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Is a GoXLR Worth It?

In virtually every aspect of life, it’s always about how you mix it up. And if you are involved in the world of broadcasting or music production, professional or amateur, you always need to ensure that every aspect of your show, podcast, or even song has a perfectly blended soundscape. If there’s too much onion in your salad, it tastes like onion. Balance is the key to everything in life.

That begs the question, is a GoXLR worth it? If you are looking at me boggle-eyed, maybe I am speaking a different language. A GoXLR is essentially a piece of editing hardware that can be used to mix sounds and edit voices even if you don’t have a PC or laptop. At around $500, it’s an expensive piece of kit, but one that could take your production to higher levels. But is it worth splashing the cash to buy one? Let’s find out!

Is a GoXLR Worth It


How Can I Use a GoXLR?

One of the first encouraging factors about buying a GoXLR is that this product gets rave reviews online that very rarely fall under 4.8 out of 5, so that’s a great start. It really can be a game-changer for those looking to improve their audio broadcasts

GoXLR devices are manufactured by the German designers of high-end studio products (and a few more affordable guitar effects pedals), TC Electronics, and are great for streaming, mixing, gaming, and all types of audio broadcasting. The onboard effects can be interjected during your broadcasts just with the touch of a finger.

With the rise in online podcasting in the social media age, we have more avenues than ever before to make our own TV or radio shows on places like YouTube, Twitch, and even Twitter and Rumble. And if you are one of those online streamers, having access to GoXLR products can propel your production values and audio stream quality to the stars. You can use a GoXLR to turn your amateur broadcast into something that sounds professional.

Do I Really Need to Buy a GoXLR?

Figuring out if you even need a GoXLR in the first place is probably a good place to start. They are useful for many things, but they usually fit a specific need. Home recording studio owners or those who stream online can take advantage of buying this type of product. In this case, you really need a device like this, and it could even be beneficial if you enjoy mixing and creating sounds as a hobby.

However, this product ideally suits those who are experienced and professional broadcasters or streamers that are serious about their productions. It’s not that difficult to learn or master, but the only drawback might be the expensive price tag, but everyone knows you get what you pay for. If you stream or broadcast on a regular basis, you will more than get your money’s worth from a GoXLR device

What Are Key GoXLR Features?

Key GoXLR Features

Anyone in the home broadcast game will tell you how many pieces of audio and mixing hardware were needed in order to make a professional-sounding stream. Where in the past you needed multiple pieces of equipment to broadcast your own show, the GoXLR has streamlined and simplified this entire process. GoXLR devices have 4-channel mixers that allow you to easily separate your audio for steaming or for music production.

Making an amateur setup sound like a professional show is where this hardware comes into its own element. You can mix and perform at the same time and make it all sound perfect. Features like the instant mute button, the recorder and soundboard, and even having access to your RGB lighting can all be done simultaneously on a GoXLR. 

Another important feature that is often overlooked is the warranty. Nobody wants to spend 500 bucks on something that cannot be replaced if it breaks. You get a three-year warranty with GoXLR devices, so that is the peace of mind that everyone needs.

Which GoXLR Should I Buy?

At this moment in time, there are two main GoXLRs that you can buy… the standard GoXLR device or the GoXLR Mini. This TC Helicon GoXLR Mini might have fewer features than a standard model, such as fewer sliders and buttons; however, the sound quality is just as good as a normal version, but it costs around half as much. 

For sure, it has limited features, but the audio is great, and at around 2 lbs (0.9kg) in weight, it’s perfect for using remotely or in situations where you need more space. It works perfectly in tandem with the GoXLR Mini app, your PC, or even your phone. It’s made for quickly editing audio on the run, which has made it very popular with Twitch streamers because you can clean and edit audio while streaming live.

Alternatively, the full-size GoXLR weighs around 4.5 lbs (2.5kg), so it’s much heavier and takes up more space. But obviously, you get the full range of features, some of which the Mini doesn’t have. In all honesty, the only reason to buy the mini version is if you are on a limited budget or need a very compact device, although both work great and are great investments for online streamers and broadcasters. 

Is a GoXLR Worth It? And Are There Any Decent GoXLR Accessories? 

Personalizing your home studio setup to work in tandem with your GoXLR can take your entire production to another level. Accessorize your setup by purchasing different microphones, cable lengths, or even the type of desk stands you use can simplify your whole audio streaming experience.

Deciding whether you need GoXLR cables that are 10ft (3m) or 6ft (1.8m) long will depend on the layout and space you have. I would always suggest that you buy 10ft cables because that gives you more options even if you have a smaller space, just in case you want to change things up. There are lots of different options in terms of the length of XLR cables you can buy, so you are not solely limited to 10ft or 6ft. It is possible to buy cables that are 25ft or even 50ft long. Check out these XLR cable options to find the perfect fit for your studio. 

What About Mics?

If you already have a decent-quality microphone that has a dynamic range, you should be okay to use it with a GoXLR unit. But if you do need microphone recommendations to use with the mixer, you should look at this Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Mic or this HyperX Quadcast S Condenser Mic.

Any mic that has low-mass diaphragms that can extend frequency response or has cardioid polar pattern options that can record sounds from all directions is a good choice here. If you are not sure which mic to buy, you should opt for this TC-Helicon GoXLR Mic that was designed to work with the device.

What About Mixer Stands?

Another accessory that can ideally be used with a GoXLR or GoXLR Mini is a mixing desk stand. For sure, you can purchase all manner of mixing desk stands, but I recommend you buy one that was made for the GoXLR, like this TC-Helicon GoXLR Mixer Stand or this TC Helicon All-Metal Adjustable GoXLR Stand. These stands can prop up your system and give it some steady solidity. They can even be tilted so you can position them anywhere you need them at a second’s notice.

Where Can I Buy GoXLR Devices?

Buy GoXLR Devices

I would always opt that you buy any audio equipment from reliable retail sites like Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s website, so customer service is assured. Not many people buy directly in shops these days because access to a multitude of products is limited, and the prices tend to be slightly higher than online. 

For sure, in a store, you can get direct answers from staff, but you will be paying more to buy one, and that doesn’t make any sense, especially considering GoXLR prices. 

Buying GoXLR Devices on Amazon

The reason why Amazon is the best place to buy GoXLR products is that you can get so many options all under one roof. You can compare deals, find out more about the features, and keep in firm control of the prices you want to pay. If you are using the GoXLR in a recording studio music production environment, you might want to check out this TC Helicon VOICETONE H1 Guitar-Controlled harmony unit or this TC Helicon Perform VK to compliment your setup.

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Is a GoXLR Worth It? And Should I Buy a GoXLR Device?

Most definitely! If you are an online streamer or podcaster who wants to sound professional but doesn’t have the budget of a TV company, buying GoXLR devices is pretty much essential. For sure, they cost northwards of $500, but in the grand scheme of things, that is not so expensive when you consider the production values of your stream or podcast. 

But if you are on a tight budget, I suppose you could opt for the GoXLR Mini for half the price.

The full-size GoXLR has so many features and benefits that you’d be a fool not to buy one. They are compatible with a load of different accessories, so you can improve and personalize your entire setup to get your audio perfect. If you want to mix your show like a pro for a fraction of production costs, this is something that is more than worth the investment. You’ll be wondering how you lasted so long without using one.

Happy quality streaming or podcasting!

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