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JBL Reflect Flow Pro Review

My love affair with JBL electronics goes back to the 1990s. That’s when they used to make some of the best stereo systems in the world. Their name has always been synonymous with excellent quality electronics, reliability, and innovation. I recently started using earbuds as opposed to headphones, largely because I jog and play lots of sports. So, the first thing I did was check out these sporty JBL earbuds.

This JBL Reflect Flow Pro review is a product of my experience using these buds over the past couple of weeks and what I thought about the experience. I also checked out earbuds from Beats, Apple, Panasonic, and Samsung. But these JBL ones really piqued my fancy. 

So, let’s take a look at these wireless earbuds together to see what they are all about. And if they perform to the same high standards that are JBL’s hallmark.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro Sports Earbuds: The Basics

JBL Reflect Flow Pro
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I’m a sporty type of guy that likes exercising in the gym and going on long runs in the park. So, when I buy earphones and earbud products, I need something durable, secure, and that reflects my lifestyle. I need these things and good sound quality, all at the same time. 

You could say I’m a demanding sort of fellow… 

And these JBL Reflect Pro earbuds seemed to be just what I was looking for. That’s because these are marketed as some of the best earbuds for sports and fitness.

Any time you see the prefix ‘Pro’ on a set of headphones, it essentially means they have active noise canceling (ANC) properties. And, if you are jogging outdoors, cutting out unwanted noise is essential for your music-listening experience. 

However, my initial interest was sparked by these earbuds having an Ambient Mode. This mode lets you hear some outside noises, too, so you are aware of your surroundings when jogging in public. This is an incredibly good idea regarding safety factors and one that I immediately loved.

What’s In The Box?

Before I get into the features and sound quality of these JBL earbuds, I wanted to tell you what you get for your money. When the package came in the post, I opened it up and was surprised to find several things inside. Here’s what I found in the box:

  • JBL Reflect Flo Pro Earbuds.
  • Type-C USB charging cable.
  • Charging case.
  • Three ear tip sizes.
  • Four sizes of POWERFINS stabilizers.
  • Warranty guide.
  • Google Assistant setup guide.
  • Amazon Alexa setup guide.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro Earbuds – Features

To be fair, they are a set of earbuds, so they won’t have the same features that you might find on professional recording studio headphones. But that’s to be expected. However, for something so small and compact, I was surprised by what I got for my money. Here are some of the JBL Reflect Flow Pro Earbuds’ best features that I found when using these buds in a sporty environment.

Good Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

The active noise-canceling properties of these JBL buds are one of the biggest selling points. These ANC features are a bit different from what I’m used to. When I use Apple AirPods Pro earbuds, the ANC is amazing, but it only eliminates outside noise. And although the FBL Reflect Flow Pro buds also have similar qualities, they do it with a bit of a twist.

An issue I have with jogging in public with headphones and the ANC enabled. It’s that sometimes I can’t hear the noise from cars and other things around me. That can be a health and safety issue. However, by using the JBL buds with the JBL Headphones App and its Smart Ambient mode, I could configure how much outside noise I wanted to let in. 

The Talk-Thru mode was also a great feature when jogging with friends. I could listen to music and still hold down a conversation at the same time. Indeed, I like the ANC features, but they are not the best I’ve ever seen with blocking out outside noises. That said, they are still some of the best ANC wireless earbuds for jogging.

The Perfect Fit?

A potential issue when using ANC is that you need a very tight seal between your ears and the buds. This is an issue that routinely lets down cheaper earbuds. Everyone has different size ears, some bigger than others. Just ask King Charles. 

With these JBL buds, I got three different ear tip sizes and four different POWERFINS stabilizer sizes. These tips fit almost every ear size and stayed in place with the stabilizers. I can’t see how anyone would have an issue finding a size that fits their ears with these options. So, it’s safe to say they are some of the best fitting sports earbuds on the market.

Improved Microphone

Aside from being a jogger, I am also a business owner that constantly needs to take calls. Microphone quality on earbuds is not usually an important thing, unless you live the hectic life of a business person who needs to be in constant contact with his staff and partners. 

Luckily, for people like that…

The JBL Reflect Flow Pro has six strategically placed mics that ensure your voice never drops out. Even when jogging and taking calls at the same time.

The mic quality and sound are crystal clear. They work great outdoors, in a crowd, when running in a busy street, or even in windy conditions. On a side note, you can ask for help by summoning Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant by using your voice.

Excellent Battery Life

Don’t get me started on the limitations of the battery life of wireless headphones and earbuds. JBL states that you get 30 hours of battery life from a full charge with 10 hours (eight with the ANC on) from the battery on the buds. And a further 20 hours from the case. 

I didn’t sit there with a clock-watch timing the battery, but it seems that JBL was telling the truth about the battery life. The charging options include standard USB-C charging. However, the case is also QI-compatible. 

How Does the JBL Reflect Flow Pro Sound?

The harsh reality is that sports-style buds like these do not have the same sound and audio quality as regular buds. They are working with different criteria, so that’s only to be expected. The sound is optimized for being out and about and balancing that with the outdoors. So, they cannot have the same specs as normal earbuds. But, to be fair, the sound quality really surprised me and was very good all around.

The sound is neutral. Although they seem to have more emphasis on treble than bass, that’s not overly a bad thing. And, considering I used these outdoors, the treble made the sound very dynamic and fresh in a good way. The sound isn’t as rich as you might find in some other buds, but for a sporty set, you can’t ask for more.

Specs and Build

As I said earlier, there’s not too much to these buds because they are so small and compact. They are super-lightweight and very comfortable to wear during sporting activities. Because they use stabilizers, they very rarely fall out of your ears, so that’s a great design feature right off the bat. They are also very durable and can take some bumps and knocks without breaking, like most solid JBL products.

They come equipped with an IP68 rating. That means they are dust-resistant, and water-proof to the point where they can be submerged in water and still survive to tell the tale. You can essentially go surfing with them on or even rinse them with water to clean them after a sweaty exercise session. In other words, some of the most durable and waterproof wireless sports earbuds around.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro Review – Pros and Cons


  • Excellent earbuds for sporty people.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design.
  • Different tips and stabilizers for a firm fit.
  • Decent Active Noise Canceling (ANC).
  • Configure the buds to hear outside noises.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Good battery life.
  • Six strategically placed microphones. 


  • ANC could be better.

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JBL Reflect Flow Pro Review – Conclusion

I hope this review gave you enough information so you can make a purchase that suits your needs and budget. If you constantly go to the gym, jog in the park, or play lots of sports but still want to listen to music or take calls, these JBL buds are a perfect choice. Okay, the ANC features might not match Bose QuietComfort earbuds. But they sound great, considering they are made to be used on the move.

I loved them, but I am a bit of a JBL fan-boy, but for all the right reasons. JBL is an electronics brand you can trust to give you reliable, durable, and high-quality products, and this one was no different. If you are a business person who also needs to take lots of calls when you are exercising, this model has six mics that ensure your voice never drops out. 

All that said, I recommend that you at least consider buying these JBL buds because you just can’t beat their ruggedness combined with performance.

Until next time, happy listening.

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