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Kelly Chen Facts

Kelly Chen: A Musical Sensation Who Continues to Win Hearts Across the Globe


Kelly Chen is a name that resonates with millions of music enthusiasts worldwide. The multifaceted artiste has enthralled audiences with her mesmerizing voice, striking beauty, and impeccable acting prowess for over three decades. In this article, we’ll dive deep into Kelly Chen’s life, including her biography, relationships, career, top songs, net worth, and more.

Kelly Chen’s Bio

Kelly Chen was born on September 13, 1972, in Hong Kong. She is the youngest of three siblings and grew up in the neighborhood of Tai Po, in the northern part of New Territories in Hong Kong. Kelly’s interest in the arts began at an early age, as she loved to mimic her favorite TV stars and sing along with popular songs. Her parents, however, didn’t initially encourage her and wanted her to focus on academics.

Age and Relationships

Now 49 years old, Kelly Chen has been an iconic artist in the entertainment industry since the early ’90s. She married Alex Lau in 2008, and the couple has two children, Chace Lau and Riley Lau. Both Kelly and Alex are private individuals and keep their personal lives guarded from the press and public.


Standing at 5’6” and with a svelte hourglass figure, Kelly Chen is a sight to behold. Her ravishing good looks and magnetic stage presence accentuate her talent further and make her one of the most captivating performers globally.


Kelly Chen kickstarted her career as a TV host and soon found her way into the music industry. She debuted her singing career at the age of 17 with ‘Interlude,’ a compilation album featuring several up-and-coming artists. Her first major break came in 1995 when her single ‘Love Paradise’ topped the charts in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. The song launched her into stardom and established her reputation as a credible musical artist.

Apart from her career in music, Kelly Chen is also an accomplished actress, having starred in several blockbuster movies and TV dramas. She played a significant role in the internationally acclaimed action movie Infernal Affairs III, alongside superstar actor Andy Lau. In the movie, Kelly showcased her versatility by playing both male and female characters, demonstrating her exceptional acting prowess.

Top Songs

Over the years, Kelly Chen has released numerous singles and albums, some of which have become chart-toppers and fan-favorites. Here are some of her most popular songs of all time:

– Love Paradise
– The Wind Rages On
– How Many Nights
– A Lover’s Concerto
– Love Letter
– I Am Who I Am
– May Be (OST Infernal Affairs III)
– No Regrets
– New Endless Love

Net Worth

With a career spanning over three decades, Kelly Chen has garnered significant wealth and fame for herself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is estimated to be around $30 million, making her one of the most commercially successful entertainers in Asia.


Apart from her artistic prowess, Kelly Chen is also known for her charitable heart. She has been involved in several philanthropic causes throughout her career, including environmental conservation, education, and social welfare. In 2010, she donated HKD 1 million to World Vision’s campaign to rebuild schools in China after an earthquake. She has also been a vocal advocate for animal rights, supporting organizations like PETA Asia.


In conclusion, Kelly Chen is an icon of the entertainment industry, known for her musical prowess, exceptional acting skills, and philanthropy. She has won numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, including the prestigious Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in Hong Kong. Her melodious voice, striking beauty, and magnetic stage presence continue to captivate audiences across the world. Kelly Chen is undoubtedly a musical sensation who will always remain etched in the hearts of millions.

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