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Lesley Gore Facts

The Legacy of Lesley Gore: Her Life, Music and Everything in Between

Lesley Gore has always been one of those singers who never went out of style. Her music was a reflection of her time, but her voice and her message endure to this day. She was also a woman ahead of her time, who faced many challenges in an industry that often relegated female musicians to a secondary role. In this article, we will explore Lesley Gore’s life and career, and learn more about the woman behind the music.

Her Bio: Early Life and Education

Lesley Gore was born on May 2, 1946, in Brooklyn, New York. Her birth name was Lesley Sue Goldstein, and she was the youngest of four children. Her father was a businessman, and her mother was a singer who performed under the name “Pinkie Lee”. Music was always a part of Lesley’s life; she started taking piano lessons at the age of four and wrote her first song at the age of eleven.

She attended Dwight School for Girls in Englewood, New Jersey, and went on to attend Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied American literature and graduated in 1968.

Her Age and Height

Lesley Gore passed away on February 16, 2015, at the age of 68. She was five feet, two inches tall.

Her Relationships and Family

Lesley Gore was a private person, and not much is known about her relationships. She never publicly came out as a lesbian until later in life, but in 2005 she married her longtime partner, jewelry designer Lois Sasson.

Lesley was also a stepmother to Sasson’s children, and the couple did not have any children of their own.

Her Career

Lesley Gore’s career began in 1963 when she signed with Mercury Records. Her first single, “It’s My Party”, became a hit almost overnight and peaked at number one on the charts. The song was written by the team of John Gluck, Wally Gold, and Herb Weiner, and it was produced by Quincy Jones.

“It’s My Party” was followed by a string of other hits, including “Judy’s Turn to Cry”, “She’s a Fool”, “That’s the Way Boys Are”, and “Maybe I Know”. Her music was known for its catchy pop tunes and lyrics that often dealt with issues that were relevant to young teenagers of the time.

Lesley was also known for her fashion sense and her hairstyles, which were often imitated by her teenage fans. She was the epitome of the ’60s glamour, with her bouffant hairdos and miniskirts.

Her Top Songs

Lesley Gore had several hits throughout her career. Here are some of her top songs:

  • “It’s My Party” (1963)
  • “Judy’s Turn to Cry” (1963)
  • “She’s a Fool” (1963)
  • “You Don’t Own Me” (1963)
  • “That’s the Way Boys Are” (1964)
  • “Maybe I Know” (1964)

You Don’t Own Me

One of Lesley Gore’s most memorable songs was “You Don’t Own Me”, which was released in 1963. The song was written by John Madara and David White, and it was produced by Quincy Jones. At the time, it was considered a feminist anthem, as it spoke to the idea of women being independent and not needing a man to define them.

“You Don’t Own Me” was a controversial song at the time, as it challenged societal norms about the role of women. Lesley Gore later said in an interview, “It was right at the beginning of the women’s movement, and it was something that women could really identify with.”

Her Net Worth

Lesley Gore’s net worth was estimated to be around $10 million at the time of her death. Her music continues to be popular, and she remains a beloved icon of the ’60s.

Final Thoughts

Lesley Gore’s music was more than just catchy pop tunes; it was a reflection of the times and a message of empowerment for young women. She paved the way for female musicians who would come after her, and her songs continue to inspire and resonate to this day.

Her legacy as a trailblazer and icon of the ’60s lives on, and her music remains a testament to the power of art to change hearts and minds. Lesley Gore may be gone, but her voice and her message will be remembered for generations to come.

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