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Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review

Jabra is no stranger to anyone who knows anything about the world of wireless earbuds. Especially ones that come at a bit of a premium.

That being said, Jabra hasn’t become well-known just because their earbuds are expensive. It’s the fact that they were so good that no one would argue against them being worth the money. 

The Elite 3…

…as well as the Elite 7, were some of the best-received products in their class when they were released. Many users were heralding each to be the best and or their favorite when they came out. Loved for their compact design and secure fit by gym-goers and joggers alike.

 The earbuds by Jabra had bragging rights in that they were as small, if not smaller, than many of their competitors. And yet, did not sacrifice sound quality.

Needless to say…

When the new Elite 7 Pro was announced, it quickly became one of the most anticipated buds of their time. Many are hoping for things they like to remain and for things they didn’t like to be removed or improved.  

Others will perhaps just be happy with the updated version of the previous pair they had or still have. Whatever your thoughts about the Elite 7 might be, my in-depth Jabra Elite 7 Pro review should serve as a guide to the answers you require. 

Design and Build

Jabra Elite 7 Pro
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

First, you can have the Elite 7 in three colors. Black and Copper, Titanium Black, and finally, Gold Beige. They are in a price range we’ve come to expect from Jabra at around $200.

Some users will be disappointed to see a new case design. Previous models were praised for their compact cases, which were comfortable in pockets. While this new, more clam-shaped design is larger, there’s a very good reason for that. But I’ll get to that later.

Very much the same…

Even though it is a bit larger, it is by no means uncomfortably so. It has a nice weight which reassures one of the build quality expected from Jabra. Very pocketable, and the lid feels high grade as well. 

A good click satisfies the ear whenever it opens or closes. It gives the impression of being the kind of click that doesn’t intend on losing any of its crispness over the years of use. 

As for the buds themselves, they are securely lodged in their cases upon opening the case. As with previous models, we have a very compact and sleek design. Perhaps one of the smallest wireless earbuds and best looking yet.

Fit and Comfort

Since the buds, like the case, are nice and lightweight, they make for a comfortable and secure fit. They are also designed in such a way as to be as flush as can be with the ear. This makes them some of the best fitting wireless earbuds you can find. 

Because they sit so comfortably and securely means they are great wireless earbuds for jogging and going to the gym. I would as far as to say they are some of the best wireless earbuds you can buy if you’re regularly active. 

The fact that they are so flush and not bulky means they fade away moments after you put them on and press play.

Control Buttons 

Well made, and they don’t click; rather, they softly “thud.” Very classy. At this point, it is safe to say that overall the build quality on these earphones is top-notch. The only downside, and this is a very minor one, is the silicone tips. They sometimes tend to pop inside out when you remove them. 

Functionality and Battery Life 

As for the main course, the Elite 7 Pro serves up one hell of a menu when it comes to battery life and functions. 

The Elite 7 Pro has Bluetooth 5.2, which makes for a seamless and solid connection that has a good range. An unexpected downside is that there is no multi-point pairing. 

This is especially disappointing since it was available on all the previously mentioned models from Jabra. However, for users who intend on using one bud at a time, the Elite 7 Pros come with Mono Mode. 

As for battery life… 

The Elite 7 Pro hits a home run with a playtime of eight hours using the ANC. The case offers an additional 22 hours, making a total of around 30 hours depending on the functions you use. As a result, they are some of the longest battery life wireless earbuds you can buy.

The larger size of the charging case now becomes relevant. Because the bottom of the case now has a larger surface area, it makes for more effective QI charging. As for the buds themselves, five minutes in the charging case will get you one hour of playtime. 

An IP57 rating is more good news for active users, making these some of the best waterproof earbuds on the market. The auto-pause/play functions seamlessly as well. And the buttons are some of the best on any pair of earbuds we’ve come across, and they can be customized.

Jabra Sound+ App

The Jabra Sound+ app has got to be one of the most elegant and easy-to-use companion apps out there. An elegant dark grey and contrasting yellow color scheme make the interface easy to understand end stylish at the same time. 

Here you have control over whether the ANC is active or not, as well as at which level. The same goes for the Hear-though function. 

Next, there is a very useful and well-designed 5-band EQ with a selection of well-thought presets that cover a wide range. You also can create and save your EQ curves and overwrite the existing profiles with your configurations. 

Make It Your Own

There is also the capability to customize the functions of the buttons to such an extent as to satisfy the heart of the pickiest user. A menu for setting up the Widget, and finally, the soundscape function, which should be strange to Jabra owners.

The soundscape is a selection of high-quality audio files of soothing and relaxing noises. The idea is to listen to them while going to sleep, studying, etc. 

We found the library of sounds to be extensive and impressive. For someone who would want something like this, it would be hard to find a pair that does it better.

Sound Quality

The Elite 7 Pro is equipped with 6mm drivers and four microphones. In music mode, they have a total bandwidth of 20Hz to 20kHz. Likewise, in speaker mode, the bandwidth is 80Hz to 8kHz.

Let’s get the biggest downside for sound quality out of the way. There is no aptX support on the Elite 7 Pro. I find this a true disappointment, especially at this price range. 

The Hear-through Function does a fantastic job of letting the outside in and not making it sound unnatural. I found the level of control provided in the app to be adequate to find the right balance in any situation. 

Sound Character of the Elite 7 Pro 

If there is one word, it would have to be balanced. This does not mean tame, though. There is plenty of power in the low-end. But more importantly, no matter what level you play the song or adjust the low end of the EQ, it never gets muddy or distorts. This is why I say balanced, and is it a good thing in this instance. 

It is much the same with the mids. Across the board, there is plenty of power and range in the vocals and other mid-range sounds. Even when the EQ is deactivated, the mid-range does not lose definition or clarity. The mids are in the driver’s seat. 

As for the highs…

They are also never muddy and don’t become bright unless you push them. Also, very occasionally, some songs or podcasts might become a bit sibilant. But this can easily be fixed with an EQ profile that gets saved. 

Mic Quality

When it came the Jabra’s wireless earphones in the past, the Achilles heel appeared to the mic quality. On Jabra’s website, they boast that with the Elite 7 Pro, this would finally become a thing of the past. 

Indoors the mic is very clear and has plenty of clarity, but does tend to sound a little bass-heavy. Outdoors, there seems to be a deliberate reduction in the high end. 

As for the ANC, it does a fairly decent job of getting rid of background noise. But I’m sad to say that it could be better for around $200. Overall, I would say the microphone issue has not been solved.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review – Pros and Cons


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Great App and button controls.
  • Auto on and off function superbly.
  • Comfortable, compact, and secure.
  • Great Battery Life and fast charging.


  • Expensive.
  • No aptX.
  • Mic quality could be better.
  • ANC could be better.

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Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review – Conclusion

If you need a pair of great wireless earbuds, which will deliver stellar performance at a higher price than usual, it’s hard not to stop looking after you encounter the Elite 7 Pro. 

Thanks to great quality on both sound and build, lightweight, and compact design, these earphones are almost in a class of their own. They have some of the best battery performance of any wireless earbuds on the market, and sound superb despite their compact size and flush-fitting design. 

It’s all pleasant surprises with the Elite 7 Pro. The Final Score is 9 out of 10.

Until next time, happy listening.

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