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How to Set Up Karaoke on PlayStation?

Karaoke is now over half a century old and shows no signs of slowing down. Since Daisuke Inoue invented the first dedicated machine for karaoke in 1971, the Japanese past-time has become a global phenomenon.

Karaoke is a great way to liven up parties at home or as a way to unwind when going out with friends. Thanks to the exponential growth of technology and the invention of the internet, accessing this fun activity has become more accessible and more affordable than ever.

One great example of this can be found in another global phenomenon. One which had its birth in 1994 and is also a Japanese invention, the PlayStation. Now in its 5th generation, the PlayStation has remained one of the domineering consoles in the gaming industry and shows no signs of slowing down either.

It’s not surprising…

By the second generation of the PlayStation, users were already rewarded with ways to sing some of their favorite songs karaoke-style with friends. Thanks to 2004’s SingStar by Sony Interactive and London Studios.

As time has passed, many more options have become available to users who would like to use a PlayStation for karaoke. That’s why I’ve decided to take an in-depth look at How to Set Up Karaoke on PlayStation and the costs involved.

To keep it concise and relevant, I’ll be explaining the two main methods of doing karaoke on a PS4 and PS5. But, if you have an older console, don’t be disheartened, you just need to get a bit creative, and you’ll be singing along in no time at all.

Method One: Downloadable or Disc Games

I mentioned SingStar as one of the pioneers in console game karaoke, and there are two titles released for the PS4 and PS5:

  • SingStar Ultimate Party
  • SingStar Celebration

Method One

The developers decided to make a greatest hits collection featuring all the pop giants. So, if pop music is your karaoke bag, then the 30 songs on offer in both titles will be well suited to you and your friends.

The SingStar franchise has branched out into genres other than pop in its long history of over 70 titles. However, the selection represented in the latest releases was entirely based on numbers.

The biggest downside…

Many of the great modes and features that made SingStar amazing for parties have been stripped away. Things like Pass the Mic, Duets, Medleys, and even the ability to change the difficulty have been removed.

Sadly, the newly designed and intuitive menus don’t even begin to make up for the lack of these gems. Thankfully, there are a few new features that partially make up for the lost ones, including the ability to use your smartphone as a microphone.

Is it still worth it?

Both these titles are fantastic and have decent song choices. However, online support ended as of January 2020.

That being said, if you’ve got a copy, hold on to it. If you can score one for free, do it. And, if you can get one on the cheap, go for it because it will always be one of the best ways to do karaoke on a PlayStation.

  • Can be found relatively cheaply.
  • Allows smartphones to be used as mics.
  • Newly designed menus.
[/pros] [cons]
  • No online support.
  • No party features or modes.
  • Limited song selections.

Let’s Sing

Let’s Sing

First launched in 2015, the Let’s Sing series from Ravenscourt is arguably the best Karaoke game for PlayStation out there. It has recently released its newest installment, “Let’s Sing 2023”.

Featuring a hit list of songs, this series offers high-quality audio and video for the performances. And there’s a scoring system that extends to the online community, so you can compete online.

Plenty of fun…

Each title has a selection of 30 songs. Furthermore, there are many built-in mini-games, challenges, and game modes that further improve the experience. Especially in multi-player situations, which this is primarily aimed at.

The game allows for a maximum of eight players, which many other titles will not. And you can gain access to an additional online content package to further extend your library and features.

If you like the idea of having seven friends help you to turn your living room into a scene from “Pitch Perfect” or “Moulin Rouge,” but you don’t like the idea of buying eight microphones, don’t sweat; you can use a smartphone as a microphone.

  • High-quality audio and video.
  • Access to the scoring system and online community.
  • Built-in features and game modes that enhance multiplayer use.
  • Many titles to choose from, and some older ones can be bought as bundles.
[/pros] [cons]
  • The games can be expensive.
  • Song choices are limited.

Method Two: DIY

Since the invention of the internet and especially streaming services, karaoke has become more accessible than ever. This might sound too good to be true. However, that freedom has come with some downsides. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

The biggest perk to performing karaoke in this way is that you get access to a virtually limitless selection of content. And it grows daily. That being said, before you get ready for the first verse, you’ll need to connect a microphone in one way or another.

Connecting a Mic to the PS4/5

Aside from singing on your smartphone (which isn’t a possibility in all cases), you may want to hook up some microphones to achieve the full pop star immersion. Luckily, the PS4 and PS5 don’t make it hard for you to do this. There are USB ports that will allow you to connect any USB microphone. The PS4 has two USB ports, and the PS5 has four.

If you want to shop for mics, don’t be alarmed because you think audio equipment is expensive. You can buy decent enough mics for reasonable prices. Just do some research by reading a review or two first. Check out our reviews of the Best Karaoke Microphones, the Best USB Microphones, or the Best Cheap Microphone Under $50 for some excellent options.

Once you’ve plugged in the microphone…

You’ll want to confirm they’re being picked up by the system. To do this, go to the settings menu and navigate to the Audio Devices tab. Make sure the input devices selected are the mic(s). Finally, make sure that the output devices are your TV speakers or whatever output you may be using.

Some people find that certain mic models or software versions cause difficulty in getting the output to be loud enough. Or getting the sound of the voices to mix with the song being played in the background. However, plugging the mic directly into the TV (if this is possible) could well solve the problem. Just make sure to check your input and output devices.

Select an App

Select an App

As far as popularity and simplicity go, the best choice for PlayStation karaoke is by far the old favorite, YouTube. This is not surprising as you gain access to millions of songs. Many of which will have dedicated lyric videos. Some of the most popular YouTube karaoke channels are:

  • Sing King
  • KaraFun
  • CC Karaoke
  • Tracks Planet

There is a major downside to using YouTube for karaoke on a PlayStation. And that is the constant ads will mean annoying interruptions. Of course, the workaround for this is to get a YouTube Premium subscription which will not only remove ads when having karaoke fun but at all times, so it’s well worth it, to be honest.

Another popular alternative for how to set up karaoke on PlayStation, albeit more complicated, is Spotify. Unfortunately, to adequately explain the process would be an entire article on its own, which I probably should get around to, to be honest.

Can’t Get Enough Karaoke?

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How to Set Up Karaoke on PlayStation – Conclusion

Whether you have a singer inside you who just can’t wait to get out or simply want to make your parties more fun, using a PlayStation for karaoke is quick and easy.

The options are there…

If you want an immersive experience or have memories of jamming out to earlier releases on your old PS2 or PS3 that you want to revisit, try out one of the SingStar or Lets Sing titles. There are, of course, many others to go and check out, so take a look around.

If you are not keen on spending too much, using an app and a smartphone as a mic can give you access to virtually limitless material. Just remember those annoying ads. Better yet, use a combination of both.

Either way, making your next dinner party an absolute laugh for all your guests with some good ol’ karaoke and a PS4/5 should no longer be daunting in any way.

Until next time, make yourself heard.

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