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Klipsch R-625FA Review

With the R-625FA, Klipsch set out to provide cinematic sound quality with a completely immersive 360-degree surround sound packaged into a pair of floor-standing speakers.

The company has been creating products for audio enthusiasts since 1946. And in that time, have earned a reputation for high-quality and reliable products. But being a premium product, brings a premium price along with it.

So, I decided to see if the extra cash is worth it for an amazing cinema experience in your own home. Let’s find out in my in-depth Klipsch R-625FA Review…

Klipsch R-625FA
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Design and Build

These high-quality speakers have a classy black gloss finish covered with a magnetic grill. Intended as front left and right speakers in a surround sound system, they use a floor-standing tower design.

Measurements for each speaker are 17.3 x 9.45 x 40 inches (44 x 24 x 102 centimeters). They are not the lightest, weighing in at 49 pounds (22 kilos). So make sure you plan out where you’d like them placed. They’re not exactly portable.

Dolby Atmos and Tractrix…

There are both forward-facing and upward-facing speakers integrated into the enclosure. The upward-facing speakers are what gives the Dolby Atmos effect, firing towards the ceiling and providing a 360-degree surround sound environment.

Tractrix Horn Technology reduces any artificial reverb or filtering usually caused by indirect sound bouncing off walls. The result is sound aimed at the listener with greater detail, dynamics, and detail.

Spun copper woofers…

The front-facing speakers feature dual 6.5-inch spun copper IMG (Injection Molded Graphite) woofer cones. Likewise, the upward-facing speaker uses a single 5.25-inch woofer.

Using spun copper and IMG makes each woofer both lightweight and rigid. This makes them some of the best low-frequency response speakers with minimal amounts of distortion. Both the forward and upward speakers are then paired with a horn-loaded LTS tweeter.


While the woofers are the star of the show here, we can’t go past the tweeters for high-frequency sounds. Known as electromechanical loudspeakers, these have some distinct advantages over regular tweeters.

Capable of producing a high frequency despite their smaller size, they require less power making them more efficient. Using linear travel suspension, the tweeters are constructed from aluminum, prolonging their lifespan. As a result, these are some of the most durable speakers you can buy.

Balanced sound…

When the woofers, tweeters, and horns are combined, they cover narrow frequency ranges. Resulting in accurate sound for the listener. The entire spectrum is covered from low to high frequencies, with no gaps within their range.

Furthermore, these are premium floor standing speakers that cover a large range. Combined with Dolby Atmos technology, you can enjoy 3D sound effects. Even when independent from any other surround channels, sounds come from all directions. All of which results in creating a theater-like experience.

Connectivity Options

The Klipsch R-625FA floor standing speakers connect to a receiver or amplifier using regular speaker wire. They use spring-loaded, gold-plated terminals. And I would recommend using at least 10 gauge wire for the best performance.

Wired only connectivity…

Unfortunately, there is no wireless option like Bluetooth for connecting these speakers. That would be an injustice anyway. Current wireless technology wouldn’t provide the full experience these speakers are capable of.

Speaker Placement

Ensuring the correct placement of speakers has a huge effect on acoustic performance. This aspect is often overlooked, yet, it can have a big impact on the sound quality of your speakers.

Larger speakers like these are better suited for larger rooms. This is because the sound does not bounce off as many surfaces. Being in a wide-open space allows for the sound to be more easily directed.

Size of the room…

This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve great results in a smaller room; it might just require some more planning. It is a case of trial and error. However, I do have some tips for making the most out of smaller spaces.

When placing the speakers, ensure any unnecessary items are cleared from the surrounding area. If the walls are too close, it might also help to angle the forward-facing speakers slightly away from the walls. Corners are also best avoided if possible.


I know some of you like to know all the numbers and specifications, so I have included them here too. I will begin with the front-facing speakers and then cover the upward-facing speakers separately.

The frequency response is between 38Hz and 21Khz +/- 3db. Sensitivity is 96db at 2.83V from a distance of one meter. Power is 100W RMS and 400W peak. The impedance is 8 ohms.

Heading on up…

For the upward-facing speakers, both the frequency response and sensitivity conform to Dolby Atmos specifications. Power is 75W RMS and 150W peak. They also have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

General specifications are as follows. The enclosure material is MDF with bass reflex using rear-firing Tractrix ports. Additionally, the enclosures feature black textured wood grain vinyl coverings. Each speaker sits on top of injection-molded feet.


Even when used on their own without a center, rear, or standalone subwoofer, these speakers truly sound incredible. You truly haven’t experienced Dolby Atmos until you’ve heard it through some premium speakers such as these. Therefore, if you want some of the best speakers for Dolby Atmos, these are a good bet.

When listening to music, it sounds crisp, natural, and precise. Everything from the deep, driving bass notes to the crystal clarity of drummers’ cymbals. Each frequency in between is rich in character and depth.

A truly immersive experience…

Where these speakers shine is when watching movies. It honestly feels like you are sitting in the environment on screen. Having audio surround you is almost surreal, knowing that there are only two speakers connected.

Furthermore, when combined with a complete 7.2 channel surround sound package, they create a remarkable and immersive experience. Even on their own, the sound quality rivals less expensive complete surround packages. As a result, these are some of the best surround sound speakers on the market.

Klipsch R-625FA Review – Pros and Cons


  • Forward-facing and upward-facing speakers in one enclosure.
  • True and amazing Dolby Atmos experience unlike any other.
  • High-quality spun copper and IMG woofer cones.
  • Linear travel 1-inch aluminum tweeters for clean high frequencies.
  • Tractrix horn technology and ports for truly immersive sound.
  • Incredibly lifelike sound quality for both music and movies.


  • Difficult to move around at 49 pounds (22.2 kilos) each.
  • Premium speakers mean a premium price tag.
  • No wireless connectivity.
  • Requires a large and open room for the full experience.

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Klipsch R-625FA Review – Final Thoughts

The Klipsch R-625FA is a great example of “you get what you pay for.” Although they have a premium price tag, it is well-deserved. As soon as you play your first track or watch your first movie, that smaller bank balance is quickly forgotten.

Their ability to provide such an immersive 360-degree experience from a set of speakers is truly remarkable. Bass notes are deep and clear, with most people not believing that there’s no separate subwoofer. If you can afford to add these to your home theater system, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy listening!

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