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Top 50 Little River Band Songs

The Little River Band formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1975. They took their name from a road sign for Little River in a place near the town of Geelong. The band did well and had a lot of success during the 70s and the beginning of the 80s. So, to see what their music was all about, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Little River Band songs.

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At first, they tried to break through into the UK market. But that didn’t go very well. Instead, they concentrated their efforts on the American market. It was there they found success and became the first Australian Rock band to do so.

During their existence… 

They sold over 25 million units and had several successful singles. And they had some well-known members. Perhaps the most notable was singer John Farnham. He recorded the anthem “You’re the Voice” as a solo artist and was with the band between 1982 and 1986.

The band has had many lineups over the years and rarely kept a settled unit for long. But, the quality of the musicians was always a cut above many others. It was those high standards that set them apart.

Their music had variety and often fitted in between Rock and Pop with some jazzy influences at times. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the Little River Band’s Top 50 songs.

Top 10 Little River Band Songs

Top 50 Little River Band Songs

[nb]1[/nb] Curiosity Killed The Cat


Let’s start right at the beginning with their first single from their first album, the self-titled Little River Band. The single “Curiosity Killed The Cat” was released in 1975, slightly ahead of the album. 

It reached #15 on the Australian chart. The album reached #12 in Australia, but it also made #80 in America, giving them a little bit of exposure there. As we move forward in time, you will hear how the band evolved from these early recordings.

[nb]2[/nb] If I Get Lucky


Moving ahead in time to 1990 and this track from the album, Get Lucky. Music was changing at this time as new bands and styles emerged. This single did nothing in America and only reached #75 in their homeland Australia. They would have been disappointed in that.

“If I Get Lucky” is almost Country in its style, probably aimed at the American market. It is a far better song than its chart position indicates and deserved more. That’s why I placed it among the best Little River Band songs.

[nb]3[/nb] Love Is A Bridge


Staying with their later work, this is a track from their tenth album from 1988, Monsoon. Once again, it didn’t make the main American chart, but it did well in Australia, reaching #6. It is a song that in another time would have been a success. Effectively, it was their final single that had any kind of success. 

An easy-paced Soft Rock song that is very acoustic guitar-dominated with a good chorus. I have included it in the Top 10 Little River Band songs not only because it is good. But, also because it shows that, although their success had waned somewhat and new genres took over, they were still producing good music.

[nb]4[/nb] The Night Owls


If we go back a little in time, we come across this song. This is a track taken from the album Time Exposure from 1981. This was released at a time when they were seeing a bit of a resurgence in their chart success. The late-70s had been a good time for them, but late 1979, 1980, and the early part of 1981 hadn’t been.

Their albums had usually done reasonably well. Often making the Top 20 in both Australia and America. For example, Time Exposure reached #9 in Australia and #21 in America. But, this song made more of an impact in the singles market, where it reached #18 in Australia and, more significantly, #6 in America.

It did have a head start, though, as it was produced by Sir George Martin, and we all know how good he was. The song starts interestingly and then breaks into a kind of Blues Boogie with plenty of very good vocals. There is also a very nice guitar solo. A very good track and one that shows they were capable of some very good stuff.

[nb]5[/nb] Lady


Not to be confused with tracks called “Lady” by Kenny Rogers, Styx, or Jeff Beck, which were all different songs. This is going back a bit earlier in the Little River Band collection to a single that was taken from the album Sleeper Catcher.

That was another successful album released at a time when many would say they were at their best. Sleeper Catcher reached #4 in Australia and #12 in America. The single also did well, reaching #10 on the main American chart but peaked at #46 in Australia. 

A gentle Rock ballad that was written by Graeham Goble. He claimed the inspiration came from the sight of a girl dancing in front of the previous incarnation of the Little River Band. That forerunner to the Little River Band was called “Mississippi.” She was at a gig they did in Melbourne.

[nb]6[/nb] The Other Guy


To 1983 now and John Farnham’s first single with the Little River Band. Written again by Graeham Goble, it did well, reaching #18 in Australia and #11 in America. It was included in their Greatest Hits album in 1982. This has a nice guitar riff with some very nice vocals going on over a smooth, laid-back tempo. Typical of them and just a great Little River Band song.

[nb]7[/nb] Lonesome Loser


This was released in 1979, when the Little River Band was probably at its most successful. “Lonesome Loser” was taken from the album First Under The Wire.

The album reached #2 on the Australian chart and #10 on the American Album chart. That was the best performance by any of their albums. And it was the only time that they reached the Top 10 in America. It also became one of the most successful Little River Band songs, reaching number #19 in Australia and #6 in America.


This must be considered one of their most impressive tracks. The opening ‘acapella’ will remind you of other bands that attempted and impressed with such vocals. For example, The Doobie Brothers on “Black Water” and Kansas on “Carry On Wayward Son.” When you are comparing them to such bands, then you know that the song and the singing are impressive.

[nb]8[/nb] Cool Change


Let’s stay with the excellent First Under The Wire album for this track and another 1979 success. Interestingly, it wasn’t released as a single in Australia. However, in 2001, it was chosen as one of the Best 30 Australian Songs ever.

The single peaked at #10 in America, making it one of their best five performing songs in that country. It was written by singer Glen Shorrock. A piano-based ballad with some thoughtful lyrics.

[nb]9[/nb] Reminiscing


This is a single that was taken from their album Sleeper Catcher. It was written by the band’s guitarist Graeham Goble. This is a song that is about looking back and appreciating things that have gone before. Specifically, the start of a lifetime romance, and how it felt at the time. But it is also a reminder to appreciate what we have today.

“Reminiscing” is also a clever play on the idea that our favorite songs from the past can bring back great memories. “Now as the years roll on – Each time we hear our favorite song – The memories come along – Older times we’re missing – Spending the hours reminiscing.”

It was said to be one of John Lennon’s favorite songs. He was a man who also appreciated all that had gone before, as we know only too well from his masterpiece, “In My Life.” “Reminiscing” reached #35 in Australia and became their highest charting single in America, reaching #3.

[nb]10[/nb] Help Is On Its Way


For the last song on this list, we make our first and only visit to their 1977 album, Diamantina Cocktail. It was one of the band’s most successful singles, reaching #1 in Australia and #14 in America. Furthermore, it was also voted Australian Record Of The Year for 1977. 

In many ways, it is a Pop song, but it would be unfair to just label it as “Pop Music.” It has plenty of nice chord progressions and good vocals with some “Hotel California” harmony guitars for good measure.

Not surprising that it might be placed at #1 on this list. It has everything that the Little River Band was good at. As a result, it’s one of the most popular Little River Band songs of all time.

[nb]11[/nb]Man on Your Mind by Little River Band


[nb]12[/nb]Down on the Border by Little River Band


[nb]13[/nb]Everyday of My Life by Little River Band


[nb]14[/nb]Just Say That You Love Me by Little River Band


[nb]15[/nb]You’re Driving Me Out of My Mind by Little River Band


[nb]16[/nb]The Rumor by Little River Band


[nb]17[/nb]Where We Started From by Little River Band


[nb]18[/nb]It’s Not a Wonder by Little River Band


[nb]19[/nb]I Dream Alone by Little River Band


[nb]20[/nb]It’s Cold Out Tonight by Little River Band


[nb]21[/nb]The Drifter by Little River Band


[nb]22[/nb]You Dream I’ll Drive by Little River Band


[nb]23[/nb]One Shot in the Dark by Little River Band


[nb]24[/nb]Brave and Beautiful Soul by Little River Band


[nb]25[/nb]Where Do I Run by Little River Band


[nb]26[/nb]Days on the Road by Little River Band


[nb]27[/nb]Raelene, Raelene by Little River Band


[nb]28[/nb]The Lost and the Lonely by Little River Band


[nb]29[/nb]It’s Just a Matter of Time by Little River Band


[nb]30[/nb]Asking Around For You by Little River Band


[nb]31[/nb]Forever You, Forever Me by Little River Band


[nb]32[/nb]I Think I Left My Heart With You by Little River Band


[nb]33[/nb]Who Made the Moon by Little River Band


[nb]34[/nb]Through Her Eyes by Little River Band


[nb]35[/nb]Another Runway by Little River Band


[nb]36[/nb]Orbit Zero by Little River Band


[nb]37[/nb]Guiding Light by Little River Band


[nb]38[/nb]In Love Again by Little River Band


[nb]39[/nb]Count Me In by Little River Band


[nb]40[/nb]Don’t Blame Me by Little River Band


[nb]41[/nb]The One That Got Away by Little River Band


[nb]42[/nb]Brave Face by Little River Band


[nb]43[/nb]Lost and Lonely Hearts by Little River Band


[nb]44[/nb]When Will I Be Loved by Little River Band


[nb]45[/nb]Love’s Not A Love Song by Little River Band


[nb]46[/nb]Parallel Lines by Little River Band


[nb]47[/nb]First Under The Wire by Little River Band


[nb]48[/nb]Love’s A Terrible Thing by Little River Band


[nb]49[/nb]Hard Life (Prelude) by Little River Band


[nb]50[/nb]Hard Life by Little River Band


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Top 50 Little River Band Songs – Final Thoughts

Not many bands from the Land Down Under have managed to break through musically. AC/DC, of course, the Bee Gees and Olivia Newton-John come to mind, though they were all born in the UK. But you can add Kylie Minogue, INXS, Nick Cave, Men At Work, and finally, Little River Band to that list.

No doubt they made an impact…

However, they also were around at a time when music was changing directions. The Soft-Rock style they were good at eventually disappeared under the popularity of new bands and genres like Nirvana and Grunge.

But, if your appetite has been whetted for a bit more easy-going rock from down under, these are going to be of interest. Three Little River Band compilations, each with a variety of songs – Greatest HitsGreatest Hits (Remastered), and Little River Band: All-Time Greatest Hits.

Their final album came in 1991, a European-only release. To be fair, they had struggled since 1988, and “Love Is A Bridge.” But, in the preceding years, they gave us plenty. Enjoy.

Until next time, happy listening.

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