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Jabra Move Style Edition Review

Have you been wondering if you should get a better pair of headphones? Perhaps it was when you were on the morning train to work, and you needed a bit of extra “me time”.

Or maybe this thought popped up while you were at the gym, and your current, underpowered, beaten-up set of headphones could not drown out the terrible music playing in the weights room.

Whatever the issue is, you have landed in the right spot!

In our Jabra Move Style Edition review, we will introduce the all-new, latest and greatest set of closed-back over-ear headphones from Jabra, the American arm of Denmark based GN Audio. Who have made an impressive name for themselves over the past two and a half decades as true specialists in audio and video equipment.

But don’t worry, just because these are produced by a specialist company does not mean they come with a specialist price tag! We have searched the internet to find the best deals available so you can spread that hard-earned cash of yours further!

So, let’s explain why we think these headphones might be the perfect fit for not just you, but for anyone who is searching for a pair of high-quality headphones at a bargain price!

Jabra Move Style Edition
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Design & Construction

Minimalism is the name of the design game here, and jeez, Jabra have sure created a gorgeous, understated set of headphones.

Gorgeous and understated? That’s right….

jabra move style edition reviews

If you have laid eyes on a pair of Jabra Move’s before, you will be familiar with the design. For the “Style Edition,” the only change in aesthetics is that they are now available in three new color variations: titanium black, gold beige, and navy blue. All of these look great, with our personal favorite award going to the gold beige design, which we were lucky enough to test!


The closed-back, over-ear (known as circumaural in professional circles) earcups have been precision designed and manufactured. This is to ensure that the user gets not only the best listening experience possible, but also that they stay comfortable for as long as possible.

Since first getting our hands on these, we have decided to keep them on as our day to day pair of headphones. And the plastic coverings feel and look anything but cheap.

jabra move style edition guide

They are that good?!

You can bet your bottom dollar they are! The memory foam, leatherette covered pads are light enough to allow cool air to circulate while still somehow providing fantastic passive noise isolation. We were able to wear these for extended periods without any discomfort.

Hidden inside are a pair of 40mm drivers, with all the playback controls located on the left earpad (and the input for the 3.5mm AUX cable that comes with the headphones) and the power and Bluetooth switches found on the right earcup. We found all these controls to be easy to understand and intuitive to use.


The premium construction does not stop with the earcups. Oh no, the headband (and the whole unit) is just as well made, with a stainless steel band covered by a blanket of soft cushioning. A smooth sliding mechanism is employed when resizing, and this does a great job of retaining its position even during hard exercise.

best jabra move style edition

However, these do not fold down to a smaller size, leaving them at a small disadvantage to some of the competition. We didn’t mind this ourselves and felt it played no part in our decision whether or not to use them, but it may be a factor for some people.


In this day and age, headphone mics are almost as important as the sound quality the headphone produces. Most users need a microphone sensitive enough to pick up the slightest whisper, but also smart enough to separate the voice from any background noise.

Jabra have done a fine job with the microphone on the Jabra Move Style Edition. It may not be that absolute best in class mic, but it is more than capable of handling all your day to day needs.

Sound & Performance

The pair of 40mm drivers do a great job, easily outperforming the competition in the same price range. Here we see a measured soundscape, with both the deeper lows and the peak highs never feeling overpowering.

The fact that the bass is, in our opinion, actually really well balanced may be a little off-putting for users used to overly bassy mixes, with the industry as a whole often adding too much bass boost to the mix of headphones, especially the closed-back variety.

Let’s get jazzy…

With the mids taking center stage, we threw on John Coltrane’s “Blue Train”. Coltrane’s mastery of the sax is exhibited exactly how the jazz man himself would have wanted. When the intro finishes, he bursts into a lively solo, which the 40mm drivers handle with class, showcasing the depth and range of not only Coltrane’s playing but also the headphones themselves.

To change it up, we thought we would try out Shaggy’s 90’s RnB classic “It Wasn’t Me” featuring Craig David. When the bassline drops midway through the intro it never overpowers, but fits perfectly into the mix. The contrast between David’s falsetto vocal lines and Shaggy’s deep rapping, and just how well this is distinguished, again proves the versatility of the Jabra Move Style Edition.


The battery has been upgraded from last year’s original Jabra Move model, with the advertised runtime capacity almost doubling from eight hours to a massive 14 hours!

jabra move style edition

During our testing period, we found that at full volume, the battery ran out of juice after an average of 10 hours 17 minutes. When we dropped the volume to 65%, that increased to an average of 15 hours 12 minutes, which was more than enough for our daily use and over an hour longer than we hoped for!

Can this set be used in a wired capacity?

If you find that the battery does die on you, just plug in the included 3.5mm AUX cable for unlimited playback. And with a short full recharge time of just 1.5 hours, you will be back to wire-free use in next to no time anyway.


Jabr have employed Class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 here. While not being the top of line Bluetooth 5.0, which is slowly becoming an industry standard, this system is more than adequate. With a range of 33 ft (10 meters) and the option to connect two devices at once, we did not feel that this headset was hindered by this omission.

Multiple codecs are supported here so you can be assured of the best streaming, music, and phone call quality.

Jabra Move Style Edition Pros & Cons


  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Top-class sound quality.
  • Long battery life.
  • Good passive noise isolation.
  • Low price.


  • Slight sound leakage.
  • No folding capability.

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Final Word

What else is there to say?

With a long battery life, great sound quality, beautiful and modern aesthetics, and a wallet-friendly price, we are of the opinion that the Jabra Move Style Edition is a great headset for almost everybody! Oh, and did we mention that they are some of the most comfortable over-ear headphones we have reviewed in years? Well, they are!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of Jabra Move Style Edition and start grooving today!

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