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J-Mack Facts

J-Mack Facts: The Life and Career of the Rising R&B Star


J-Mack (Jasper Mack) is an R&B artist known for his smooth and silky voice. He has been making waves in the music industry, capturing the hearts of music lovers with his soulful compositions. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, J-Mack has been passionate about music since he was young. His talents have landed him multiple recording deals and collaborations with some of the industry’s top performers. In this article, we will dive into J-Mack’s thrilling career and discover what makes this artist so unique.

Early Life and Biography

J-Mack was born on February 28, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, USA. From a young age, J-Mack was interested in music, and he began singing and writing songs at a very early age. He was raised by his mother, who was a music enthusiast and instilled in him a love for classic R&B songs. As a result, J-Mack’s music is heavily influenced by Motown and classic R&B.

Age and Personal Life

J-Mack is currently 33 years old, and he resides in Los Angeles, California. His personal life is relatively private, and there is not much information available about his relationships. However, it is known that he has a daughter whom he adores.


J-Mack’s career began in his teenage years, when he started performing at local talent shows and venues. In 2009, he signed his first major recording deal with Atlantic Records, but the deal fell through, and the label eventually dropped him. Undeterred, J-Mack continued to work on his craft, and in 2012, he signed a deal with RCA Records.

J-Mack’s debut album, “The Beginning,” was released in 2013 and received critical acclaim. The album featured soulful ballads and mid-tempo tracks that showcased J-Mack’s smooth vocals. It included hit songs such as “Stay the Night” and “Feels Like Love,” which topped the charts and gained him a loyal fan base.

J-Mack continued to release successful albums and has collaborated with many industry greats, including Mary J. Blige, Charlie Wilson, and Usher. He has also been a featured artist on multiple tracks for other artists, earning him a reputation as one of the most sought-after R&B artists in the industry.

Top Songs

J-Mack has released multiple chart-topping and critically acclaimed songs throughout his career. Here are some of his top tracks:

  1. “Stay the Night”
  2. “Feels Like Love”
  3. “Forever Love”
  4. “No More Drama”
  5. “All Night”

Height and Appearance

J-Mack stands at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall. He has a muscular physique and a sense of style that is sophisticated yet casual. He is often seen wearing sleek suits and sunglasses on the red carpet, which has earned him a reputation as a fashion icon.

Net Worth

J-Mack’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. He has earned his wealth through album sales, touring, and endorsement deals. J-Mack has worked with brands such as Pepsi and Nike and has been featured in numerous magazines, including GQ and Vanity Fair.


J-Mack is a rising star in the music industry, with a smooth and soulful voice that captures the hearts of listeners everywhere. His music is a blend of classic R&B and contemporary soul, and it has earned him a loyal fan base worldwide. As he continues to make his mark on the industry, there is no doubt that J-Mack will cement his place in music history as one of the greats.

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