiving widespread acclaim.

11. What sets Liz Harris apart from other indie musicians?

Liz Harris’ music is often praised for its otherworldly and transcendent quality, as well as its ability to evoke deep emotions and connections within the listener. Her haunting and ethereal voice and minimalistic instrumentation set her apart from other indie musicians who rely heavily on production and effects.

12. Has Liz Harris ever performed at major music festivals?

Liz Harris has performed at several major music festivals, including Primavera Sound, All Tomorrow’s Parties, and the Big Ears Festival. Her live performances are known for their immersive and atmospheric quality, making her a popular choice for experimental and ambient music festivals.

13. What is Liz Harris’ fan base like?

Liz Harris has a dedicated and passionate fan base, as well as critical acclaim from music journalists. Her fans appreciate her unique and haunting sound, as well as her ability to create emotional and spiritual connections through her music.

14. What are Liz Harris’ future plans?

As of now, Liz Harris has not announced any upcoming projects, but fans are eagerly anticipating new music and performances. She continues to explore the themes and sounds that have made her music so popular, and fans can expect more dreamlike and atmospheric works in the future.

15. What advice would Liz Harris give to aspiring musicians?

Liz Harris has emphasized the importance of experimentation and creative freedom in music, encouraging aspiring musicians to try different sounds and techniques and not be afraid to take risks. She also stresses the importance of perseverance and dedication, as well as trusting one’s own instincts and vision.

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