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Lisa Dal Bello Facts

Lisa Dal Bello: The Legendary Rock Singer, Her Life And Career

Singer’s Bio and Age

Lisa Dal Bello is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, born on May 22, 1959, in Toronto, Ontario. As a child, Lisa started performing at a very young age, singing in church and playing the piano. Her musical interest grew, and she began writing and arranging her songs by the time she was just 16.

Relationships and Children

Lisa Dal Bello has kept her personal life away from the public eye. Though her fans adore her music, there is surprisingly little information available about her personal life. Lisa is a very private person and hasn’t opened up much about her relationships. However, it is said that she was in a long-term relationship with German composer and musician, Thomas Kukuck, who worked with her on several albums. Their relationship lasted over a decade, and they have a daughter together named Alessandra.


Lisa Dal Bello has a slender build and stands at a height of 5’6 feet (168 cm).


Lisa Dal Bello’s big break came in the late 1970s when she signed a record deal with Canada’s Capitol Records. Her self-titled debut album was released in 1977, and it featured the top 30 Canadian hit “Never Run Away.” She continued to gain popularity with her second album, “Pretty Girls,” which yielded two top 40 hits, “Talk It Over” and “Crazy Eights.”

In 1984, Lisa released “Whomanfoursays,” an album that showcased her extraordinary vocal range and songwriting talent. The album was fully produced by Lisa herself, and it established her as a groundbreaking artist who defied pop conventions with her innovative sound. Her next albums, “Drastic Measures” and “She,” turned her to become one of the most respected rock artists across North America.

Lisa Dal Bello is also an accomplished songwriter and has written for several other artists, including Bette Midler and Heart. Even though it has been over a decade and a half since Lisa’s last album release, her remarkable sound and style continue to influence the music world.

Top Songs

Lisa Dal Bello’s vast musical career has produced many hits that have stood the test of time. Here are some of her top songs:

  • “Gonna Get Close to You” – 1984
  • “Black on Black” – 1986
  • “Tango” – 1984
  • “My Mind’s Made Up” – 1981
  • “Still in Love” – 1985
  • “She Wants to Know” – 1986
  • “Love Will Show the Way” – 1989
  • “Path of Least Resistance” – 1984

Net Worth

Lisa Dal Bello’s net worth is estimated at $700,000, which she has earned through her successful career as a singer-songwriter, performer, and record producer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Lisa Dal Bello’s first hit?

Lisa Dal Bello’s first hit was “Never Run Away,” which landed in the top 30 of the Canadian charts in 1977.

Why is Lisa Dal Bello famous?

Lisa Dal Bello is famous for her exceptional songwriting, studio-producing, and incredible vocal range. She has been active in the music industry for over four decades and has written and produced albums that have earned critical acclaim from fans worldwide.

When did Lisa Dal Bello release her first album?

Lisa Dal Bello released her first album in 1977. The album was a self-titled debut that featured the single “Never Run Away.”

Who inspired Lisa Dal Bello to pursue a music career?

Lisa Dal Bello’s greatest inspiration for pursuing a music career was her father. He was an accomplished musician himself, and he introduced Lisa to various musical instruments and genres, nurturing her love for music from an early age.

How many albums has Lisa Dal Bello released?

During her illustrious career, Lisa has released eight solo albums, beginning with her debut album in 1977 through to 2005’s “Lisa Dal Bello Live at Rockpalast.”

What is Lisa Dal Bello’s biggest hit song?

Lisa Dal Bello’s biggest hit song was “Gonna Get Close to You,” a single from her 1984 album “Whomanfoursays.” The song peaked at number six on the Billboard Dance Chart in the US.

Does Lisa Dal Bello still perform?

Although Lisa Dal Bello hasn’t released new music in over a decade, she still performs occasionally. She has also been known to make guest appearances at concerts and music festivals across Canada and the US.

What is Lisa Dal Bello’s signature style?

Lisa Dal Bello’s signature style is a fusion of rock, pop, and electronic music. Her voice is incredibly versatile, allowing her to convey a range of emotions in her music, adding depth and complexity to her songs.

What is Lisa Dal Bello’s vocal range?

Lisa Dal Bello has a four-octave vocal range, one of the widest vocal ranges among female rock singers. Her signature sound is defined by her incredible vocal power, flexibility, and control.

What is Lisa Dal Bello’s most personal song?

According to Lisa, “Mental Hopscotch,” the lead single from her third album “Drastic Measures” is the most personal and emotional song she has ever written.

Has Lisa Dal Bello won any awards?

Lisa Dal Bello was nominated for the Juno Award, acknowledging her as best female vocalist and songwriter. She was also featured on Canada’s Walk of Fame and recognized for her contributions to Canadian music.

Did Lisa Dal Bello only sing in English?

Although Lisa Dal Bello’s music primarily features English lyrics, she has also recorded in French. She released a French language album, “Femme Fatale” in 1987, which featured French-language versions of some of her most popular tracks.

What is Lisa Dal Bello’s opinion on her fans?

Lisa Dal Bello is incredibly humble and is very grateful for her fans. She has mentioned in interviews that they are the reason why she makes music and loves to perform.

Does Lisa Dal Bello play any musical instruments?

Lisa Dal Bello is an accomplished pianist, and she plays the keyboard on her songs. She has also played guitar and other instruments in concert performances.

Where is Lisa Dal Bello now?

Lisa Dal Bello has kept a low profile in recent years and has provided little information on her current location or whereabouts.

How has Lisa Dal Bello influenced music?

Lisa Dal Bello’s unique sound has influenced many artists and has left a lasting impact on the music industry. Her voice has been described as a musical weapon, which she uses to convey her emotions and passions for her music.

What advice would Lisa Dal Bello provide to upcoming musicians?

In a brief interview, Lisa gave some advice to upcoming musicians, telling them to take their time to develop their sound and to feature their incredible talent on every opportunity they come across.

In Conclusion, Lisa Dal Bello is a legendary rock singer who has made her mark in the music industry through her unique sound and incredible vocal ability. Her influence on the music world is undeniable, as she continues to inspire new generations of musicians and fans alike. While she remains very private, her music will always speak for itself, earning her a rightful place among the greatest singers of all time.

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