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How to Transfer Apple Music to Spotify?

Music streaming services are incredible. They offer access to countless new songs and artists, and they have libraries that grow daily. 

The other great thing about streaming services is that there are so many of them. This makes the modern user’s choices limitless when it comes to where they want to get their music.

But, there is a problem…

If you’ve been using a particular streaming service for a while, you’ve most likely got a bunch of favorite tracks and curated playlists in your listening history. You also have access to songs that may have been shared with you over that platform. 

So, will switching from one streaming service to another mean you can’t keep all your stuff? No, it doesn’t, so I decided to take a look at how to transfer music from one streaming service to another, so you don’t lose all your playlists and tracks. 

Primarily, we’ll be looking at how to transfer Apple Music to Spotify. But there are a few others as well. So, be sure to keep reading till you find the one that applies to you. Let’s get started with…

How to Transfer Apple Music to Spotify

How Does Music Transfer Between Streaming Services Work?

Music streaming services work by referencing material in a massive database. The contains all the music and preferences of all the users subscribed to the service. This database is built using unique proprietary coding. Therefore, datasets between two different music streaming services are unlikely to be the same. 

The first and most obvious way to transfer your music to Spotify is manually. But that would be a tedious process and would take ages. Thankfully, there are other ways to transfer music from one service to another.

But, first things first…

None of the major streaming services have a built-in feature for transferring music to another service. That’s because they don’t want you to go over to the competition. There are, however, plenty of third-party options that can transfer music from one streaming platform to another

Two of the most popular music transfer services are Soundiiz and Tune My Music. These applications work by scanning the metadata of the music in the first database, then matching it up with entries founds in the second database. 


Metadata is information that gets attached to a music file to help software like media players organize and display the music correctly. This includes the album, the artist’s name, the year, the rating, etc. Usually, if a file is displayed as “Unkown Artist” in your player, it’s because there is metadata missing from the file. 

After the metadata for your music library is matched up, the new streaming service should display all your music and playlists. Just like it did in the old service. 

Take note when it comes to more obscure artists…

…that there might be some slight errors. But these can be cleared up manually with little time and effort. For the most part, third-party music transfer services do a good job of matching up all the information correctly. 

Something else to take note of…

Using these services will require access to both streaming accounts. This may make some users reluctant. But rest assured, the application only gets access to certain bits of information. 

You will need to grant access to both accounts to get get the metadata matched up. Of course, you can revoke the application’s permission after the setup is finished by going to the settings pages. 


You can revoke the application’s access to your information from inside the streaming service itself. However, to do this on Spotify accounts, you need to access the website. It will not work through the mobile Spotify app. 

As mentioned before, there are plenty of services that can help you perform this task. But, in this article, I’ll be using Soundiiz. So, let’s go through How to Transfer Apple Music to Spotify and other streaming platforms, starting with…

Transferring Apple Music Playlists and Libraries to Spotify

The process is quite simple. After you open the software, you need to select your source database. In this case, the source will be Apple Music. 

Next, you need to select your destination. This is the service that you want to transfer your music to. In this case, it will be Spotify. Soundiiz can transfer music from Apple to Spotify whether you have a free or premium Spotify account. 

The next step…

Select the playlists and tracks that you would like to transfer. You can tick the box to select all of them. But bear in mind the time this will take. Some users find it better to transfer files in small batches for extensive music libraries. 

After you select the files you want to transfer; a window will open asking for permission to access your Apple Music and Spotify accounts. There will be a detailed list of permissions that you will need to grant by clicking “Allow.” So, read through that if you want specifics. 

Then, click on “Allow,” and the process will start. When it’s done, you can go to Spotify’s settings (on the website) and remove the permissions for the software. After that, open Spotify and check that all the information was transferred properly. 

Transferring Tidal Playlists to Spotify


Start by opening the Soundiiz app and selecting Tidal Music as your source database. Select Spotify as your destination database. Then select the playlists and songs you would like to transfer. 

Remember, if you choose to transfer everything and your library is vast, you’ll need to account for the time and data usage. 

Once you’ve selected your databases and music… 

You will be prompted to give the application access to both your Tidal and Spotify accounts. Remember that this app will work with free and premium Spotify accounts. Click on “Allow” to grant the necessary permissions and let the transfer run in the background.

Once the transfer is finished, you can go revoke the app permissions in the Tidal and Spotify settings. Finally, open Spotify and see if everything has been transferred correctly. 

Transferring Amazon Music Playlists to Spotify

As with all the other platforms, transferring music to Spotify from Amazon is relatively straightforward. Open the Soundiiz software and select your source (Amazon Music in this case), then select your destination (Spotify). 

Once you have selected your source and destination, choose which specific playlists and tracks you would like to transfer. Again, if you have a big library and you would like to transfer the whole thing, you might want to consider doing it in chunks. 

Once you have specified which content you would like to transfer, you will be asked to grant some permissions to the application. Amongst these are access to both the Amazon and Spotify accounts. Click on “Allow,” and the process will begin. You can run it in the background if you choose. 

When the process is finished, go into the permissions settings for both Spotify and Amazon Music and remove the permissions you had previously granted to the app. Then you can open Spotify and check that everything has been transferred correctly. 

Transferring YouTube Music Playlists to Spotify

As mentioned, the Soundiiz application will be able to transfer music from any source to Spotify regardless of whether you have a free or premium account. 

Start by opening the Soundiiz app and choosing YouTube music as your source database, then choose Spotify as your destination database. Next, you will have to specify exactly which of the playlists in your library you would like to transfer to Spotify. Take into account the size of the library, and the time it will take. Consider doing it in chunks if necessary. 

The next window will be where you are asked to grant the Soundiiz application access to both the YouTube Music and the Spotify accounts. If you are paranoid about granting permission, you can read the specifics of the permissions you will be granting to the software on the pop-up window. Click on ‘Allow,’ and the transfer process will begin.

Once the transfer process has finished, you can go into the permission settings for both YouTube Music and Spotify and revoke the permissions you gave to the application. Finally, you can open Spotify and start enjoying your playlists. 

Transferring Deezer Playlists to Spotify using Soundiiz


Deezer is quickly growing to become one of the most popular streaming services out there, and luckily an update to Sundiiz a while back finally made it possible for Deezer to be imported to Spotify as well. 

Start by opening the Soudiiz app and setting your source database as Deezer. Then choose your destination database as Spotify. You will then need to choose which specific playlists you want to transfer to Spotify, be sure to take the time involved into account. 

Next, you will need to grant the Soundiiz application access to your Deezer and Spotify accounts. Click on “Allow” and let the transfer begin. Once the transfer has finished, you can open the permission settings of Spotify and Deezer and remove the permission you gave to the Soundiiz app. Then open your Spotify app and check that everything has been transferred correctly. 

How To Transfer QoBuz Playlists to Spotify 

If you use QoBuz for your music and you want to switch to Spotify without losing your playlists, you’ll be happy to hear that Souniiz (and many other programs) can help you do this quickly and easily.

Start by opening the Souniiz app ad choosing your source (in this case, QoBuz), then choose your destination (in this case, Spotify). Next, you need to tell Soundiiz which of your playlists you would like to transfer; you can, of course, choose to transfer all of them.

Then grant the software the necessary permissions to access your library by selecting “Allow” and then simply wait for the transfer to finish. Once it has finished, you can revoke the permissions that you had given and then open Spotify and start listening to your favorite jams. 

What if Some tracks are missing from the New Streaming Library?

Sometimes tracks can get left out due to there not being proper metadata available for Souniiz to work with. Or it could also be that the artist you are interested in doesn’t make their music available on the destination streaming service. 

If you have any incorrect tracks in the library, then you can simply remove them. It s always best to double-check that you transferred everything correctly; otherwise, you’ll end up canceling your subscription and then realizing that one of your favorites is missing. 

How to Transfer Apple Music to Spotify – Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I transfer Libraries from other music services?

Yes, you can use tools like Souniiz to transfer your tracks from almost any music streaming service to any other music streaming service

Can I use these Tools to Stream Music through Chromecast?

Definitely, you can use Apple Music (with an Android device), Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, Qobuz, and more. 

Which streaming service pays artists the most?

The service that pays the highest at the moment is Qobuz at $0.04390 per stream. This is still not a lot for streaming a piece of music, so if you really want to support an artist, you can go to their gigs, and you can buy their albums and merchandise. One of the best platforms for this is Bandcamp. 

What can I do if some of my songs haven’t been transferred?

Unfortunately, this little mishap can occur from time to time due to either the metadata being missing or the artists not making their music available on both streaming platforms. You can manually correct small discrepancies because the software will inform you of any files that were not transferred when the process has finished, so make sure to double-check. 

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How to Transfer Apple Music to Spotify – Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if it’s from Apple to Spotify or vice versa, or from any other service to any other service. Transferring playlists and tracks from one platform to another is a very simple process. Thanks largely to tools like Soundiiz. 

Just be sure to do your research before you make your transfer and cancel your subscription. Then, you’ll be jamming along to your tracks on another platform in no time.

Until next time, good luck, and happy listening.

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