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Jennifer Hudson Facts

Jennifer Hudson: From American Idol to International Superstar


She rose to fame as a finalist on the third season of American Idol, but Jennifer Hudson’s incredible talent has turned her into a Grammy-winning superstar and actress. The Chicago-born powerhouse has built an impressive career that spans across multiple media platforms. This article will delve into the life of Jennifer Hudson, from her early beginnings to her present stature in the entertainment world.

Early Life and Career

Born on September 12, 1981, Jennifer Hudson grew up in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Her father Samuel Simpson was a bus driver, and her mother Darnell Donnerson worked as a corrections officer. Hudson began singing at a young age in her local church, and her powerful voice immediately caught people’s attention.

Hudson attended Dunbar Vocational High School where she joined the school’s choir. After graduation, she worked various odd jobs while also performing at nightclubs and events around Chicago. In 2004, Hudson auditioned for the third season of the popular television show, American Idol. Although she didn’t win the competition, Hudson’s performances on the show earned her a loyal following and helped establish her as a future star.

Age and Relationships

As of 2021, Jennifer Hudson is 39 years old. She has been in a long-term relationship with David Otunga, a former professional wrestler, who she met in 2008. The couple was engaged for nearly ten years before ending their relationship in 2017. Together, they share a son named David Daniel Otunga Jr., who was born in 2009.

Career Highlights

After her incredible performances on American Idol, Jennifer Hudson quickly made a name for herself in the music industry. She released her debut self-titled album in 2008, which went on to win a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album. Since then, Hudson has released four studio albums and has sold over two million records worldwide.

In addition to her music career, Hudson has made her mark in the acting world. She made her film debut in the hit movie Dreamgirls, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has also appeared in several other movies including Sex and the City, The Secret Life of Bees, and Cats.

Height and Style

Jennifer Hudson stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is taller than the average woman in the United States. She is known for her bold fashion choices, often opting for form-fitting dresses that highlight her curves. Hudson has been praised for her style, and she has even appeared in fashion campaigns for brands such as Weight Watchers and New York & Company.

Top Songs

Jennifer Hudson has released many hit songs throughout her career, but some of her most popular tracks include:

1. “Spotlight” – This upbeat R&B track was released as the lead single from Hudson’s debut album. It peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

2. “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – This powerful ballad was originally made famous by Jennifer Holliday in the musical Dreamgirls. But Hudson’s rendition in the film adaptation gained critical acclaim and won her an Oscar.

3. “Where You At” – This soulful track was the lead single from Hudson’s second album. The song was praised for its inspirational lyrics and Hudson’s powerful vocals.

4. “No One Gonna Love You” – This mid-tempo track was released as the third single from Hudson’s second album. It showcased her vocal range and ability to convey emotion through her music.

Net Worth

Jennifer Hudson has accumulated a net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She has made her fortune through her successful music and acting careers, as well as her endorsement deals with companies like Weight Watchers and New York & Company.


Jennifer Hudson’s story is a testament to hard work and determination. From her humble beginnings in Chicago to her status as an international superstar, Hudson has remained grounded and focused on her craft. She has built an impressive career that has garnered her numerous accolades and fans around the world. Hudson’s undeniable talent and infectious spirit make her a true icon in the entertainment industry.

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