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Klipsch R-52C Review

This impressive Klipsch R-52C speaker can easily become the centerpiece of your home theater system. There is nothing more important than a central speaker to surround sound aficionados. Some would say that this type of speaker holds entire systems together and is the throbbing heartbeat of a quality audio build.

This desirable central speaker comes with a glittering reputation, but does it live up to the hype? Does it perform to high levels, or is it just marketing and sales talk? This in-depth Klipsch R-52C review will separate the fact from the fiction and the hype from the hypocrisy. So, let’s get started…


Who Are Klipsch Audio Technologies?

You might not know that much about Klipsch, and many of you may be asking, “How reputable is Klipsch?” Klipsch Audio Technologies is an American loudspeaker company founded in 1946 in Arkansas and currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The company manufactures loudspeaker drivers, enclosures, and loudspeakers for high-fidelity audio systems. They have been a market-leading electronics company for over 75 years.

The company was initially founded by Paul W. Klipsch and is today known for its innovative wireless speakers that create ground-breaking home theater experiences. When you purchase a Klipsch product, you are buying a slice of American audio history. All their speaker products are built on remarkable acoustic technology presented in a unique wireless manner.

Klipsch R-52C Speaker First Impressions

The first impression of this Klipsch R-52C central speaker is that it looks like a powerhouse. If we could gauge the quality of a speaker on its appearance, we are already celebrating victory with a lap of honor.

But as we know, performance always trumps appearance. Does this central speaker model merge high-performance with its undoubted aesthetics? Let’s keep going to find out…

Klipsch R-52C
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Why is the central speaker important?

It’s the one used for dialogue when you watch a movie on your home theater system. This Klipsch speaker is designed to bring you the clearest movie dialogue imaginable. Making this a must-have speaker for film fans. But on first impressions, it’s the appearance with its dark tones against the copper speaker cones that initially captures your imagination.

Klipsch R-52C Speaker – Top Features

Getting the perfect crystal clear sound is the Holy Grail of all surround sound home theater builders. This Klipsch R-52C speaker does take it to the next level in terms of sound quality. Here are some of the top features that make this speaker such a desirable purchase option.

  • 1″ Aluminum LTS tweeter
  • 90×90 Square Tractrix Horn
  • Dual 5.25″ Spun-Copper IMG Woofers
  • Strong, Flexible Removable Magnetic Grille
  • Closed-Back Design for Flexible Placement
  • Dimensions – 7.3″ x 18.75″ x 7.6″

Please see an in-depth rundown of the best features of this speaker below.

Tractrix Horn Technology

One of the most unique features of this product is the Klipsch exclusive 90×90 Tractrix horn technology. This innovative feature ensures that frequency vibrations are aimed right at the listener and limits the reverb of sound waves that bounce off walls and furniture.

You will get the best dynamics, acoustics, and clarity when playing music or watching movies with this ground-breaking function.

Linear Travel Suspension Tweeter

Being a central speaker makes its duties so important to the entire home theater system. And this is where this speaker’s innovative features come into their own. The Klipsch exclusive Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) feature is an aluminum tweeter whose job is to minimize distortion to enhance detailed performance.

The function is possible by using a layer of a very light and rigid material called Kapton in the suspension of the tweeter. This improves the overall efficiency and resolution. This is one of the most unique features of this central speaker that you will find.

Spun Copper IMG Woofers

The woofer functionality of any central speaker is essential to the bass and depth of the surround sound system. It is one of the most important parts of home theater systems. This spun copper IMG dual woofer function is simply scintillating. IMG stands for Injection Molded Graphite, which is self-explanatory.

The dual graphite woofer cones are ultra-lightweight while remaining tough and rigid at the same time. This generates a super-low frequency response and very little cone breakup or distortion.

When this feature works in tandem with the Tractrix Horn Technology, it creates one of the most efficient central speakers and sound performance imaginable. The Tractrix Horn-Loaded LTS Tweeter takes the sound to levels of epic proportions.

High-Quality Cabinet and Closed Design

Another fantastic feature of this Klipsch R-52C speaker is its high-quality cabinet and the closed design. Solid speaker enclosures are more important for sound quality than most people realize. The enclosure is constructed from MDF and reduces vibration. This also improves the sonic accuracy that will create a crystal clear listening experience that you won’t forget.

The closed-back design also helps to create the perfect user experience. This will give you flexible placement options because there is minimum bass response.

The laymen’s explanation is due to the lack of shaky bass omitting from the woofer; you can place it on shelves or anywhere without worrying about movement. Your ornaments and hanging pictures are safe with this enclosed design.

Speaker Build and Specs

Now that I have gone through some of the top features of this impressive central speaker, I need to discuss the build and dimensions. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a very good Klipsch R-52C Review. It’s important to understand the dimensions of any product you buy to ensure it fits in with your requirements.

Here is a list of the dimensions and specs of these Klipsch speakers.

  • Speaker Type: Central Speaker Unit.
  • Enclosure Type: Close Enclosure.
  • Frequency Response Range: 89Hz to 21kHz.
  • Power: 400 Watts.
  • Woofer Bass Driver Dimensions: 2 x 133mm.
  • Tweeter Size: 25mm
  • Impendence: 8 Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB.
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.63kHz.
  • Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 185.4 x 476 x 193mm.
  • Weight of Product: 6.21kg.

Always make sure you check all the specs and dimensions of any electronic product that you purchase. And this is especially true if you have limited space.

Klipsch Speaker Pros and Cons

These Klipsch R-52C speakers have a reputation for offering crystal clear sound to enhance any home theater system. They are a market-leading brand well-known for high-quality audio speakers. This is a product that has more advantages than disadvantages, coming highly recommended by even the harshest audiophile.

We have collected together our Klipsch R-52C speaker pros and cons list, so you get a clearer indication of how this product performs. We are starting with the pros.


  • Very clear dialogue, ideal for movie lovers.
  • Amazing value for money price.
  • Beautiful speaker design and appearance.
  • Fantastically balanced sound.
  • Innovative aluminum tweeters.
  • Dual IGM woofers for vibration-less bass.


  • Not as powerful as it could be.

When I studied the cons of this speaker product, there was hardly any. The only minor drawback is the speaker could be a bit louder, but that is clutching at straws. Essentially, this one of the best center speakers for home theater systems you can buy.

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Klipsch R-52C Review – Final Thoughts

Discussions about central speaker units are always highly combustible subjects. These products are routinely seen as the final piece of the home theater surround sound jigsaw puzzle. They are the proverbial cherry on top.

They are akin to Michael Jordan in that star-studded 1992 USA Olympics Basketball all-star team. Or like Zinedine Zidane in the French 1998 World Cup soccer winning team. You are a fantastic team without them, but with them, you are legendary.

An inspired choice…

The Klipsch R-52C speaker looks great and performs even better. Using exclusive features such as Tractrix Horn Technology and the dual spun copper IMG woofers, this speaker has its own special functionality. This is a speaker that has a low-frequency response, which means you can pump out the bass without shaking your house to its very foundations.

Are you currently in the market for a central speaker that you can trust to perform every time? A speaker that is durable and reliable? Or do you need that final piece to complete your jaw-dropping surround sound system? If so, this Klipsch R-52C speaker is an inspired choice.

Until next time, happy listening.

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