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How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar?

If you’ve got a Vizio soundbar, then you know that, for the most part, they’re a joy to own. They have a sleek modern design, are easy to use, and sound great.

Although, like all electronics, Vizio Soundbars can act up when it comes to their software. This is not the end of the world in most cases. And if a restart doesn’t work, then you can always do a reset or factory reset. 

Furthermore, resetting a Vizio soundbar can help clear up many problems and bugs. It’s a simple enough process, and it’s handy to know when you might want to do this and why. So, I’ve decided to take a look at how to reset Vizio sound bar. Let’s get started.


Why Would You Want To Reset Your Soundbar

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar

There are several reasons why you need to reset a Vizio soundbar. But the biggest one is to avoid having to take the soundbar in to get it fixed. This is because most glitches and bugs are usually very simple issues.

The reset function is added to save time and money. Here are some scenarios that might force you to reset.

No Audio Coming from the Soundbar

There are various reasons why a speaker might not be outputting any sound. Let’s start with the obvious. Turn up the volume on the soundbar itself, then turn up the volume on the source device. 

Finally, check that the right input has been selected on the soundbar. If you still get no sound, then the next step is to perform a reset. 

Buzzing or Cable Sound

If you are experiencing any kind of audible hum or low-level buzzing coming from your speaker, this may be caused by a noisy input device. 

Try switching your input to see if the noise goes away. Also, try a different cable. If you are still experiencing buzz or hum, you may want to reset it to try and get rid of the problem. 

Blinking LEDs and other issues

Blinking lights and sequences are often programmed into devices as indicators of the device’s status. This also applies to different problems that can occur with the device. 

The problem is we can’t always remember what these things mean. And there seems to be no way to get it to stop and return to normal functionality. In these cases, a simple reset is what’s required if a normal restart doesn’t work. 

Before Your Reset Your Vizio Soundbar 

Vizio Soundbar 

The term “factory reset” needs to be understood before you start with the process. A factory reset means that the device will be placed back into the state it was on the day that it shipped from the factory. 

This means that any settings and custom sound profiles that you might have saved will be wiped from the device’s memory, and you will have to start from scratch. Sometimes, though, there is no other choice. 

Resetting The Vizio Soundbar

Depending on your model, you may need to apply a different button combination to start the reset process of a Vizio soundbar. If the first one doesn’t work, just work your way down the list till you meet with success. 

  • Press and hold both the input and Bluetooth connection buttons for at least six seconds. The soundbar should turn off and back on again. 
  • Press and hold the input and volume-down buttons for at least six seconds. The device should restart automatically. 
  • Press and hold the volume-up and input buttons for at least six seconds. The device should automatically restart.

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How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar – Conclusion

Whether it’s no sound, blinking lights, or some other problem, your Vizio soundbar should be okay after performing a simple restart. 

However, in those strange cases where it doesn’t work, knowing how to perform a factory reset will come in very useful. Before you know it, you’ll be blasting your tunes at full volume once more.

Until next time, good luck, and happy listening.

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