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JLab Epic Air Sport Review

Have you been searching for a new pair of versatile, sturdy, and comfortable earbud headphones? A pair that you can use not just during your workouts, but also as your everyday set?

Well, your search may be over…

Say hello to the phenomenal JLab Epic Air Sport, our pick for the best deal on true wireless earbuds. Coming in at a much more affordable price than many of the competition, without cutting any obvious corners, they score highly in the most important categories.

So, let’s take a closer look in our JLab Epic Air Sport review to see if they could be the perfect pair for you!

JLab Epic Air Sport
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Who Were These Designed For?

As the name suggests, this set was originally designed and marketed with sportspeople and gym junkies in mind. But in case you are neither of these (like us), do not be put off just yet. With the included carry case doubling as charge holder for not just the headphones, but also your phone, and the great soundscape and comfort they provide, these are up there with the market leaders!


Inside this small box, we see the usual suspects. The JLab Epic Air Sport headphones come out first, then the carry case and USB charging cable, and finally the user manual and warranty. A 2-year standard manufacturers warranty apply to all sets.

 JLab Audio Epic Air Sport True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds | Headphones

Design & Construction

The outward design of the JLab Epic Air Sport should be familiar to most users. With the over-the-ear hook and angled ear tips reminding us of the Beats Powerbeats Pro. The angled ear tips are slightly wider than most of the market, and we found prolonged use over three hours could prove a little uncomfortable when using the silicon tips that came attached.

Do not worry; there is a fix for this!

Luckily for us (and you!), Jlab have been kind enough to include a huge amount of options when it comes to tips. Seven different options, to be exact. On offer are one pair of double-layered ear tips, one pair of triple-layered ear tips, four sizes of silicone ear tips, and our favorite, a super comfy pair of foam tips. We used these foam tips mostly.

jlab epic air sport review

Fabricated from the highest quality plastic and rubber, we never got the feeling that the JLab Epic Air Sport were at all flimsy.

Tap to change just about anything…

The new and improved touch sensors make it easier than ever to take control while on the move. You are given the choice to change the volume with a short tap, and play or pause with a double tap on the right earbud. Or alternatively, skip a track with a two second hold, and activate Google Assistant or Siri with a double-tap on the left.

Finally, we come to our favorite touch control option. Tap the left earbud three times to cycle through the different preset EQ options, with “Signature”, “Balanced”, “Bass Boost” and the “Be Aware” modes all available without the use of an app.

There is also a power button on each earbud, meaning you can turn them off without putting them in the case. Oh, and the case… It is possibly the best part of the whole affair, but more on that later!

Sound & Performance

The JLab Epic Air Sport are a bass lover’s dream! That’s not to say that the soundscape is unbalanced, not at all! And if you find the “Bass Boost” mode a little overpowering, we recommend switching to the “balanced mode”. This is the mode we used most often while listening to music.

It definitely softened the bass, while also slightly boosted the mids from normal operation. For podcasts and audiobooks, we found that signature mode sounded best.

The “Be Aware” mode is also handy, as it combines the ambient sound around you with the playback. We turned this on when we went for a jog, and the balance that the JLab Epic Air Sport found between the playback and the ambient sound was incredible.

Crystal Clear Clarity…

The warm, clear, balanced sound that these headphones emit is thanks to a pair of 8mm drivers, and these are controlled by what Jlab calls it “C3” (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology.

We were initially a little surprised at how well these handled the acoustic sounds of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s upbeat anthem “Mettavolution”. They tested well with orchestral and jazz also, but really shine when a strong beat is introduced.

Voice calling quality was a standout also. The sound quality is sharp, and the microphone handled windy and loud ambient areas with ease.


When we say the Jlab Epic Air SAport earbuds have the best battery on the market, we ain’t kidding. Jlab advertises a 10-hour battery life, but in testing, we regularly beat that number! At 100% volume, they were able to squeeze out an average of 7 hours 53 minutes, but at 60%, that number swelled to 11 hours 4 minutes! Very impressive.

Remember That Carry Case We Mentioned Earlier?

Not only does it keep the earbuds safe and secure, but it also charges them! Not impressed? The 2600mAh battery inside can recharge them not just once, but more than five times!

That increases listening time to an almost ridiculous 60 hours (yeah, we will let that sink in!). This effectively gave us about eight days between charges. That is almost triple what the AirPods have to offer, and over double the Powerbeats Pro.

 JLab Audio Epic Air Sport True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds | Headphones

Still not impressed?!?

Well, if this doesn’t dazzle you, we don’t really know what will! The case also doubles as a power bank for your mobile phone or other devices, and includes a patent-pending integrated charging cable. This is the first carry case on the market to offer this option, and it has been an absolute lifesaver more than once!

Connectivity & Waterproofing

Setup is quick and easy, just how we like it. Simply open the carry case and remove the JLab Epic Air Sport, click the pairing button and connect.

Yes, these do take more steps to connect to than the AirPods or Powerbeats Pro, which immediately pair to Apple devices. But, you only have to go through this quick and easy process once, and your device will automatically connect every time after!

 JLab Audio Epic Air Sport True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds | Headphones for Working Out, IP66 Sweatproof

Zero drop-outs…

Class 1 Bluetooth 5.0 is used, which is in line with the other leaders in this class. This system gave us about 33 ft of reach (10 meters) before we experienced any cut-outs, and with the addition of multiple codec support, there were zero latency (lag) issues.

The JLab Epic Air Sport come with an IP66 sweat resistance, which does not mean that they can be dunked into water, but does mean they can handle any day to day splashes. Perfect for training.

JLab Epic Air Sport Pros & Cons


  • Best battery set up ever seen in earbuds.
  • Great sound.
  • Study and durable.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP66 sweatproof rating.
  • Comfortable and stylish.


  • Carry case is larger, but also doubles as a power bank.

Not Quite What You’re Looking For?

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Final Words

Really, what else is there to say?

This amazing, class-leading set of earbuds are not just reaching benchmarks; they are hitting them out of the park.

We always love to see innovative technology slide across our desk, and that is exactly what Jlab have achieved here. With a great sound that will one hundred percent appeal to the masses, cool styling, strong and durable design points, and the best battery setup ever seen in a set this small, we do not need to say much else.

So, what’s stopping you? Check out the JLab Epic Air Sport right now!

Happy listening.

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